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Salvan3003 Lipotrim Diary

Hi all,

04/06/2011 - This is Day one and I am finding it difficult but mainly because of the hand to mouth. I have suffered with the hand to mouth problem since stopping smoking in April 2010. To be honest up until 30 mins ago before reading other diaries I wondered if I could manage this. But just reading other diaries I have come to realise I DO need routine and I DO need to keep busy. Any tips would be brilliant.

All in all, I have a lot of weight to lose but have not set a final goal as "baby goals" seem more achievable to me. After speaking to my pharmacists, we have an initial plan of doing the lipotrim for 3 weeks, he is then going to reintroduce me to carbs so I can enjoy my holiday for week 5 and 6, then week 7 will be to restart. I could have left it til after my holidays but I was ready and needed to act on it.

So now - fingers crossed, day 1 is nearly over, just a chicken soup and more water remaining for the day.

TTFN (Ta ta for now)
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I tend to bash my xbox360 to keep me busy when im not at work, i go to the gym 4 days a week also so the 360 just fills in the spare time. i still crave, but you just have to ignore it really. im nearly at the end of the second week and i have my days where im fine and where im clempt but hey well ;) were doing it for a reason.. right?
Yes we are. I intend to start using the wii again with my little girl. We used to have so much fun doing Michael Jackson Experience and Just Dance 2. Thank fully she is a child who has a lot of energy and will gladly come for a walk around the block (which is quite rare in a 7 year old nowadays - I'm sure she is the next Zola Budd)
Day 2

Considering I went to bed thinking I was hungry I did not wake up starving with my stomach thinking my throat had been cut.

Thankfully I did not waken til 10.30 so had breakfast shake late. At dinnertime my other half arrived back with fish and chips for the kids so I decided to enjoy the smell with another shake for lunch.

Nigel has now gone back to work today and will not be home til friday morning so it is just me and the kids. Luckily for me the kids know I can't cook and so do not expect me to be making their tea for them and are happy getting the meals their dad has prepared for them before he went to work. However, unluckily for them, me doing Lipotrim also means I will not be buying any chocolate, crisps, sweets etc. (but that can only be good for them.)

So Day 2 has actually not been all that bad so far. I am determined and will continue to try my best.:D


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Trust me things do get better, it's rather slow at first then the weeks simply fly by.
When you get on the scales on your weigh in day, it's really is motivating. Just break your goals so that you can manage them.
Keep going:D
Day 3

Well Day 3 has been a back to work day and school run day. To be honest it has been really good. I have had a busy day tho. I had a shake about 9.30 this morning, then I have been too busy to sort out a lunchtime shake, so after sorting out kids and taking my youngest to swimming lessons, I am finally sat down having the chicken soup (which I must say tastes alot better today) and I am going to finish off with a chocolate shake later.

I seriously hope tomorrow is as easy as today. I still cannot believe I have had no food in my mouth since Friday!!!!

3 days to first weigh in
18 days to refeed
25 days to my jolly holidays!!
Day 4

Well Day 4 has been a bit hard today. Mainly because I am in a mood, no particular reason but just that way out. I stopped smoking 13 months ago and sooooo could have had one today.

But, I have got over it, still in a mood but no longer thinking about having a ciggie.

Still can't believe no food has passed my lips since Friday (those who know me know this is amazing). I even went to Mac Donalds and got the kids a MacD's and I did not waiver. I do think "oh my god I could just eat" but what keeps me going is knowing how well everyone else has done on this diet and am amazed at the results. The final result will be amazing, I just hope that when I get back off my holidays I can settle back into this easily.

2 days to first weigh in
17 days to refeed
24 days to my jolly holidays!!
Day 5

Well what can I say?

Once again I have found it very easy today but it was all down to being really busy and not stopping.

Had a shake at 10am this morning, then that was it til 6.45pm tonight when I had the chicken soup. Gonna have another shake shortly.

I am a bit nervous about tomorrow's first weigh-in but also very excited too if that makes sense.

See you all tomorrow!!

1 day to first weigh in
16 days to refeed
23 days to my jolly holidays!!
Day 6 & Day 7

Day 6

Started with a weigh-in, After 5 full days on the diet I had lost 4kilos, which he converted to 7lbs.

Now I'm not complaining about the 7lb's but what I am complaining about is, when I had my first consultation, I was weighed on a hard floor on scales that did stones and pounds, then today he weighed me on a carpet on scales that only did kilos. Now I'm no genius but surely there will be a discrepancies. For example 4 kilos is 8.8lbs not 7lb. So I felt like I was being robbed if that makes any sense. However, I will see what happens next week.

All in all, Thursday is a very bust day for me with volunteering in a school all day then I go to my college class at 4 and don't get home til 9.30-pm. I am not craving food, I am now looking forward to being able to enjoy food again when I can - I am in no hurry!!

Day 7

What can I say, i have had enough, not with the diet just they day itself. Last friday I made an appointment for me and my 3 children for their jabs for the holiday and the appointment was today. They knew exactly where we were going and so we went and 2 of my children needed the junior vaccines which they did not have in!!!! They had a week!!!! Now my 7 year old is terrified of going back next wednesday since she has witnessed first hand what happens when you have a jab (granted she has had pre school boosters etc but she is 7 now and understands whats going on). Then to top it off, on way home I came to stop at some traffic lights and could not get my car in gear. Either clutch or gear box. Just as my other half had agreed I could buy some Take That tickets for tomorrows show. No chance of getting them now.

The diet by the way is going really well. lol!!!!

6 days to weigh in
14 days to refeed
21 days to my jolly holidays!!
Day 8

Still 100% sticking to it. I honestly believe I have cracked the hand to mouth now.

Onward and upward (or downward on scales teehee!)

Really do not know what else to say.

5 days to weigh in
13 days to refeed
20 days to my jolly holidays!!;)
Fantastic....well done with staying strong with the nightmare at the doctors and with your car....oh yeah and well done with the giving up ciggies (I really need too!). Is it getting a bit easier now as it gets closer too week 2?
Hiya frills, It was getting easier but having no car and having to walk everywhere has made me soooo exhausted. The diet itself is easy I have no problem with it except I am struggling with the idea of another shake. I have been speaking with my pharmcist and he has made a couple of suggestions but I don't want to give up just yet cos it is amazing but I'd rather not have anything than have a shake and that is wrong. But don't let me put you off. It is just the way things are for me at the moment and hopefully I will get through it. I go on holiday in 2 weeks so maybe when I get back I will be refreshed and ready to give it my all

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