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Extra Easy Running to help loose or maintaine weight ??

I started running 3 weeks ago. I have never been able to run in my life but have slowly and steadily started running 4 times a week......a walk run plan. Does anyone else run on here and how has it effected your weight loss etc...I had a good loss of 3.5lb last week and got to my target...I want the running to help me maintain my weight and to get fit and feel better about myself...anyone any tips they would like to share ?
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Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Hiya, well done on a great loss! I'm on week 4 of run/walk plan and loving it! Can't say if it has really affected my weight losses as since starting it I've also been uber on plan but I'm really enjoying and can really start to see my bodyshape changing slowly but surely xxx


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I'm doing the Couch to 5K too, although I have been running since Jan but thought I needed to make proper progress so embarked on it.
At the end of Week 1 I feel a lot more confident in my running abilities and ready to embark on Week 2.
Can't say if it makes a difference but two weeks into running but I have lost 1.5lb each week (not bad for me!) so can't be doing any harm!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
I run too am just about to start week 5 of couch to 5k dont think it has effected my weight loss much either but maybe if I hadnt been running I wouldnt of lost at all who knows..... I do eat a lot all on plan but quite a lot :)
I am just enjoying it hope to continue on to 10k once I have completed the 5 k :)
Hi hun! I'm using a very similar plan to get me running/walking the Race for Life in June! As I'm enjoying the plan so much and want something to aim for after June I've signed up for a 10k! Trust me, this time last year even posting that would have worn me out! Once you've nailed the 5k plan you'll be on to 10k! xxx


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Can I ask about this Couch to 5k..... is it better to do it when your not so heavy? I don't know why I am asking, just curious I guess.

It takes so much effort for me to get up off my backside to even go onto the threadmill, but my OH has bought me some wireless headphones so I can watch something or listen to music while I am on it.


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start off and do what you can it does say if you need to repeat a week do so.
If you really cant run for a minute (the first week) try power walking instead of the run part then slowing it down on the walk until you build yourself up to running the 1 minute eventually your heart will become more efficient and you will find it easier. It may take you longer to get to running the 5k but you will get there and think how proud of yourself when you finally do it :)
They do say consult a doctor before embarking on vigorous exercise so take it easy and try fast walk slow walk first :)

How are you finding it D dumpling its taken me 3 attempts to complete week 4 without stopping on the final 5 minutes due to start week 5 but think I am going to do 1 more of week 4 to make sure I can do it without stopping again and it wasn't a fluke :)


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Thanks debjk... I googled it after I asked. I assumed it would be a book and not a website. I know it's not much but I have started doing 15 mins 3 times a week.


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I don't run myself, but do plan on starting once my baby is born. But my mother started a run/ walk plan. It was a 12 week plan which aimed to be able to run for 40 mins non-stop at the end. This might sound horrific! It does to me right now hehe, and my mother is no runner!!! But she started, 3 times a week on a treadmill at home and the difference in 12 weeks was AMAZING! She did the running plan with a diet of WW, she lost about 1 stone but dropped 2 dress sizes! From a 14 to a small 10! She looked so tight and fit! Well worth the effort!
i recently started running (3 weeks ago) and im loving it. i dont think it has affected my losses (in fact i gained 1lb the other week!) but i do feel better and fitter and if you enjoy it then it cant do you any harm. I bought the book 'Running Made Easy' by Zest and its fantastic. there is a 10 week 5k running plan and then plans for 10k, half marathon and marathon training. i would really suggest buying this book for inspiration and advice.
i am loving running so much that i entered myself into the London 2011 marathon this morning!!


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If you go onto iTunes then theres one called Couch to 5K by Robert Ullrey and its a 9 week programme, so each week is a new podcast to download. It's really good as it has music to run to too and lets you know when to start and when to stop.
I'm going to do a mixture of week 2 and 3 this week; doing Week 3 on my own (as I've run a bit before) and then Week 2 with my friend who has only just started. Thought it was a good mixture to build up distance and stamia.

I've also printed off a chart so we've stuck it to the fridge and cross it off when it's been done - another great incentive!

Good luck!


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I'm doing a 10k in September and a half marathon in October, so my training's going to start at the end of June (for the half marathon). At the moment I'm only running for fun(!).

Starting slow, with a couple of miles a couple of times a week.
I've been running for a while now (since before restarting SW) and it's incredible how quickly you get better at it.

In January I couldn't run for more than 2 minutes - I've just come back from a 5k run and it felt great!! In terms of weight loss it can be great - it is after all one of the quickest ways of burning calories (about 600 an hour....) BUT BUT BUT you do need to really watch what you're eating aswell - tendency, certainly with me is to think that I can get away with a little extra here and there but it soon adds up! Also if you're running regularly then I would make sure you do at least a couple of green days a week - when I was doing red days I found it much more difficult to run as my legs felt so tired.

Also, when you're starting out go SLOW, so slow you feel ridiculous - I was overtaken by a woman walking her dog once LOL!! If you're out of breath you're going too fast and won't be able to last the distance. Once you get fitter you'll speed up naturally.

I'm completely addicted to it all and now run at least 4 times a week - it's completely my time - on my own, with my music, in the fresh air - total bliss!!

Good luck and enjoy!
I run 5k 3 or 4 times a week, have done for a while now. Can recommend eating a banana about an hour or so before you run, it gives you a slow release of energy when being digested.

Also, don't forget to keep hydrated. :)


I'm the tortoise.
I'm doing Couch to %k too. I am signed up for Race for Life in July. I have 10 weeks to complete this programme so I can get round the course. I'm loving it, we have a thread over on the fitness board, come and join us.

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