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** saintly sippin the shakes saturday - hour by hour **

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Morning people
hope you are all well this morning and ready to kick off a 100% saturday and 100% bank holiday weekend.

This weekend is going to be potentially difficult for alot of people with having the extra day off work and alot of us will be meeting up with families too where there could be lots of food involved.

SO stay strong and maybe do something different with your shakes - make ice cream, a smoothie especially if its going to be hot like the weather people have predicted ;)

and just keep in your mind that this is only one weekend out of many and you wont be missing out on anything as its the company rather than the food that makes a holiday and just imagine how much slimmer you can be by the next bank holiday - potentially 3 stone - depending on how much you have to lose!

have a great day people will be around later
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Hey Jess.. and everyone to follow..
Aww bless you.. your right bank holiday weekends can be harder and your advice is fab.. for me its just like a normal weekend as my DH is working but we are off to Euro disney on Monday there are 11 of us...... so sitting with everyone every meal might be a little tough but Im going to stick with it.. no way will I be ruinig it for some c--p food in Euro disney.. lol

Hope everyone has a great weekend........... and a 100% one..



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Morning all

Just a quick post from me before I head for some food shopping (for my friends who are staying over tonight) and then some proper shopping! Bit of retail therapy and a belated birthday pressie being bought for me (lovely pair of sandals for my Australia trip in January is on the cards!).

Hope everyone has a great day!

Have fun and be good!

T :D

Julie Williams

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Morning all.. love the name Jess!! Am working this morning but then 3 whole days off Wooooh!!! Dead jealous curly got lots of great memories of Euro Disney hope you have an ace time. Keep strong everyone this is just another weekend to all on cd but just as Jess said imagine where you could be on the next bank holiday!!!!xxx


Going for Goal!
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Good morning Jess!

Isn't it crazy how 1 extra day can play havoc on cd?! lol
Here's to a successful weekend for everyone.

I'm catching up on household duties today - washing, ironing, dusting and hoovering. It sounds ridiculous, but i've started enjoying it, with music going!!!

Tomorrow me and hb will be going out for a walk, try to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

I'm looking forward to Monday - we are driving down to Torquay for the day. My Mum (who lives in Manchester, who I don't often see) is going on holiday there from Mon-Fri with my Aunt. So it'll be great to see them, as I haven't since march :-o

I feel a bit sicky this morning, so not made my morning porridge yet. I often feel sicky in the morning, and have always (since i was about 10) skipped brekky. Which I know is bad, most important part of the day. But if I force it down, it only comes back up again. I've always been the same.

Hope you all have a good 'saintly' saturday (great name btw Jess!)

Big Hugs x x x

Julie Williams

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S: 13st13lb C: 12st6lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 1st7lb(10.77%)
Cant even think straight...its only 2 whole days off lol xxxxx


Excited about the new me!
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I agree, Bank Hol for me will be hard as off out for the day with my BF and our kids.. and he doesn't know i'm on this plan. Don't want to make a big thing of it, so will have to sneak away to eat my bar at some stage. xx


Going for Goal!
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I agree, Bank Hol for me will be hard as off out for the day with my BF and our kids.. and he doesn't know i'm on this plan. Don't want to make a big thing of it, so will have to sneak away to eat my bar at some stage. xx
I'd tell him hun, he might be really supportive, and you need support on this diet x x x
S: 16st8.0lb C: 16st8.0lb G: 11st6.0lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ju - what you like!!! but as you know we are all like that - this diet does nothing for concentration!
hey only 3 more posts and you can see piccies get posting chick xxx

Curly have a great time in Euro disney and keep your resolve you dont want to undo all your hard work and you are right - dont fill your body with the crappy food they have there - YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE ;);)
well actually it has been for the last few months as you have only been pouttin in it what it needs all those lovely vitamins and minerals!

Thelma enjoy your weekend with your friends

Emma enjoyt the housey jobs great way to keep your mind off things and it will be lovely to see your mum x

Nikki am sure you will be fine x

right am off to get kids ready for tennis so will be back later on - got to take some of the kids clothes back from shopping spree to swap sizes then off to my Dads as its my stepsisters 18th so we need to drop off her present so will probaby be tea time when Im back



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Hi everyone, It isnt a bank holiday this weekend in Ireland so Im ok but it is next weekend!!!LOL.

