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I'm making sure I do lots of toning exercises (although I'm not that far along in my weight loss journey), and using a skin firming cream daily. I'm noticing a difference already!


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I think the sagging boob sydrome is part of getting older when gravity starts to take effect :D


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Lol well yeah the sagging boob thing is inevitable I just don't want to speed the process up!


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Jergens Naturals Firming skin cream is amazing. It smells delicious and fruity and is 97% natural ingredients. I've noticed my bingo wings and my tummy are already firming up. Plus it's on half price in most places atm! Good luck :) The French swear by splashing ice cold water on their chest area to firm up the boobs! Not tried it myself, but there seems to be some sense in it.


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Im a bit worried about this aswell but i think because altho it is speedy it is actually gradual in the fact it isnt all gone in an instant our bodies should have time to adjust and hopefully shrink back to size! Heres hoping haha x


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hi l have noticed saging skin at the top of my legs after loosing weight so have started swimming and doing some exercises to try and tone up


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Skin is more flexible when you are young, as you get older it loses its elasticity - hence the massive market for creams and lotions. Good reason to start asap - don't wait until you are old. Anyway, swimming is my answer, skin is not perfect, but not bad.
well im only 24 but im still worried so i went and bought some nivea firming lotion at asda today. Will keep u posted as i lose weight whilst using the lotion!


please try again
it can take a year to a year and a half for your skin to catch up when uve lost the weight so dont go panicking just yet

genetics play a part in in too so take a look at your mums skin


please try again
oh and my skin was sagging before i started losing weight, i dont hold out much hope for my boobs and stomach or the old bingo wings


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I've researched about this quite a bit. I see people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have been young and they have loose skin, I also see young people with significant amount of weight but they haven't got loose skin. I think its all genetics and I think that regardless of the cream, exercise or whatever there is just sometimes no way back for your skin. Well, so said the plastic surgeon on a TV programme who was performing a tummy tuck on a man that I recently watched. I hope this isn't doom and gloom for you because I think that losing weight is something that is far more important than your skin maybe looking a bit loose.

I would much rather be healthy than obese so the skin thing to me is something that if it does happen, well it will have to be how it is unless I resort to surgery.

I was totally worried about my arms - they were looking dodgy for a while but the smaller I get the better they are looking. Don't panic prematurely like I did lol.

The only parts of my body that I'm not particularly liking the look of at the moment is my top belly and the tops of my thighs but I've still got a good way to go so I will just have to see what it looks like once I get there.

Oh - there are parts of me that are looking great though - my back fat has almost entirely disappeared, skin looks great and the same can be said for my collars bones which are sticking out :D Oh and there is no loose skin under my face, I carried a lot of facial fat.
I am using Palmers cocoa butter "massage lotion for stretch marks" and it has really improved the look and texture of my skin, and yes has helped the marks.

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