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Sammy's Journey - this time I WILL do it!


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So heres a brief (well as brief as I can keep it!) look at my story so far.

Im Sammy and Im 28, on my last weigh in I was 13 stone 5.5lbs. I've been a yo-yo dieter since I was a young teen, went from a chubby teen to anorexic, got over that and slowly got back to a healthy weight, stayed around the 8 and a half - 9 stone bracket for a few years and then after I turned 21 the weight started to creep back on, I was around 11 and a half stone - 12stone for a few years then WHAM, on came the pounds at an alarming rate! I was gaining nearly a stone a year!

I would do some fad diet for a few weeks or a month, lose a bit of weight, then give up, put the weight I had lost, plus more on and thats how it went for the next few years until in May of this year I got on the scales (that I had been dodging doing for god knows how long!) and I was 1/4 of a pound off of 16 stone, I knew I had to do something then, as my weight was just getting out of control, so on May the 25th I started the Tony Ferguson diet and have lost just over 2 and a half stone since then, but the weight loss has slowed and I think I needed something to give me a kick up the bum to get the weight loss started again, saw people talking about Exante and was amazed at the weight loss people were having, so I ordered the bumper pack which came today! I am going to do my final weigh in on TF tomorrow and start Exante tomorrow.

My overal goal is to get to my target weight of 9 and a half stone within a year of starting my dieting journey, which will be May the 25th 2011.

My shorter term goal is to reach 12 stone by christmas, 19lbs to go to do that but if I could lose 2 stone or more, that would be amazing as it would put me at the lightest weight I have been for the last 5 Christmas's. I also turn 29 just before Christmas so it would be fab to not feel as fat and ugly as I felt when I turned 28!

So thats my story so far, hopefully I can get updating with some great weight loses like I see most people on here posting!
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I will never give up
good luck hun


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Thank you both!

Weighed myself this morning and Im 13stone 6 now... gained half a pound since my last weigh in, so my Exante starting weight is 13 stone 6, also measured myself which Ive not done before, will update measurements once a month.

Had a chocolate shake hot... not really liking it but its not so bad that I cant drink it, going to get some sweetener I think...

Oh well... here goes nothing! Lets hope I can be 100% today, because sometimes my mornings are so busy weighing myself before work can be difficult, Im going to weigh myself this Sunday and then make my weigh day Sunday every week, I know I wont have such a good first week by doing this but Im not expecting a huge loss anyway because Im already on a low carb low cal diet (well was meant to be.... haha hadnt been working too well recently) so I dont think I'll have such an amazing weight loss as most others have but oh well!
Goodluck SammyE, Im right behind you (hopefully once I have ordered) I know you can do it xxx


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OHMYGOD whyyyyyyyyyyy do people do this to me... today we get a "working lunch".... they are getting fish and poxy evil chips, how am I going to sit in that room surrounded by fish and chips... this is going to be horrible :(
Be strong hun, you can get through it, think of what this diet can do and how bad the effect the chips would have on you! and you will definately gain weight too??

Dont do it xxxxx


I will never give up
just imagine the batter all soggy like after water has been poured on it yuk


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I did it! I sat there and refused all offers of chips although my mouth was watering, sadly havent been 100% though :( I had to eat some grapes to stop myself from eating chips... after the chips there was cakes, which I also turned down and stuck to my grapes.

Had a bar for lunch which was lovely, got home about 2mins ago and was so hungry from being sat around all that lovely food that Ive already made my soup for tonight, having the thai chicken which is yummy! I would actually eat this out of choice and not because it is diet food!

Im on my 4th pint of water as well, hopefully will have another 1 or 2 pints of water before the end of the day and no snacking... if I manage that I think it will be safe to say that day 1 went well... will update you all later
Well done on sitting through lunch like that, that's a great motivating start - best of luck :)


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Thank you all for your messages today! It is most appreciated!
Well done, that must have been so hard, But really proud of you for sticking to it xxx


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Thanks hun :)

Well Im off to bed now, was 100% apart from the grapes I ate, so all in all a good 1st day... lets hope I can stick to it for the next few months!
Good luck today sweets xx


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Had a vanilla shake for breakfast, put sweetner in it which made it nicer, had the orange chocolate bar for lunch which was really nice.

So far today is going well, Im on my 3rd pint of water, no headache, not feeling hungry, lets hope I can keep up this for the rest of the day.

Cakes and cookies being offered around the office today.... but I've turned them down. I wish people would stop bringing food in though, they smell so nice.


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Had veg soup for dinner and actually liked the taste! So far so good, I have been 100% so far today and still feel ok.

Im really really hoping for a good loss this week! I was going to weigh in on Sunday as I normally weigh in at the weekend as its easier for me but I think Im going to change my day and wait until Weds so Ive done a full week.

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