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saltys lighterlife lite journey


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Hi everyone,
i have struggled with my weight for years, putting on weight and loosing it, binging on food andkidding myself to have 1 glass ofwine which of course leads to A BOTTLE WHICH LEADS TO A BINGE, THEN THE NEXT DAY GUESS WHAT HANGOVER, MORE FOOD!!!

This time is different i weigh 11 stone 5 and i have lost a stone combining lll and celeb slim.
I have another stone to loose and i am excited and camt wait to fit in a size 10.
today i have had 2 shakes and i will have salmon for tea.

Any fellow lighter life light or cambridge dieters out there?would love to hear from you.xx:D:D
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Well im doing well, got my meeting tonight, looking forward to getting back on the diet properlly.

I must shift this last stone, i want to be slim for summer, i really want to be slim for summer.
I am learning about myself all the time and know what my triggers are.
Iam silly because when i reach ketosis i cheat, so i am having sabotaging efforts all the time.
come on size 10!!!!!!!!:D


Hi salty try not to cheat and stay focused,as it will take you longer to loose,
Keep thinking slim,size 10 it will be worth it,the food will still be there when your done!

Sexy xx
Hi sexy chick,
well done on your weight loss.
i went to weigh in and lost 5 pounds last night i am sooooooo pleased, this has given me a real boost to get the rest of this weight off and keep it off, 10 pounds i i reckon i have to loose.
wondering how long it will take me???

Enjoyed group last night, lets do it together. xxxx


Thanks salty,well done -5lb brill lose,you will loose that 10lb in no time(if you don't cheat! Lol).
Sexy xx
yep sexy, guna be a good girl now, head is in the right place, avoiding trigger situations, red wine and gunna stay focused, eat my food paacks and march on.
thanks for your kind words sexy,
today i am sorting my clothes out, loads to big and unsuitable, i know i am shrinking and i feel fabulous.

i am wondering whether to change my goal weight my goal weight was 10 an a half stone i may go for 10 stone or 9 and a half.

i cant decide what to do, any tips?


Depends on how tall you are,check your bmi which should be 18-25, I'm aiming for 24 and giving myself 7 lb to play with,to keep
within that 7 lb to maintain my weight,hope that helps!
Sexy xx
Hi Salty. Is that 5lb in one week you have lost. I would like to be 10.5st. Im 5ft 9in. What do you currently weigh, what would you like to be and what height are you? Well done and keep it up.xxx
Hi sexy, thanks yea ill work it out.
having a struggle tonight, wanting food and drink grrr, plus side is i bought 6 dresses size 10 lol, nearly fit half a stone, they were in the sale, couldent resist!!!

so gunna stay slim and not sabotage weight loss xx:D:D
Currently im 11 st 3 on my scales, 11 stone 6 on councellers.im 5ft7, not sure what i wanna weigh deffo 10.5 maybe more.
keep up the good work hun xx


Only 6 dresses lol! Stay focused!
I'm also 5ft7, want to get to 11 stone,but go no higher than 11-7 so i've got that 7lb to play with,then all my size 12 clothes will
fit me lovely and I will be happy then!
Sexy xx
thanks hun, well i nearly was bad last night, opened a btl of wine and drank 20 mls, but then poured it back, yay.
today i need to remind myself why i wanna loose weight, to look good, dance better, feel lighter, and feel sexy.
my boobs have shrunk loads, grr, goto stay focused.


Proud of you!
That's where I loose it too hun off my boobs lol,as my hubby's commented,told him I'm not staying fat to have bigger boobs!
Also I could not do the LIte,as I think the temptation to have food would be too great,that's why I do Total!
Sexy xx
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i cheated grr, wasent to bad thank goodness, had 2 cheese an crackers and half a twirl.
thats behind me now, back on track , will it kick me outa ketosis?xx
Does anyone else make jelly? I was wondering if anyone else makes jelly with the mousse mix? I tried the mousse mix with the milkshakes, but I hated it, so I thought I'd find something to make with it.

The mousse mix is just gelatine. You can have up to 2 tsp of it a day, so it's a great little extra thing you can have.

I use:
100ml water
1 1/2 (slightly raised) tsp of Mousse Mix
1/2 tsp of water flavouring, add more or less depending on your taste (my fave is Sunrise Orange)
- you may need to play with the amounts depending on your teaspoon size, I use proper teaspoon measure.

I put it all in the LighterLife beaker, then use a hand whisk to whisk it up really well. I like to make it a little bit frothy as when it sets it feels like the jelly has got a creamy topping.

Then put it in a small glass or bowl and put in the fridge for 20-30 mins until set.
The jelly sounds nice. I haven’t bought any of the extra things such as flavourings. I may do if I get bored with the packs. I have been drink sugar free squash and it doesn’t seem to have kicked me out of ketosis and it is much cheaper than the LL stuff.
i have one stone left to looose, will the weight come of quickly, how long will it take, feeling tired now and cant wait to eat again!!!!


...we're sinking deeper.
i have one stone left to looose, will the weight come of quickly, how long will it take, feeling tired now and cant wait to eat again!!!!
Good things come to whole who wait. ;) You can do it, believe in yourself!

:D Well done so far, not long to go!

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