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I have always admired runners and I have tried to start many times however I always fail! I am terrible at it and I can't go more than a minute and by that time I am absolutely huffing and puffing and usually have a stitch in my side. I am 22 years old and my doctor says I am healthy so I don't understand why I get so tired. I also tried the couch to 5k program but I got completely exhausted and had a painful stitch again so I gave up. Are some people just not made to run? I would love the idea of putting on my running shoes and going out for a run with my ipod but I am just so so unfit :(
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Maybe you need to take it slower than the c25k programme. I would love to run but have dodgy knees so a brisk walk is about it for me.

I too am very unfit so even with brisk walking I take it slow. Maybe start walking with periods of running for as long as you can even if it is 30 seconds. When that gets easy gradually up the time running, even if it is 10 secs at a time it is progress.

I do think that running suits some people better than others, but if there are no health reasons why you shouldnt run then I think anyone can. Good luck


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How are you for walking? The C25K starts with walking and the likes but maybe you need to spend more time on the brisk walking to build your body up to it. As for the stitches... how long after eating/drinking were you exercising?


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hi. i run and am currently training for a the great south run. i usually find, if i go to fast ill get a stitch. try slowing right down until you feel comfortable and keep at that pace. it doesnt matter how fast or slow you go at this stage, just to finish it and then how good you feel about achieving it. after you find it easy, increase your time/distance but dont overdo it

hope that helps a little

h x
My running was really really slow actually. And I made sure not to eat or drink about 1-2 hours before running. If I was hungry I would have 1/2 a banana about an hour before. I think I need to just start slowly but I feel really silly going out on the road and running for 30 seconds. I know I shouldn't care. I also get bad pains in my lower legs if I walk a lot- i think this is probably due to my weight. I really need to start exercising and the gym just doesn't appeal to me


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I run sometimes (during 20 min minumum, but 40 min on average) and I feel exhausted at the end; it's part of running;) And I run slow: the slower you run, the easier.
About you, I think you may want to start with power walks (just walking at a fast pace) and, after a few days/weeks start slow runs ;)


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I'd like to be able to run but given my current size all I would get is two black eyes and some cramps in my legs.

I "raced" my 10 year old neice and 6 year old nephew for about 60 yards the other day and although I recovered breathing wise quite well I had sore thighs the next day :D.

One day I'll have a run round the park and enjoy it :)
Hey, i started running last summer before my holiday and i was just the same as you, i couldnt run to the end of the road without struggling to breathe.:eek: My boyfriend started coming with me and got me really into it.

I just started jogging rather than running at first and follow a few tips he gave me and in 3 months i could run about 2/3 miles without stopping which was great for me. below are the tips he gave me, hope they work for you!

- If you feel yourslef getting out of breathe slow down even if your nearly walking rather than try and keep going and end up stopping. And once you feel your breath coming back speed up a little.
-Give yourself little goals to get to each time you run, mine used to be to get to the post box without stopping, and then the next time something that was a little way past that, even just a meter or so.
-Get some songs on your ipod with a steady beat to them i liked black eyed peas as i could get my feet going in time with the music.
- Dont beat yourslef up if you dont do well one day, some days id get out there and be rubbish, just try your best you will have good and bad days.

Hope this helps, i really enjoyed it once i got into it, i went recently but fell over and broke my elbow :cry:as im so clumsy! :eek: so my tip would be try not to do that hehe
Hi everyone!

I also would love to start running- I only started weight watchers this week and would like to get myself active. I am exactly the same and ashamed for anyone to see me. Lets plunge in together coco and do it together! Who cares what they think!


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Im on the C25K programme and you dont run on it, you jog. which is a lot slower, if your getting stitch your going too fast! the problem with most new starters is that they expect miracles in the first few days and sprint which does damage. I dont run all at once. I have to walk because my stamina is not up there yet but i know it takes time and i love crossing my workouts off as i complete them, and if i dont, i just do it again until i do!

go to the fitness and exercise section for the C25K thread we have going and read through it.
I was in fact jogging Shabba- really slowly as well- I don't know why I said running! I think I may be brave and start again...


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How far did you get with the C25k last time?

running for 60 secs then walking for 90 secs is what they recommend the first week. Its to build you into it and so you can start to control your breathing and your recovery time:)

Im on week 5 now and run for 5 mins and walk for 3, i never thought i would do it because i died the first week! But im here and im feeling better, yes its hard, its killing me some days but i enjoy it, knowing i've done it :D

do you have access to a treadmill or go outside?
I know exactly how you feel sweets I am moving in 3 weeks to a new estate with a pond etc so I am buildong myself up to when I move house I will start running. What is the c25 plan? I have never heard of it? x


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c25k = Couch to 5k
Its a programme designed to get people who have never run up and running! We have a thread going in the fitness section. If you google c25k and go on the coolrunning website you can see the programme :)
I did it for a week lol and then I gave up. It literally did kill me and I felt horrible and faint. perhaps I need to restart and do a pre- couch to five k to build myself up to that. I feel like a little old lady and I hate it! I am 22 for god sake!
You're only young and not very overweight. I think you just build up very slowly. I ahve always been overweight, and always hated any sport, but I got myself jogging. I have done a few 10k runs. I was really surprised at how quickly it can be built up. I did start on a treadmill, and managed 5k jogging on a treadmill before I was brave enough to contemplate going out where people can see me! I enjoy ngoing out for a run now though.



Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I did it for a week lol and then I gave up. It literally did kill me and I felt horrible and faint. perhaps I need to restart and do a pre- couch to five k to build myself up to that. I feel like a little old lady and I hate it! I am 22 for god sake!
You're still young! Only 1yr younger than me!

You should give it another go. It will kill you some weeks, others you will think its a doddle! If you need to do week 1 five for six times whi cares? Don't give up!! I've spent 4 weeks on week 4 because I wasn't ready and I still have to take it easy because my knee plays up but each step I take I know the sweat is worth it :-D


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the key is to just do it gradually, don't give yourself a huge tough start! even 30 sec's a day in your house on the spot will do, then make it 1min then 2 etc and just go like that, then when you start to feel uncomfortable stop and go back one time unit and stick at that until you feel ready to move it forward again!

this is what i did and only with wii fit may i add! lol but i now can do 30mins jogging on spot which im exhausted by the end but worth it :) and i started off with 1 min first then 2 then did 10, then 20 and now 30 :) and i do it for 120mins most nights :) xxx
Hey cocoa, I've not read the whole thread so sorry if this has been mentioned, but it sounds like you are going too fast.

One thing when you start running is not to worry about your pace *at all*, just concentrate on getting the time into your legs; look at weeks 1 and 2 of c25k and you'll see they are all about the time, not even distance is mentioned. And nowhere in the programme do they say stuff like 'run 1 mile in 9 minues' so pace isn't even a consideration. If you run at 14 minute/mile pace, no problem!

I started like this back in October; I ran 10km this evening. If someone told me this time last year I'd be running 10km I'd have laughed at them. It sounds corny but it really is a case of 'if I can do it, anyone can', because a year ago I really couldn't get up the stairs without becoming breathless...

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