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Saddle Bags No More!

Well after nosying into everybody else's diaries since I joined sw at the end of January I've kept threatening to start my own diary and after much debate whether to or not - here it is! (There you go Dawn, done it, don't you let me down by not reading it!!!)

Not sure it will make interesting reading though, I just like to read about everyone else! Nosey like that.

I'm 35, married with 2 kids, a Son aged 10 and a Daughter aged 5 (going on 15!!). I have been with my husband for 18 years and love him to bits. Don't get me wrong we've had our ups and downs like everyone but get through anything together. He has his own construction business, which as you can imagine has taken a massive hit during the recession, and he is a part time professional rugby coach, he used to play professional so we've never gotten away from rugby really. Anyway his team are doing $hite this year to say he is stressed is an understatement which makes it, shall we say tense (!) at home at the minute!! :eek: He also has been ill and in hospital with a tear in his stomach that results in severe excess acid but start with they didn't know what all the pain was, ouch. Then his cousin was killed in Afghan which really rocked the whole family so he's had a real rough time too so I'm trying to get him eating better so in the long term he'll feel better - easier said than done sometimes though.

I work full time which makes it tight on exercise time but do try to go to a place near us 3/4 times a week for a walk, you can feed the ducks and it's about a mile round and my kids love it, think it cos they get an ice-cream though!

I hate my job - it's $hite! I worked at a job for 12 years then got made redundant and got a job as PA to MD about a mile from home - ideal, home for lunch everyday etc but not enough work to fill my days as my boss worked between 2 offices so my friend said one of the MD's at our place needs a new PA, his has just left. I now know why, I feel like I have gone from frying pan into the fire with not enough work to fill 2 days a week let alone 5 - arrrgghhhh So light at the end of the tunnel I hope, the Chairman of the company I got made redundant from rang me last week, he was made redundant before me, and is MD elsewhere now, anyway I'm seeing him in the morning about a job he has there - fingers crossed I could possibly hand my notice in next week - daren't get too giddy yet though.

I have always struggled with my weight, or thought I did but when I started going out with my husband I weighed 10stone and thought I was overweight then! I had a real bad case of IBS some years ago which made me really ill, I had to leave my job it got that bad, I got so thin it was almost as if I was anorexic, I couldn't bear to eat or drink as I thought I would be sick everytime so consequently when I did eat or drink I was sick. It was a very hard circle to break but I did and then got fatter!

At Christmas I became quite ill again, sooo tired all the time, joints aching, no appetite, hair really thinning and just general flu like symptoms. I had loads of blood tests and results showed my kidneys weren't working properly for whatever reason and I wasn't producing enough red blood cells. Anyway, I've done ww a million times, no exaggeration, and never lost more than 10lbs so when my friend said join sw with me I thought I've tried everything else, I'll give it a go and I've never looked back. My illness has gone, kidneys back to normal, hair got loads thicker and generally feel 100% better. For the first time in my life I know I will complete this journey, I've never felt more confident of it.

So nearly 2 stones off and a 4 night break in Spain to look forward to with the girls, all ready for a break from kids and hubby's, 10 weeks on Friday not that I'm counting - honest.

So there you have it, sorry to bore you all to death but I've done it Dawn, hope you're proud of me, thanks for letting me invade all your diaries as I have (Ellebear, Maverick, Pinkie, Minimum, Maximus and Dawn to name but a few)!

Love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D
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Hey SB!!!

I'm here!!! :wavey:

Gotta post this NOW so I'm the first on here!!!


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I have seen you around on other people's diaries and now I can read your too! :D Your doing so well on SW, I bet your so pleased as you have lost soo much more than on WW eh??

Sounds like your having a rather stressful time at the moment!! Hope everything gets sorted!! :)
And hubbys rugby team start winning! :D

I always find it much more interesting read everyone else's diary - I think mine is really boring, not alot exciting happens in my life! Haha!!

Ooo yeah time away from hubby and kids must be lovely for you - and something great to look forward - some decent weather hopefully! :D

Yay!!! I did it!!! :bliss:

First post on what has been up to now a VERY illusive diary! :hide:

Still...you're here now and that's what counts! Better late than never I suppose...:8855:

Seems to me like you and hubbs have both had a very rough time, but that hopefully you have come through it now and things can only get better :fingerscrossed:

As you're in Wakefield, is it rugby league hubby is involved with? Gwyn and I love rugby league, but we are HUGE fans of N'pton Saints, rugby union. We have season tickets and never miss a home match. It's funny as Gwyns friend Colin (from 70 years ago when they both lived in the same little mining village in Wales) is the father of Saints coach Dorian West, and we usually all meet up for a drink after the match! Funny the things you find out you have in common on here!

