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S.Worlders biggest food downfalls?

Hiya Guys i havent started a thread for so long so here goes,
I saw someone mention that they like Kettle crisps..........oh boy they are my biggest biggest downfall, I have been know to eat a 500g bag in one sitting, My fav flavour is sea salt and balsamic vinegar (am i being too descriptive here? that how addicted i am!!!)

The sad thing is the 30g bag only has about 3 crisps in it:cry:
Oh yes and Kitkats i love too and sundried tomatoes....

Ok ill shut up about myself!
What is everyones downfall food?:eatdrink051:

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Dont answer all at once lol!!


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Biscuits :cry:

Oh I miss my biscuits. And that silly ad with the panda bear (Fox's) is on all the time at the mo just to tease me :rolleyes:


Call me Nicky xx
chinese food is mine, I adore my takeaway. In fact its so bad then if I ring up she already knows what I am going to have!!! This will be the hardest thing to give up but I am hoping that I can make slimming world healthier versions.


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hi my worse downfall is going to be red wine, arrrrrrrr and white thick bread nothing much lol


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definitly alcohol and sweeties (not so much choc tho)


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Galaxy chocolate or Haribo sweets are my biggest weakness but have now developed a taste for sweetcorn out of the can too!!!!!?????
You can still have your chinese! what i usually have is veg chow mein or veg chop suey and boiled rice and i nick 2 prawn crackers of hubby and a bit of his curry sauce, I have been doing this since ive started ! and lost weight. It all in moderation i suppose.

Those Fox's biscuits advert is very naughty , my OH went out and bought some after the advert because he kept on saying ooo i could do with some of them so he went straight to tesco's and bought some!! i didnt have one, i had a cracker with low fat philadelhia with chives!!

I find if i have a a packet of kettle crisps i go off my diet completly! thats what happened last month i just craved them more and more !! so at present i have gone cold turkey with them.

One thing i do miss is doorstep fresh bread toast! its not fair but you know what they say moment on the lips life time on the hips!

Do you all still have your downfall treats? and count them as your syns or do you have complete abstinece?


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Fresh bread sliced really thick and slathered with butter. I find the smaller sliced bread just doesn't do it for me. I have to run past the bread shop as the smell of fresh bread is just calling to me....


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I will change to nimble only because I will eat less but still have wine but syn it.... whats a 200ml in syn's?!!!!!!!!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
I will change to nimble only because I will eat less but still have wine but syn it.... whats a 200ml in syn's?!!!!!!!!
dry white wine would be around 9 or 10 sins for 300ml
sweet white wine would be around 14 or 15 sins


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thanks Karen I only drink red wine I assume that will be the same value


rainbows holiday buddy :)

umm where do i start?

dr oetker pizza
pizza hut pizza
chinese takeaway - including chips, curry sauce and veg spring rolls
kettle chips - any flavour, but love salt and balsamic vinegar and also bbq flavour
lime doritos - in a bowl topped with strong grated cheese, microwave for 45 secs, then topped with salsa, guacamole and sour cream *droooooool*
ben and jerrys ice cream
sweet pastries and brioche
custard tarts
sweet waffle, black cherries and cornish ice cream
olive bread - dipped in olive oil, served with sundried tomato, olives and cheese

...i could go on!


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Fresh bread which hasn't been sliced so I can slice a big chodder whopper piece of it and toast it slightly golden and then put loads of salty butter on it so it melts through the warm soft bread underneath that fine golden crusty layer:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

..god it sounds like I'm on an advert!
mine is definitely crisps, i could eat bag after bag after bag whilst sitting at my desk at work, when i get home, in other words all the time. Umm and homecooked chips, umm


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Mine has to be Crusty cobs especially Tescos crusty tiger rolls omg they are soooooooooooo delish. xxx Loobylou


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CRISPS!!! Once ate 48 bags in one day!!! Xmas eve one year... how did I survive!? Now having one or two bags of Quavers a day...sometimes none if I run out! But I need them in my life ;)
Mod-karen you made me laff! you have put a whole list down heehee.
ELZ- i cant believe you ate 48 bags! your nuts but i suppose thats equivelant to 500g bag of crisps! wow you do like crisps, but at least you are controling it now with quavers!
Well done!


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