Sam's Celbrity Slimming Diary


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S: 20st3.2lb C: 19st12.3lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 47.8 Loss: 0st4.9lb(1.73%)
well i made the decision last night that i was going to do this after looking at a lot of information and reviews.

went into my local chemist today and asked about it and the skinny bit*h behind the counter sniggered. And i thought to myself i'll show you. if anything it has made me more determined to prove that i can do this.

so the little old lady that was on, took me into a side room with another collegue. they were both totally clueless about computers which lightened the atmosphere as we had a good giggle about that.

she talked me through everything and answered my questions, its not that popular in that store (so why so much stock then??) due to the general age of the local population- retirement city

but one girl that worked there had used it a lost loads of weight

so they measured my height- 5ft3 (and a half, that half counts) meansured my weight. 111.4 KG or 17.7 stone, i knew i was heavy but seeing ti converted into stone was a shock. i left the gym 4 months ago weight 104kg so thought it might be higher. waist measurement was 113cm, will to hips and arms etc myself later.

then i went and choose the starter pack, a pack of soups (came with a free thermos) and 2packs of snack bars and 2 single meal replacement bars

as i had not had breaki i had the meal replacement bar and was majorly suprised, very chewy took for every too eat and left me feeling a bit sick. the feeling you get when you've ate way to much... i was expecting to feel hungry

came home, and got ready for a funeral. went to the funeral but declined the wake, as i thought nah in a pub and plenty of food i dont want the temptation.

by this stage had a killer headache, due to not eating in 4 hours was about 3pm so this would happen anyway regardless of new diet. came back home and made a soup up in my nice new shiney thermos cup. again very suprised, tasted really yummy left me feeling full although an hour later i am a bit peckish. but thats usual. however now i have heart burn. i have suffered from this for a while so hoping it will pass.

looks like its chicken broth for dinner tonight, as thats what mum is making going to put my a list of foods i can and cannot eat on the fridge see if that helps her any.....

not told her i am on the celb silm diet as she wouldn't really approve and only make my time harder.

had my chiken broth for dinner and stopped at one bowl normally i would have two or three. This warranted very dirty looks from my mother, and several accusations about wahts wrong with my cooking, then her huffing with me. I can see that this is going to be a tough one!

A few hours after dinner i became hungry, so had a stick of celery dipped in humous. that curbed it for a bit and then it came back, so i suck of 6 or so peanuts and that seemed to help, but it returned so i had half a cs snack bar. looking at the allowable snacks and considering i didn't have a morning one i don't think any damage was done!

drank 8 pints of water as usual through out the day
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S: 20st3.2lb C: 19st12.3lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 47.8 Loss: 0st4.9lb(1.73%)
Day 2!

well i have a poster presentation this morning at 11 so up early to get my shake so as i can have my snack before i go into the presentation

so far today had a pint of water and a strawberry milk shake which i must admit didn't taste too bad. Funny thing is i already feel slimmer, so thats motivation to spur me on.

went into uni and done my presentation not as bad as i thank thought. before i went in a had half a bar as a snack.

Then at lunch time i had a chicken soup, which was yummy....
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S: 20st3.2lb C: 19st12.3lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 47.8 Loss: 0st4.9lb(1.73%)

had a chocolate shake for breaky with extra fibre think it did help me feel fuller longer but the fibre added a funy taste to it

half a bar for a snack, then lunch was a cafe lattee shake

walked the dog came home and had an apple

as sat is BBQ night in our house i had a stake, with boiled egg and salad.

today i felt very energetic and positive, just hope i have lost some weight


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S: 20st3.2lb C: 19st12.3lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 47.8 Loss: 0st4.9lb(1.73%)
Day three

vanilla shake for breaky before work, tasted yummy

1/2 a snack bar as my snack, tried it before.

lunch consited of caramel shake where is sweet but yummy. will hit thoses sugar cravings

had a salmon salad for a snack, after i had walked the dog for an hour.

dinner was cauliflour mash and carrots and beef.

after this i was starving as i do not think i had enough veg, so had half a cup of blueberries with some cream, and a bit of an atkins bar!! seeing as i only had half a snack bar for morning snack i don't think this will affect my weight loss too much