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Same Age Group

My names Leanne and i am starting the cambridge diet next week. I have read alot of stuff on the forum today and read alot of stories from websites and other forums. I just wondered if there was any one in there 20's on this diet, as i am 21 and haven't seen many stories with people in their 20's. Mostly 30's.
View's from people my age group would be very helpful.
Thanks x:party0011:
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Helsinki Vampire
Hey Leanne I'm 25 and on week 4 at the moment. It's hard going but if you don't cheat you will get good results!:D The only difference in age groups would possibly be that sometimes the older you are the harder it is to lose the Lbs.:confused: One of the downsides I find is that I feel a bit antisocial on this diet. Not much fun sitting with a glass of water while your friends and family are having a nice meal and feeling like an outsider. I could imagine the diet being much worse though if I was a drinker, I know a few friends who couldn't give up the wine! Some "friends" will also tell you the diet is stupid and unhealthy... but you just ignore them ;) Good luck for next week, don't eat too many carbs this week and drink plenty of water!:D The first week is exciting...you lose loads and feel great!:cool:


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I';m 21 too :). Been on diet for 6 months doing steps up to maintenance now.. if you ever need my opinion or anything feel free to post :)

Hi Leanne

I am 24 and on day 3 of CD.....finding it ok, though body not completely used to not eating yet! still have slight hunger pains and trying to get used to all the water. There is a lot of support on here, I am sure you will find. I am really finding this site is helping to keep me on track


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I'm 26 & am nearly at the end of cd.
It is hard at times, but the good losses make it very worth it.

Good luck. x
Hi sweets, i'm 24 and i'm on week 5 of my restart. We're all here if you need support babez xx
hi there im 23 and been on cambridge diet for 18 weeks now so seems like there sre lots of us 20 somethings on here! So far lost over 4 and half stones it is by far the best diet i have ever tried best of luck to you x
I would like to say big thank you to everyone who replied and well done to all of you who have lost weight! I bet you all feel amazing! Im sure i will visit this forum alot over the next few weeks so speak soon.

Thanks again x
Just like to say HELLO :D im on CD for the duration im 28 need to shift about 6.5 stone in total, the support here is immeasurable
good luck xx
Hi I'm 19 does that count? I'm on Day 5 today and its ok actually. I was expecting hunger pans an headaches but I've been ok. Good luck!
god...i feel old!

I'm an old bird of 35

*slopes off to read womans weekly and do some knitting*

i'm 22, been on the cd now for 11 days and have been feeling great from the start! good luck with your weight loss!!! :)
HI, im 25 and started CD this morn!!!
very excited about loosing the weight
hows everyone doing?


Helsinki Vampire
See there are loads of us 20 somethings!
Good luck! :talk017:

Group hug!lol!:gen126:
I'm 19 too if it counts :) Am starting CD on Monday :D Should be good!!

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