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S: 18st2lb C: 12st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32 Loss: 5st9lb(31.1%)
S: 15st6.0lb C: 12st6.8lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 2st13.2lb(19.07%)
hey hun ....i buy ham under 5%fat content and as low in salt as i can
mince /burgers under 5%fat also
yogurts i stick to muller toffee or vanilla fat free.....
as for carbs as low as you can find in anything


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S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
Hello there,

In France, the percentages are very clearly marked (and remember that this diet is pretty much a translation of the French book).

I always say 5% fat in my burgers because it says so. For attack, good to stick to that if you can find it. After, in the French book, he says up to 10% ok (even 15%) but to dry fry it and mop any excess fat up with kitchen roll.

Same with yoghurts. There are a whole range here of 0% fat yoghurts. The rule is, in attack, no fruit pieces at all, so fat free flavoured yoghurts or buy natural and flavour yourself. (Muller Lite toffee + vanilla are ok, but they are huge so don't eat them all day!). Once in cruise, fat free yoghurts with fruit pieces in ARE allowed - up to two a day if no other tolerated items on your menu - BUT most of us here say to avoid if you can find others you like without... save where you can.

Pork is banned in France, only "fat free" ham (disgusting looking synthetic stuff). For the UK book, he allows the leanest of lean cuts, lowest fat possible, to cater to the UK palate. But I'd personally advise exercising restraint as the packaged ham is very salty, if not fatty.

So, where you can, stick to home cooking... and save the odd packet of low fat ham for an emergency snack rather than building meals around it where you can.

Just my advice.

I presume you have the book?


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can anyone tell me what the fat%'s are ie lowfat ham under so many %, i've seen people mention 5% burgers does that mean not over 5%??? the same with yogurts are they supposed to be with 0% carbs etc???
thanks all!!

whenever percentages are mentioned, it always means 'lower than'. Yoghurts need to be 'fat free' i.e. that generally means 0.1% fat, like skimmed milk. Any flavoured yoghurts, be very careful and watch out for added sugar, fruit, thickener etc. You're best off sticking with plain yoghurt and sweetening it yourslef, or you are allowed WW or Muller light Vanilla and toffee (2 a day max the ML).
Meat - find the lowest you can get - beef mince needs to be 5% fat or less(usually called extra-lean but always check the label for the actual fat content!), you're not allowed pork, but lean ham, I think needs to be less than 2% or 3% fat max. And Jo has already said it all of course :) - keep ham to a minimum.

Also processed meats like ham - do watch out for 'hidden' carbs like added sugar or breadcrumb which is why it's better to stick to unprocessed foods.

Good luck - you'll soon get the hang of it!
S: 18st2lb C: 12st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32 Loss: 5st9lb(31.1%)
Thanks all yes I do have the book but when i started looking at the labels there seems to be carbs in some ham and yogurts etc saying that I think I read that it kind of cancels out maybe i'm wrong tho???

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