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    I know the subject of sagging skin comes up every now and then but ...I was just reading an article about someone who was on a fitness and healthy eating plan. Then I read a comment saying "It's good she is healthy eating and exercising, so she won't run the 'sagging skin' trap."

    Is this right ? If you eat healthily and exercise you won't get saggy skin as the weight will be coming off slowly, as opposed to VLCD's when the weight comes off quickly ?
    (I am not slagging off VLCD's as I have had success with them before.)
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    I do think you are more likely to get saggy skin initially with such fast weight loss as it can take skin 12-18 months to catch up , so if it takes 12 months to loose the weight then the skin will be going at the same rate if you get me ?? In the long run though , i think if you loose 5 stone in 5 months or 5 years you would end up with the same skin in the end ( and obviously every body is very different )
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    l don't think it really matter at the end of the day lf you have a lot of weight to loose , it depends on elasticity of skin and must people will need to tone up anyway just my opinion
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    I lost 9 stone 5 with sw then 4 with lipotrim and was amazed at how my skin just shrank with me it did use cocoa butter and drank loads off water I think it depends on how long you've been overweight and by how much! And if you've got good elasticity in your skin! And your age! X
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    i lost 9 stone just by dieting and i was left with loose saggy skin. tummy was really bad so had a tummy tuck, was told it was the only way to get rid of it as it was over stretched skin. i now have excess skin on my arms, legs and boobs, a little on my tummy but i needed a bit more off my tummy but was going to have babies so was told to leave it til after my kids. so i'm going to look into it soon.

    p.s i do so much exercise you wouldn't believe either. i think i spend most of my life at the gym and i love it. i love body pump, zumba and running. i also do core stability too.
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    I think exercising can help with loose skin, as loose skin is really fat. With any diet you loose fat and some muscle, its the lean tissue you want more of so with exercise you can build that lean tissue up which will give you a better contour. I think it depends how much time you can put in, I don't have great elastisity and had loads of stretch marks from when I was pregnant, but I am quite pleased with how my stomach looks overall, and my arms are toning up but I have two hour personal training sessions a week and two sessions on my own in which i do an hour and a half on the treadmill which burns up 1000cals plus. I did do cambridge for 3 months and lost 3 stone, but I missed food so now I am healthy eating.
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