Sabotage in disguse....


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Just thought I would share this with you.

I was talking to a guy at work today who knows that I am doing LL and has done it himself in the past (and gained it all back). I told him that I was back on abstinece and he asked me why? I said because I want to lose another 2 stone or so but he said that I look fine as I am. so then I said that I wasn't happy with the way I looked plus my BMI is still over 30 and I want it to be 25. He wasn't having any of this and said that I looked good to him. Well, this ladies, is what you need to be aware of. Although it is a compliment, it is also a sabotage attempt in disguise. He might not have said it intentionally but some people may use these kinds of words to stop you from continuing losing the weight etc.

There are 2 things that you can do in this situation. You can either take what they say on board and go for that naughty food still left in the office as you think that he is right and you look ok. OR you can do what I did. I thanked him for the complient and thought to myself 'well if he thinks I look good now, wait until I have lost the rest of the weight!!!'.

Don't bow down to it girls. We need to do what is right for us not what other people think. It is up to us to say when we are where we want to be. Girl Power!! (and man power for any men out there, he he!!!)
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Good for you, recognising it for what it was. It's a trap many fall into - pressing on, succeeding then tripping over when the compliments start. We start these journeys because of where we want to be, and need to keep that in our minds as we travel along.


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Well done you hun. I think this is what my mum is trying to do to me. Everyone always told me when I was 16 that I was stunning and could do modeling. I had the body to do it too. But one thing led to another and bye bye that idea. But shes a slim size 8 and I think she's jealous of me in some way. She even tries to split me and my OH up.

I just ignore her and say I'll stop when I'm happy.

Can I ask you if you've noticed much loose skin in your weight loss so far?

Becca x


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Well done Becks for recognising the truth behind the word, albeit they seemed complimentary. It sounds like you really have your adult head on and are completely motivated!! Brilliant!!!! You go girl!!!



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Good on you girl!! I was so fed up being told almost daily that I looked ill - I started a new job and funnily enough, not one person told me I was underweight, or ill looking!! I even got called lollipop head by one senior person in work (who was some sort of lead for anti-bullying!) and I think I took a little of it in. Even now, when a male at work says that he really doesn't like skinny, and likes bums and boobs, I find myself a little swayed - however, I enjoyed being a size 10 in lots of ways and am hating the extra lumps that I've developed this last few months.

You stay strong in your own mind and I'm going to keep giving myself a talking to too!


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Very important advice indeed. You do not realise how much other people's comments and actions affect you until it happens!

Much harder when it comes from people you consider friends too. Jealousy is not pretty people!!! :(