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salad cream - is a little bit ok?

Kay C

Full Member
Hi, having chicken salad with new potatoes for dinner this evening, and I am well under my fat allowance for the day (by 29 grams) - so I was wondering would a squirt of salad cream be ok, maybe 10ml? I only have regular salad cream in the house, so not sure how much fat would be in 10mls, but no way would it be 29 grams, so do you think I will escape any nasty side effects?
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a little bit of anything is okay hun don't worry about it, wen i have mayo or salad cream i weight 15g on some cling film, then straight on the plate!!
you shouldn't get any side effects from that, enjoy your meal!xx


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A little bit should be fine, i love a bit of salad cream on new potatoes. It says 4g of fat for 15g of salad cream which is a bout a dessertspoon i guess, so I think it should be fine for you but depends what other fat there is in the rest of the meal

Kay C

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thanks Jude, I really fancy some with my salad so will have it, fingers crossed no nasty side effects later, lol


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I use the light heinz salad cream on new potatos, as I agree they taste great! That is only just over at 7% fat, and I only have 1 table spoon and has been fine so far.

Kay C

Full Member
will get some Heinz light salad cream next time I go shopping, but will have just a little bit tonight of the normal stuff as my whole meal is only 4 gms of fat so am hoping it will be ok, as long as I dont have too much


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Weight watchers do a salad cream that is in the rules

Kay C

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oh thanks Kes will look out for that tomorrow, I was ok after having the salad cream last night, but if I can buy some which is "allowed" then will have that in future

mrs a

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tesco also do one - half the price;)

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