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i'm a runner. i do go out in the cold but not ice or snow. just wrap up warm. the cold air doesn't seem to bother me much. i just don't like feeling cold when i first set off.
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I will venture out in the cold now and again and find that once I get going I warm up quite nicely, I found my breathing is a bit more difficult but it doesn't hurt. I think once you get out of the house and past the stage where you're umming and ahhhing you'll be fine and glad you did it.
Thanks for the replies. I skipped yesterday but forced myself to go today, and it was wonderful. I made sure I had lots of layers on and a pair of gloves, and it really wasn't that bad, even with the biting wind in my face at the start. :-D
"I'M A RUNNER!" (to-be lol)

PS - I've only been running twice beforehand, and I'm doing the beginners running schedule which starts with 1min the first week, and then you build up, however I managed to do four stints of 5mins each, whohoooooooooooooo. Next stage will be 8 mins, scary!
i go out with layers. it's the best bet as you can take a layer off. i usually wear a long sleeved nike top in flo yellow and then a bright yellow jacket. my trousers are yellow and black ron hill long winter trousers. i have my head phones on so don't bother with a hat but i do wear nike thermal gloves. i'm so 'bright' lol. here's a pic of me when i came back from a run in nov. my gloves were in my jacket pocket as i'd got too hot.

Oh wow, thanks for that, Great Things. I guess I really outght to get myself some proper running gear, I wear just aerobics trousers and a top and fleece, so not much you can take off, plus of course it's stuff that I can hide my lumpy bits behind.

I've been up most of the night with my little ones, and feel like a complete zombie at the moment, but I think I should get out later on today and have a little run, I'm all psyched up about it now.
sleep is for the weak lol :)

i had a right night last night.

went to bed at 11pm. hubby woke me up snoring at 1am so i moved to the spare room and at 3am the dog went wild as she wanted out for the loo. at 4am my daughter decided it was time to come into bed with me and i sent her packing. at 5am my little dude had a cry and then at 6.30 i got up.

i feel tired now. however, i did a zumba class this am for 1 hour, then walked around an indoor shopping centre for 5 hours (must have covered 5 miles) then took the dog on a 1 1/2mile trek.
WOW what a rough night, sorry to hear that. How did the zumba go? I'm off to see my boyfriend, Gym, tonight, and looking forward to it. He'll hopefully keep me away from the pancakes I'm making for the boys and hubby!

Love your Zumba crazy lady, by the way, she'll knock herself out with those big bazookas!
i love zumba. :D:D did it saturday and my arms ached which isn't usual for me so i must have gone bonkers with my arms. i did it again today. had core stability, running for 40 mins and then 1 hr of zumba.
oooooooo, you are crazy fitness bunny! (and of course I mean that as a compliment :))

Perhaps I ought to try Zumba again. The two times I did it weren't too great because it was too much starting and stopping and I just didn't feel like I got into a serious workout zone. I did go to the gym yesterday and had quite a good workout, my backside and arms hurt today BLISS!
i think you need to find a good zumba instructor to feel the burn.

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