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Sammies Diary :) This time i will make it!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Sammie1984, 17 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Hi All,

    I am Sammie, I am 29 single :sigh: and a yo-yo dieter.... But this time i wont give up... I have been on..... Weight watchers - couldnt get my head around it, Lipo Trim lost 3.5 stone and put it all back on plus 2 stone!!!! Lighter life lost 3stone put on just over a stone and i have also done slimming world before but never actually made any effort i guess i wasnt in the right frame of mind, This time i am, I have changed everything!!! No more jars, packets or ready made food (or cake)... I have given up redbull but i have the sugar free one every now and again.. I started Slimming world on the 9th June 2014 and this time its not a quick fix its for life... I started Slimming world at 17stone 10Lbs, Shocking as i feel i dont look as big as i feel... But having said that i made my daughter take some pictures of me and yes... I do look that big :eek: .

    I have a holiday booked for 23rd September this year and i need...... To lose at least 2 stone just to give me the little push that i dont want to look a complete beached whale!!! I have also been planning another holiday for June next year so i want to be sure i have lost at least 5/6 stone by then, My dream size is a 10/12 but then at the moment its "just a dream" as i dont think i could actually see myself getting that small with all the "back leg tummy fat etc"

    If anyone has any hints or tips or yummy things syn free or low in syns they would like to share with me then please do...

    My first weigh in was last night.... 16th June.... I lost a massive 8.5lbs :clap:

    So pleased with it... first week and already my first award and sticker :D I just hope i have a good loss next week.. Obviously it wont be nowhere near that good lol...

    Anyway i better actually do some work haha.. Feel free to come say hi :wavey:
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  3. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    Well done on that loss Sammie - a fantastic weight loss for week one. Great getting a sticker eh?

    I am very much a yo-yo dieter and have been for years. I keep going to class whether weight is up or down. It does help me get motivated but don`t always last. It`s me not the class. They are all lovely people.

    Will pop in sometimes and see how you doing.

  4. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Hi Doreen,

    Thanks for your message its nice to see people get involved with the "newbies" it always motivates me to talk to others in the same boat as me..

    Yes i was very pleased first week and my first award too... I didnt expect that much but i am hoping for another good one this week as i am focused at the moment and fingers crossed it stays that way haha... :rolleyes:

    How long have you been going for now? Losing weight is hard and i hate the way i look at the moment, no confidence in myself at all also no man, Never had a proper full on relationship and i am nearly 30 how bad is that!! I just cant hold a man down :(

    Anyway my family cheered me up a little when i got in from work to tell me they are buying the apartment we usually rent for a week in spain what is lovely cheap 5* holidays cant go wrong haha so that gives me an even bigger push to fight the flab...

    When are your weigh in days?

    Sammie xx
  5. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    I usually weigh on a Friday, Sometimes Thursday sometimes Saturday. Depends where I am and how much I have lost or put on.

    I have been doing SW for a very long time. There is nothing wrong with the plan I must say but I am not good at sticking to it, I really lost most of the weight I have lost on red and green, but find them harder to do now since extra easy.

    I am a foodaholic as are most of my family. One of my brothers has just joined Overeaters Anonymous. Don`t know yet if it helps him at all, they don`t talk about diets apparently but the problems people have with food. He has been to 2 sessions and bought lots of information about the classes. Never does anything by halves my brother. I have thought about going to one, ut not sure yet. I know I am not the only person like myself who has something in the head which tells you to go and get some food. Sometimes it wins, sometimes I do.
    (hope that makes sense.)
    My doctor said to me that I need to understand it is an illness to want to eat most of the time, esoecially when not hungry. He may be right who knows.

    Try and stick to it if you can otherwise you could be `dieting` for years. I think we have to change the eating habits we have developed and eat more healthily.

    Do your best Sammie and I am sure you will find your man. Great about the apartment in Spain. What a thing to give you a push eh?
  6. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    If you want to take a look at my food diary this is how you find me.

    Go to the top of the page - on the blue line on the LHS it says Most Popular Diets. Click on that and then choose Slimming World. It will fetch up another page, choose the thread that says FOOD DIARIES as appopsed to weight loss diaries. My diary is called My Daily diary no matter what it is.

    It may help, maybe not,
  7. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hello Sammie! Welcome! I am rather new here too) Only few weeks. You have such a great result already! My congrats.Great job!! Keep going;-) Wish you good luck! Will be glad to talk any time! Let's make friends and support each other;-)
  8. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Hi Both,

    Well i have been hungry all day today for some reason although still been completely 100% slimming world good... Having a think on what to eat later i have a choice..... What ever cooks the fastest i guess it will be fillet steak and stirfry....

    I know what you mean Doreen, I love food but i love anything bad for me, why i am so big, but no more, i am unhappy about it my mind flicked like a switch very strange i guess i had enough of buying tents! I want people to look at me and say "wow you look fantastic" Id love to be on the otherside... I will check your food Diary tomorrow as i have no internet at home - BT havent connected me yet i moved into a new build and been waiting 7months!!!!!!! As i am leaving work in 30 minutes thank god!!! With the boyfriend thing, i bloody hope so i am so lonely and fed up maybe i am meant to be on my own :( The apartment thing is lovely. Fingers crossed now they buy it!!!