Have a good day hunni! I'm going to have to get ready for wi in a minute...:fear:

Mini Mum

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Yayyyy you did it! :D

i always find your posts interesting on my diary and I knew that you wouldn't disappoint on your own and after reading it so far WOW you have alot going on in your life and well done for staying on track during it all :)

I will be keeping up with you on this diary definately and so glad you did it x x
Hi Dawn

Yeah it's league, I do enjoy it, it just takes over our lives though and my Son has played since he was 6 so he's going to carry the torch for his dad from now on I think.

Even if I do say so myself he is an amazing little player he is a scrum half/full back and can read the game like nobody's business. He'll tackle anything and can kick a goal from anywhere on the field. Watch this space many say he's destined to be a pro - you heard about him here first - ha!

Good luck with wi honey

Wooh, so pleased you finally started a diary - you have always been the elusive one on diary who I didn't know much about, apart from you always comment nice things to me :)

Nice to get a nosy into your life for a change ;)


Trying - very!
At last - the long awaited diary of the elusive SB!

Sorry folks - not a rugby fan of either style, probably because I haven't a clue what is going on most of the time.

So sorry to hear about your hubby's cousin. Our neighbour has 2 sons in the marines and one of them is usually out there. Both have lost colleagues standing within yards of them when out on patrol.


One day at a time
Hiya SB

Just read your diary, Mr Boo is a big rugby fan too, he used to play until he broke a bone in his neck when he was younger.

Sounds like you've been through / are going through a lot, sorry to hear about your hubbies cousin.

Glad to hear though that your illness has got better through the sw plan, I know my ibs has settled right down since I've been on it. Well have a lovely evening SB, Boo xxx
At last - the long awaited diary of the elusive SB!

Sorry folks - not a rugby fan of either style, probably because I haven't a clue what is going on most of the time.

So sorry to hear about your hubby's cousin. Our neighbour has 2 sons in the marines and one of them is usually out there. Both have lost colleagues standing within yards of them when out on patrol.

Thanks Pommette

It was a massive shock for us all, he'd been in Afghan before and 2 tours or Iraq and just been back in Afghan for 3 weeks, he was only 23. His dad received his Posthumous Military Cross from the Queen last week, an amazing award but not so under the circumstances.

Thanks for your kind words xxxxxx
So pleased that he was recognised for his achievements. It's a bit difficult for me to read things like that at the moment but I suppose we have to put our faith in the government... Never thought I'd hear myself saying that. The military life definitely puts things into perpective.

Very brave ladies and gents, altho for most, it's just their job :) xxx


Better to Drink your Syns
Hiya, and so glad that you have started your own diary, as I've read many of your comments on others diaries, and despite what you say, they are always very interesting and helpful xx
Hi Mav

I can imagine it is very difficult for you my lovely, and to be honest that's why I never mentioned it before in any of my posts to you, I know you will have all sorts racing through your mind anyway and I didn't want to mention it, even though you'll see it on the news everyday you can never comprehend how massive it is to go out there until one of your own are there can you.

He didn't have to do what he did to save the others and in hindsight he would obviously have still been here but I guess that's what he trained to do and he chose to save 10 others rather than himself. He had everything planned down to the dot for if he didn't come back too which says a lot for someone so young, right down to where he wanted to be buried and headstone. He even had a large amount of money set aside for a huge party for him if this happened.

He'll be home before you know it and you can then look forward to your life together wherever he will be posted.

Big hugs to you and sorry if I've made you worry even more, didn't intend to.

Hi All

So, from my first post I said my job was $hite but was going for an interview today with the Chairman I used to work with before. Well............................ I got the job (does a little dance in office and no I don't care if anyone's looking):party0011: I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I know I'm gonna love it plus there are a few peeps there that I already know which will make it a bit easier, plus I get better benefits there than here such as Bupa, bonus and pension. I just need to check my current terms of employment, any HR peeps on here. I have been in my current role for 11 months, does that mean I only have to give 1 weeks notice, unless my contract specifies a month? I will have 5 days hols accrued too so will in effect only have to work 3 weeks, have a week in summer hols with kids and then start new job.

I hope my good fortunes follow me and I win euro millions tonight - I'll share with you all of course.

Much love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D
Fantastic news re the job :D fabby :D it will make all the difference sweetie. Being happy in your job will make life so much easier and you will no longer have to work for that horrid boss

Thanks Jackie, I know you're right, I honestly feel 100% happier already.


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