Curly, even though its Euro disney, it is France and there is tempting food round lovey. I know your strong and I have complete faith in you.

Well, my worst week ever on CD- only 1.5 pound down (boo) but down is down right? and it is totm. didnt exercise at all either (coz i was feeling too weak with totm) so Im sure next WI will be better.

must get down to the weekend chores. Its lashing out here in west ireland, so another boring saturday stuck inside.

Have a great long weekend for those in the uk. hope the weather is good for you.


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very motivational Jess!

Me and hub are away for weigh in. I HAD lost 4lbs this week, but seem to have magically regained 1.5, and putting it down to water, its really the only thing it can be. So expecting a 2.5lbs loss this week. Which I'm still pleased with btw

Hubby has lost - an incredible 1 stone 1.2 lbs in his first week, hes still dithering about whether to do a second week or not, but as its very much up to him, I'm leaving him to it.

So off for weigh in and then out to see Mother In Law, where I get to come back stinking of smoke as she is a heavy smoker. Oh the joys. :( :cry:
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Hey everyone!!

Well a busy weekend for me, got my friends birthday do in a bar in London tonight, then another friends birthday do in a pub in south london tomorrow afternoon! I will be sick of sparkling water by the end of it!!

Also can I just say how much I HATE totm!! My scales havent shifted in 3 days now so I will probably not make 9 stone this week. Which I was so so hoping for! *******!!


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wow Lexie, Well done to both of you but especailly to your hubby!!!


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Morning all,

I'm just back from a walk to the shop to get a paper, DS fell asleep in his pushchair so while he's down for a nap I'll have my first meal of the day. I'm pretty sure I've got a chocolate shake today-didn't get enough at last WI so I was saving some, I do love them as mousses though so may leave that till later.


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Morning ladies. Feeling a bit sick this morning, and slightly panicking because TOTM is late, although that probably doesn't mean alot since I've had more than my fair share of the already on this diet.

Got a busy day here, taking my friend for a bit of retail therapy, coffee and gossip, but the girls are tagging along :( Trying to remain 100% in a coffee shop when the kids are tucking into cake isn't easy, but hey, they 10lbs loss that my scales are showing makes it worth it!!

Hope you all have a great 100% weekend, and Curly... soooo jealous of Euro Disney. The girls are desperate to go sometime soon!


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S: 18st9lb C: 18st8lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st1lb(0.38%)
Hey guys, just found out I actually lost 2lbs total. (ya I know not much in the difference from the 1.5 I thought, but for me it is exciting.LOL)Still the smallest loss but im ok with it!!!

Starting a new 4 week challenge to keep me focused. 15 off.This will bring me to my big 50 lb loss. i have a thread going if anyone wants to jump on and help keep each other motivated!!!! ANYONE AT ALL


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Morning peeps

Day 4 of restart for me today. No K fairy yet, but I'm thinking probably tomorrow, was 4 days last time.

Feeling better today, yesterday wasn't so great, I felt awful all day, woozy, tired, headachey and ravenous. But I stuck with it actually went to bed for an hour in the afternoon to try and take it off a bit.

This weekend shouldn't be so bad, it's usually the week that's bad for me, when K's at school, I get bored so eat. Weekend, he keeps me busy so I forget about food and get on with the diet.

Hope everyone has a great day and that you're all great big losers (in the nicest possible way of course)


Skinny girl in a fat body
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Morning everyone. What a great first post Jess - really makes you want to stick in, if only not to disappoint you lol.

I have a lie in on weekends so my days are not so long. Today I have cut the grass, put some washing in, cleaned the bathroom and still have lots more to do. I have had NO water as yet. That is my downfall at weekends - through the week at work it isn't so bad, but weekends are a killer re the water for me!!

I have been 100% for ages now, I can't remember how long, but ages for me I know haha. Its a nice day here today, and when I see the planes flying over it makes me want to go away even more and that makes me think about my hols, and my fat belly and that makes me stick in even more. Heres to a 100% weekend. Have a good time in EuroDisney Curly.


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Well, afraid to report that I haven't been saintly today but my blip could have been alot worse. Something positive came out of it though-I found an old notebook and I started to write in it. I'm not feeling guilty or upset I just decided to move on from it-figured thats the kind of advice I'd be dishing out! This 2 1/2 weeks have been quite long in between CDC apps (couldn't be helped as she's on hol) so I'm going to try only max 2 weeks between WI's from now on.

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