    Hi Ginger, Thank you, its not actually as hard as i thought it would be just some huge changes and bang! I am hoping for a 2lb Loss on monday to give me a new number so fingers crossed... How long have you been on slimming world? Have you got much to lose? My target is 11stone 10lbs but i think id like to be in the 10s... See how i go i guess... I just cant wait to get there but i have come to terms with its going to take time, its not a "quick fix" as most diets i do are for a quick fix but they never last sadly as you revert back to your old ways... Well i did :cry: mind you i havent been below 15stone 5lbs since i was like 14 ish so to get below that number will be lovely as it means i have finally pushed through my "stop" barrier as when i diet for some reason i lose my willpower at around that amount and pile it all back on... I hope this is for life now.. Anyway sorry to go on, Im going to get ready to leave work thank god!!! Sun has gone in now typical!!!

    Have a lovely evening both xxx
  9. charlouxo

    charlouxo Full Member

    Im new to this too, it would be great to get some support and have people help with my diary, where im going right or wrong. i do need to get more of my sf into my meals.
  10. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Hi Girls and guys...

    Well another day... Nearly friday!!!

    Feeling a bit lost in myself due to a man i really like and got to know we arnt talking at the moment he has loads of issues he needs to sort his head out etc but i am missing him and his company... :cry:

    I am still 100% on plan though given the way i have been feeling the past two weeks i just want this so bad - as well as him although its going to take time to win him back round... long story!

    I hope everyone is having a good SW day and keeping to it because we can do this!!!!!

    roll on home time anyway xx
  11. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    Hi sammie, subscribing to your diary. Good luck on your journey, you're doin fab already :)
  12. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member


    Thank you, Always nice to have new friends :)
  13. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Thank god it is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    Long day at work though until my weekend starts, I cant wait until monday evening to find out if i am into the 16's (I really hope so even though i had a huge head start on my first weigh in)

    So i have nothing planned for the weekend and it is meant to be a nice sunny one but pay day isnt until next Wednesday - sad times!!!

    I had the SW Chilli and rice last night it was yummy, I am really enjoying making everything from scratch and not just pouring in a jar or packet! So i have it for dinner again tonight as i live on my own and froze the rest for another day, Hoping to make some SW Home made burgers over the weekend and as sad as it sounds im looking forward to it, I just wish i had my head into gear before and started slimming world but i guess i wasnt in the right frame of mind and just wanted to eat everything and anything i could find that was naughty and forget i ate it.... Sounds terrible i know!

    Anyway i hope you all have a lovely weekend :)
  14. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Had a random thought...... For every 1lb i lose i will put a £1 in a pot... 0.5 50p etc.... Hopefully come the time i am at goal i could treat myself to a dress or something :)
  15. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Gold Member

    That sounds like a fab idea :) xx
  16. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Well I think I have managed to get online as I have no wifi at home as bt was meant to connect me 7 months ago and still waiting fingers crossed it's next week as I live in a village so no 3 or 4G either!!! Rahhh... Anyway... I have been a good girl cleaning my house from top to bottom... Still got the bottom half to do boo!!! I do love a clean house though! So this morning/afternoon ha didn't get up too early so it was brunch I had bacon (fat cut off) 2 fried eggs (fry light) and beans.... Sounds random I know I forgot the mushrooms at shopping last night ? tonight I am going to try make my own SW burgers and also going to make SW meat balls with the remaining mince... So I am watching hitch inbetween the housework my mind still on that special someone I just hope he sorts himself out and contacts me soon missing him a lot!

    Anyways I hope you all have a lovely weekend xx
  17. Nanny Doreen

    Nanny Doreen Gold Member

    Good for you cooking from scratch, I do try to do that. Was bad yesterday and so far today but have stopped now. Why do we do it you may ask, I don`t know. I think boredom this time. Anyway have come to my senses and am back on track as from 2pm today.

    Nice day here today You keep on going and that special one will turn up.
  18. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    Hi Sammie, here to sub and follow your journey, hope the scales are kind to you tomorrow :)
  19. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Hi All,

    Its monday again booo!!!! Weigh in tonight though so fingers crossed i am a little closer to losing that 2 stone before spain in september... i was hoping for a little more but fingers crossed i am at least in the 15s by then, as i actually started off at the start of the year at 19 stone 9lbs now 17 stone 1.5lbs (fingers crossed im in the 16's after my weigh in tonight) i stayed in a sulked all weekend missing that special someone, not really sure what to do with myself just feeling "lost" i get paid this week so either friday afer work or sat i am going to pop down some beach somewhere and try sort my head out... the sea usually helps well it does for me anyway...

    Sorry i just seem like a right whinger dont i, I am sure (hope) things start to look up soon but no matter how down i have felt i havent reached for the chocolate or junk food as i want this so bad! My house looks spotless well until my daughter came home from my mum and dads anyway ha!

    Anyways i hope you all have a lovely day and fingers crossed i am closer to chasing my 1 stone award later.. xxx
  20. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Looks like i may finally have internet at home by the end of the week!!!! Will help me on my SW life a lot more as reading other peoples stories and seeing the pictures really pushes me to give it my all... and to have that at my finger tips will be lovely! Amazing what we take for granted these days when your left without it....
  21. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member

    Morning all...

    Well i had my second weigh in last night lost another 2lbs giving me a new number so i am now in the 16s...
    i have a long way to go yet but at least i am on the right track... Woke up with a big headache this morning forgot my glasses for work
    yesterday so prob why i havent been feeling too well... Another day gone getting closer to my holiday 13 weeks today yay!! hoping for that 2 stone loss before then fingers crossed i make it... I have been 100% slimming world good so far so lets hope i can keep it up... good luck with everyones weigh-ins this week xx
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