Sainsburys Cheese and Tomato pasta pot and Sainsburys sushi rolls


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Hi all,

I have been searching for the syn values for the following for ages now and cant seem to find them, can anyone help please?

Sainsburys Cheese and Tomato pasta pot (from the fresh sandwich section) - 300g

Values per 100g (whole pot is 300g)
Energy - 181
Fat - 6.2g
Carbs - 25.4g
Starch - 20.8g
Protein - 5.2g
Salt - 0.7g

Sainsburys Sushi Rolls

There is no weight on the pack for this one, all it tells you is per pack:
energy 227cals
fat 2.7g
fat 0.3g
sugars 10.9
salt 1.87.

Thanks so much xx
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If it's the Cheese and Tomato Pasta Salad in a Tomato and Basil dressing, it's 8.5 on Green and EE, and 27 on Red. If I run the info through the calculator it's the same :)

I work out the Sushi Rolls as 2 on EE, as someone posted this photo of the info in a previous post!