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After being quite good this week with just a small set back on Saturday, when we went to the cinema yesterday I had planned my meals for the day. Choosing a green day so that I could have 2 A and B boxes and use my syns for chocolate treats in the cinema.

Everything went to plan right up until we were on our way home and the OH asked our friends if they fancied a Chinese at our house. I felt my stomach drop. I knew that I wouldn't be able to resist and that my plan of having just a cheese omelette and sticking to my plan was fast going out of the window.

I quietly mentioned to my OH that if I had a Chinese there would be no way I would lose weight this week. He told me not to worry, that I could get back on track on Monday and if I didn't lose weight this week then it wasn't the end of the world, I'd do it next week. It left me feeling so frustrated but I didn't want to cause a scene in front of friends.

We went to the Chinese and it was shut, so they all went to the Pizza parlour and ordered 2 x 12" pizza's loaded with meat and all the trimmings and 2 portions of chips :cry:

I know I should get a stronger will power but to some extent I feel sabotaged too :(
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It is ok hun, what is done is done, look forward and think positive now and focus. Next time cook yourself nice things, and fill yourself with free stuff, then you will say no to anything trust me.
my sister is always testing my will power she makes nice sweets, and food all loaded with fat, I know what I have to do, I tried curry recipe from here, oh my god it was heaven, it tasted like takeaway



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Not an easy one. I have been in similar positions. Most of the time I say oh I would love just a mouthful as I am not really hungry. No one pushes you if you say that but, if you say your watching what you eat, you will always get people saying "go on it won't hurt you" I tend to eat before going anywhere in the evening so i'm generally not super hungry.

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I always make my food in advance so that I wont have to think about straying as I hate wasting food! Diet coke chicken, smash pizza on an EE day with a meat topping...delicious!
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My other half does this to me sometimes too, and like you i feel i cant cause a scene, and if try not to eat, he says somthing infront of everyone about it and makes me feel silly.

Sometimes he doesnt under stand, he see's takeaway as a treat, BUT he doesnt understand that i treated myself by that extra bit of toast this morn, or that lil bag of buttons.. or those extra sauces or the dessert i had a few nights ago... so when i turn down a take away he's like .. 'why dont you just treat yourself once in a while' and i'm like ARGGGH!

Its just the way they are somtimes hun,.. youv eaten it now, and theres nothing much you can do about it.. but beating yourself up isnt going to help, you need to sit down and tell your oh exactly what its like for you, what treats are and how flexible you are usually but that when your really trying he should be more accommodating..

Eventually they'l get it, or once in a while they'l top and think about it before opening there mouths... only every now and then though, amniesa sets in often.. lol

*husg* be strong, your doing fab and your back on plan and ready to go.. i know its difficult and i can totally understand why you feel how you do. xxx
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I would have a word with your OH to be honest. Obviously no one forced you to eat, however it isn't very supportive of your dieting efforts to put you in that position. I am the same as you, if temptation isn't there fine, but sometimes the willpower can easily go out the window in that situation. I would try to explain it to him and ask him not to put you in that position again. Maybe you can get some extra exercise before WI?

Good luck honey

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