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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by caroline4013, 25 February 2009 Social URL.

  1. caroline4013

    caroline4013 Silver Member

    Can anyone who has successfully lost a lot of weight quite quickly, tell me if you have suffered with saggy skin as the experts say this is one of the biggest problems with a vlcd? Unfortunately I've not reached that point yet but I am interested to know!
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  3. Flobble

    Flobble Full Member

    Im glad you have mentioned that, I dont have the answer but would very much like to know aswell....especially since I have to loose about six stone (most of it in the tummy area)
  4. YummyMummy04

    YummyMummy04 Silver Member

    Yep would like to know this too. Nip n tuck here i come... lol
  5. 1974rach

    1974rach Gold Member

    All I know about it is that a friend of mine has lost 9 stone on LL. She has loose skin, and its very slowly toning up.

    Her intention is to have a tummy tuck at some point in the future, after she has maintained for 2 years.

    I've started doing toning exercises now, so that I'm toning as I lose, and hopefully it might help.

    not much information there really....sorry

  6. Huseyin

    Huseyin Silver Member

    Aparently it takes 8 months to tighten up i was told, i have also read that its 2 months per stone of weight loss.

    If you have lost huge amounts like 15 stones then surgery will be needed.
  7. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    Or if your a mother and have a very saggy tum from growing babies lol!

    If that can be tightended up by gym alone id be amazed - though i think i will have to have a tummy tuck!
  8. Bijoux

    Bijoux Fat Fighter

    It is also very personal. Some people have brilliant skin that will snap back with ease whilst those with less elastic skin will have to work harder at it. The older you are also sort of increases the chance of having saggy skin.
  9. smanf

    smanf Full Member


    After 2 babies in 2 years (one of them over 10lbs!) i know exactly what you mean :cry:
  10. izmirka

    izmirka Trying to stay positive..

    i lost 7,5st and don't really have saggy skin. it's not the best skin ever, but it's not saggy per se. well, maybe if i bend over u can see the saggy part of my belly a little bit:) the only problem i have is stretchmarks on my stomach, but i had those for ages, so nothing to do with losing weight. i'm 22 and never had kids, so i guess that might be the reason:)
  11. jannyT

    jannyT Full Member

    Here comes the good news :) I am 51 and have just got to the 4 stone loss mark with another one stone to go. Right from the start I slathered on the body lotion at least once a day and sometimes even twice. I must admit that if I squeeze my stomach (if you get my meaning) I can see the crinkly skin but to be honest it has tightened up so well that when I stand straight there is no sign of it. I even wore a bikini for the first time in ages on holiday in January - it felt brilliant! So.... there you have it. If it "goes back" at my age you guys have nothing to worry about. Just keep on with the body lotion and don't be too impatient :)
    Good luck
  12. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    I am praying that being 24 helps my skin to snap back into shape. I have stretch marks but they are all faded now so will have to purchase some really good moisturizer.. Any suggestions? I'm thinking something from the body shop.
  13. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    I know isnt it depressing!!!!

    Plastic surgery needs to do a mothers package - boobs, tummy, bottom and thighs lol cos i blame my weight gain on the stress of children :rotllmao::rotllmao::rotllmao::rotllmao:
  14. 1974rach

    1974rach Gold Member

    I've read rave reviews on here about bio-oil, so it might be worth a try - not sure how much it is. My friend swore by the clarins body oil when she was pregnant it's pricy at about £20 but it did last her 9 months. I've also heard that waitrose's own range is supposed to be brilliant.

    I swear by palmers coco butter body lotion, I've faffed around with all sorts of potions and lotions over the years, and am ploughing through the last of them at the moment. Good old palmers - does it for me. I also chuck a slug of baby oil in the bath, cause I find that helps.

    I guess its trial and error, find one you like, they all do a similar job, its just that some of them have fancy packaging and posher smells!

  15. Slimbride2009

    Slimbride2009 Full Member

    Jan what lotion do you use??? I only have 2st to lose so not worried about saggy skin but I'm a lotion fiend and anything does that adds extra firming, I'm all ears!
  16. jannyT

    jannyT Full Member

    Hiya I use anything I can get my hands on. I just use lots of it. I usually buy whatever is on offer when I go to Tescos. My mother passes on any she gets in gift packs so currently I'm using Estee Lauder - when that's finished I've got some Body Shop Body Butter that my daughter got with a magazine subscription. I think the secret is to ensure that you moisturise each and every day without fail. Don't know if I perhaps just have good genes as I have had 2 kids and no stretchmarks at all but I'm not taking any chances ;-)
  17. the true me

    the true me Full Member

    My sister recently lost 90kg - through working out at the gym and watching food intake - and is about to have surgery to take away the large portion of unused skin. She's 22. I think it really depends on the amount of weight lost and the genetic make-up of the skin.

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