Saints and Synners!


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Hey everyone,

Seeing as we are all talking about how synful we have been over the festive period why dont we start today with talking about the saintly or positive things we have done this Christmas (to balance the syns out :p )

So, i'll start.....

I helped cook and serve Xmas Dinner to 40 homeless people in my local town a few days before Xmas. It was really rewarding and you dont realise how fussy and silly we can all be at Xmas when you compare what you have to someone who has nothing.

What has everyone else done?
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I've shovelled snow from my elderly neighbours paths so they can get out. I've also visited all the old people in the road to see if they needed any shopping. Some of them just wanted someone to talk to.
Shovelling snow is as good as going to the gym for an all over body workout!


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It puts me to shame, as I haven't done anything for anyone this Christmas, well done you for helping out. Lessons to be learnt here I think. xx


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I wish I'd done something like that! I'm afraid I haven't really done anything for anybody! Lol


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Well done to you GymClass, you certainly are a hero for helping out with the homeless people.


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After watching a christmas carol (both muppet and musical version) My husband organised his business group to bring in presents for terminally ill children and I gave some 'extra' christmas shopping to people collecting good for needy families. It was not much but I like to think that we made a little difference. It also helped to remind us what christmas should really be about - people not things!


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Sorry to say I haven't done anything this year, but I do like to work for charities. and have done a lot in the past. Thanks for the nudge. I will make a New Years resolution to get active again.