Focused & goin for goal!
Hi. I think I probably already know the answer to this question but I thought I'd ask anyway....

My other half and I are on 790. He has come home with a couple of pieces of salmon... can we have them or not?

If not, can we have them on 1000? (I'd have o sick em in the freezer)

Cheers!! :)
I don't think Salmon is allowed, I don't remember seeing it in the yellow booklet. I could be wrong, a counsellor will know better:). Well done on your loss so far :)
Even though Salmon is actually better for you, I think the reason you are not allowed it is because it is classed as an "oily" fish ..... Even though the oils are Omega-3's and Omega-6's that the body actually needs to function properly.

This is only a guess as to the reason mind .....

salmon is higher in calories and fat, even if its a good fat. It is also rich and can make you feel a little sick in the early stages of introducing food.

If you really want salmon you are allowed approx half the quantity of fresh tuna, which is also an oily fish, canned however is classed as white:eek: something to do with the canning process removing the oils.

You will get to introduce salmon on the higher programmes.