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Said good bye!!

Last night as I sat on the bed staring at myself in the mirror examining every bulge, bump and lump, I said good bye. Good bye to that person With their hand firmly on the self distruct button, the 1 who says 'I will do this', the 1 who fails at every possible opportunity.

I have said 'right that's it I'm not eating until I reach my goal' then binge less than 12hrs later. I am stuck in this evil cycle. I just hope now is the time I can focus and succeed.

I stood on the scales this morning and I am now at 17.1 :( 8/12/10 I was 17.4!!! I have done nothing but arse about, I'm fooling no1 but myself.

I feel so low right now, so deflated that I just want to curl up and hide. I need help to stay focused, does any1 have any tips?
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Hey, Keighleyjo, alas I do not qualify to give tips given I am in the same position as you. I completely understand you feel so low because of this vicious cycle of trying, failing bingeing. I've been doing it for weeks on to put more weight on.

I am trying one last time on CD having succeeded on SS in the past but not following it through thus putting it all back on. Whatever diet one does I know one has to stick to and change one's habits.......not rocket science but it clearly it isn't easy.

All I can suggest is don't give up........there are so many of us in this cycle and so many who have succeeded. Let's be the successful ones.
Hi Keighlyjo,

Kira has said, just DO NOT GIVE UP. All you need to do is take it one day (or hour, or minute sometimes!) ata time, and just get through it.

I am not the best person to dish out this advice, as I have restarted CD more times that I can remember. BUT, having said that, i do still have faith in the plan. We just need to follow it properly! No cheating and sneaking in this and that and pretending we havent.

When i quit smoking, i just didnt buy any cigarettes. I am applying the same to food. i dont have anything in the house I can scoff, and just wont buy anything either, so i dont have much choise but to stick to the plan!

SS is hard (are you doing SS?) but the resultsa re sooooooo worth it. Dont let you headmonsters get the better of you, and just keep at it.

I should write this kind of thing to myself! But seriously, the results are worth the short-term 'pain'. CD can change your life. I am on my millionth re-start, but feeling positive, and i will get to goal! No reason why not!

Hope you get a good start and start to see the results you want.

Christine xx


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Awwwwi can totally understand where you are coming from as I feel exact the same. I hate my bumps and bulges and hate looking at myself and even worse don't want hubby touching me, I started cd last Friday but sadly had to come off it due to been in hosp and having a very bad CDC. So I am starting back tomorrow under new consultant. Good luck


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Pop ps just noticed the time so it is actually today :)

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