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Running - kinda starting again from scratch

Discussion in 'Fitness Health and Exercise' started by clairem87, 5 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    so last year i started the year really well, did he race for life and found it really easy so started training for the 10k and then lost motivation, did the 10k but was a dreadful time, and this year my main goal is to get running again and stick with it, my goal is to complete a half marathon by the end of 2014. ive downloaded run keeper to my phone and going to aim for 1 hr of running 3 times a week to get started and increase that every 6 weeks or so.

    so this is my thread to keep track of my progress and hopefully talk to some others in the same boat :)

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  3. the_last_time

    the_last_time Well-Known Member

    Hi - I'm not a big runner but I've done a 10k the last 2 years, not great times either!! I'm planning a triathlon this year, so still need to keep my running up! Think I'll look for the run keeper app.

    Good luck :)
  4. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    a half marathon is totally do able, I did my first one off very little training and it was tough. all down to not training though.

    which one do you plan on doing? hilly, flat, trail?
  5. carrot_tit

    carrot_tit Well-Known Member

    Hi. I'm pretty much starting again from scratch too. Going down my local Sweatshop for their beginners course on Thursday and my goal is to run a marathon. Do you have a local Sweatshop near you? They're very good for supporting beginners.
  6. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Well-Known Member

    Hi Clare

    You'll get there. Just don't push it. U might find that running 3 times a week for an hour is a lot and 'samey' u cd vary. There's a good app called 26.2 and it will give u a half marathon plan which will vary ur distances. Is there a running club u cd join. My club (haven't been for ages) has all levels and its a ladies only one.

    I'm in same boat as you. Starting from scratch. Have run marathons, halfs n done Tri s but have lost ALL fitness and replaced with fatness! Back to square one.

    I can do it, you can do it!
  7. Maria2206

    Maria2206 Well-Known Member

    Hi Clare

    Here to subscribe to your thread. I recently graduated the Couch to 5k plan and am thinking about entering for a 10k some time during the first half of this year. It would be my first ever race and I wouldn't have dreamed of even thinking about that six months ago but feel it is do-able now as I am slowly increasing my distances and am up to 4 mile sessions. I am very slow at the moment and am looking at ways of building stamina and speed so that I could complete a 10k with a respectable beginner's time.

    I am very interested to see how your training plan goes.
  8. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Well-Known Member

    Good luck Maria :) well done for getting out there!
  9. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    thanks everyone!! i'll be starting my training next week now, my son has had some problems (boy area issues, nothing major)and needs to go in for a wee operation on moday, so ill get that outta the way first lol!

    i was considering a running club but im antisocial when i run but think id get annoyed at not being able to retreat into my music haze and forget thee world!

    im going to enter whatever 5 and 10k races come up locally the first half of the uear and am thinking a half marathon towards autumn time :)

    cant wait!!!

  10. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    im not in a running club, im more independent and running with others just isn't my thing.
  11. the_last_time

    the_last_time Well-Known Member

    You could always give running club a try & see how you get on. I've never done it but have friends who have, mostly from a motivational point of view like doing a class at the gym.

    Good luck next week & best wishes to your son :)
  12. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    im the same i ran twice with friends and hated it lol, i retreat into music and enjoy the non thinking time!
  13. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a good plan! Hope all goes well with son on Mobday :)
  14. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    thanks very much luv xxx
  15. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    I may have been tempted to join the preston harriers.
    not to run with others, but to get the discount on races and gym discount.
  16. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Well-Known Member

    You do get discounts if ur a member of a club, it saves a couple of pounds per race :)
  17. Maria2206

    Maria2206 Well-Known Member

    Well I am sitting here reading through the forum, trying to build up some mojo to get out there for my weekend run.

    I did 20 minutes of a 30 minute run on Thursday but for the first time in ages had to stop due to headache, hipache and general discomfort. It was very de-motivating but at least I got in a bit of a run mid-week. I think the fear of the hip pain coming back is putting me off today, that and the wind. I will get out there today but I am just psyching myself up for it....

    I have thought about joining a club to chivvy me along and to compare niggles and aches to make sure they are all normal and to be exptected but I prefer to run alone too. I suppose I am a natural loner who likes a bit of "me" time. It's the only chance I get to just think my own thoughts without someone else interrupting them.

    Well, best get out of my PJ's and into my running gear....
  18. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Well-Known Member

    Don't beat urself up about cutting ur run short. If u join a club, u don't have to talk to others. You just run. Some run in 2s and 3s. You could just run ahead or drop back. Lots of folks do that. Club will show you new routes and push you more be ause there's usually different groups. Mines a ladies only club and we wear pink!

    Good luck :)
  19. liquoricet

    liquoricet Well-Known Member

    I'm also planning on a 10k this year. I'd got up to 8k NYE but have only been out once since then as I've a nasty cough/chest infection.

    I've been using the zombies run app. Basically you run away from zombies in a post apocalyptic world -it tells you a story as a sort of radio play as you're running. It's so silly I forget to get tired.

    Zombies 5k is their c25k version which I did to start. They're both really good and I totally recommend them. ;)
  20. Maria2206

    Maria2206 Well-Known Member

    I have read about the Zombies app and they sound like great fun but wasn't too sure. I might give them a go. Anything to take the mind off the pain can only be good!
  21. the_last_time

    the_last_time Well-Known Member

    I've heard about the zombies too - think I'll give them a go on Thursday - first run in ages!!

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