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Running should make me feel better but....... bloody people


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Why is it that people think they can comment on your life :mad:
I live about 5 miles from the nearest town (still a village to most of you!) and my car was waiting for me in the garage so I jogged there.....I've just been told I have a very red face.....

I only think of a come back when i get home..... what I should have said is " well so would you if you'd just run 5miles :p"
No-one in this flippin village believes that I will either keep the weight off, or finish the Great North Run next week. I'm sick of knowing looks as I gained a few pounds over the last six months...I notice no-one is saying that I am losing them again.....:mad:

And you know what - not one of them gets off their backsides to do anything about anything :eek:

Sorry, rant over. I just had to get that off my chest. I was so proud of myself getting out there and just running on my own. (Its VERY hilly here!)

It almost made me want to stuff my face.... not quite though - I've decided i'm better than that :)
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Thanks guys :)
I promise to keep getting out there.... I can't believe how much I've improved in the last month. I could only manage 5minutes tops in August. Today I ran for 30 minutes and did over 2miles before I had to choose running or breathing!

I need to keep myself motivated to keep at it as my OH works away (where it is flat!) and he'll also be way ahead of me in the speedy zones for the Great North Run :(. Anyone else doing it at a walk/jog pace, let me know - I need company!:eek:


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Oh and Taryn - I could hardly walk down the lane a year ago - babysteps and I'm getting there!
I know exactly what you mean about proving yourself. I never told my family about the diet when I first started it (well, OH and mother knew but as they live with me ...:rolleyes:)

My Christmas present to myself last year was seeing their faces when they turned up at mine for a big family gathering :D. No - it was the year before. my how the time flies!!!!

My sister has gone from telling me how mad I was for doing it, to following it herself and now she's waiting to go on a training course to be a CDC!!! Talk about turnaround :p


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I take my hat off to you Debbie (if I had one), running and me don't mix.

I could give you a tirade of verbal to pass on to the *($&$&( who commented, but most of it would be $£*(^*(%* $*(*(^*) $%*($^

Fortunately in my family it is now a given that I won't put the weight back on. It took years for them to keep it to themselves.

I hope everyone around you just accepts the reality of the slim fit you without putting a timespan on it.

People make me $*(^*($^ E)TY*)U()$%U()


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Hey.. I will be there next Sunday... I am running it...but not too fast..and am in the back pen for some reason so will fight my way through. Its a great day... I am really really looking forward to it. And take the red faced comment as a compliment... you earned your flush!! :)
:D keep it up Debs, i have told you before, stuff what others think, you are doing it for the right reasons, Ps how did the sauna go??:D


Cambridge Consultant
:D keep it up Debs, i have told you before, stuff what others think, you are doing it for the right reasons, Ps how did the sauna go??:D

LOL! I've not got there yet..... I'll let you know when ;)
yeah people can be funny that way.
today someone who has not seen me for 10 weeks or so said, wow your still looking good and losing weight as well.
then my mum turned round and said yeah had a more noticeable change about 2 weeks ago.but not once has she said anything too me directly only when someone else commented.

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