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Rushed to hospital with Kidney Stone..week from hell, so upset i've put on..

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Jemima Doll, 28 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Jemima Doll

    Jemima Doll Full Member

    Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well,

    Sadly i've had a dreadful week which has affected my weight loss...I was rushed to hospital in agony, turned out I had a kidney stone - never felt pain like it in my life. Due to being in hospital and then home in bed on strong drugs I had to come off plan as I was being sick and just couldn't stomach fruit and veg etc, when I weighed myself this morning I had put on 4 pounds, really upset. Still on drugs now but think I may have passed the stone, doing my best to get back on plan now and repair the damage. Still feel terrible but am praying the worst is over.
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  3. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    oh gosh! Poor you...I should think a 4lb gain is the least of your worries right now! It sounds like agony. :(
    You need to concentrate on getting yourself well and not let a small gain upset you...in the grand scheme of things, its really not much....and your health must always come first.

    Take care
  4. Jemima Doll

    Jemima Doll Full Member

    Thanks Lentil2, much appreciated xx
  5. kisforkelsey

    kisforkelsey Full Member

    Don't be too hard on yourself, you'll lose the 4lbs you put on in no time :D the most important thing is that you're on the mend and you feel better soon, hoping the worst is over for you too! :) x
  6. Jemima Doll

    Jemima Doll Full Member

    Thanks kisforkelsey, I really hope so as I couldn't take that pain again...I know i'll get it back off but feel so horrible at the moment I'm stuggling, but I guess even if it takes me a few weeks I will get back to where I was. Going for a lie down now xx
  7. Chipsticks

    Chipsticks Full Member

    Lol, a 4lb gain after the week you've had should be the least of your worries. Yes it's a gain, but it was out of your control, it's not like you've had a week long binge because you felt like it. Hope you feel better soon xx
  8. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    So sorry you've had such an awful time, hopefully you are on the mend now.
  9. Jemima Doll

    Jemima Doll Full Member

    Thanks Chipsticks and Jogirl, I know it was out of my control but still makes you feel sorry for yourself that it had to happen!! Still I'm starting to feel better now so will be back on track in no time hopefully xx
  10. Chipsticks

    Chipsticks Full Member

    Addda girl. It's done, you couldn't help it, as you were... Lol.

    Good luck :thumbup:

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  11. Jemima Doll

    Jemima Doll Full Member

    Thanks Chipsticks...onwards and downwards x
  12. Jemima Doll

    Jemima Doll Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all doing well, can't believe it but just weighed in this morning and I managed to lose the 4lb I put on after being ill and an extra 2lb so this week I lost 6lb! this means that after 6 weeks I've finally managed to get my 1 stone off! Really happy and just want to carry on feeling better now, I know I won't lose this much again, but am so happy to be back on track and feeling a bit better xx
  13. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    That's great, well done!
  14. Jemima Doll

    Jemima Doll Full Member

    Thanks jogirl:)x

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