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Sam's Diary....WW wine review up!

I have been told it helps to keep a diary.

For those who don't know I am 21 live in Ipswich with my fiance. Gettin married in 4 months, 13th June. Bit late to be losing weight but not really doing it for the wedding because he fell in love with me when I was big so not too bothered about losing it for wedding (that prob sounds odd!). I realised the other day that I was out of breath going up the stairs and realised I should do something now and have decided I WILL SUCCEED lol. At over 26st I am allowed 35 Points.

So my grub for today...
B- 2 poached eggs 3
2 buttered rolls 5

L- 2 WW wraps with chicken, cheese, onion, low fat mayo 11

Snack- Choccie Mousse 2.5

D- Broccoli and Cheese Pasta 7

Evening- Drifter 5.5

Also made some WW angel delight but didnt like it so that went in bin, probably too use to normal sugary angel delight!

in total so one point carried, have carried 6 so far so think Valentine treat food and wine may be in order :) And maybe even earn some activity points ;) haha

Here's to tomorrow, good luck everyone!! x
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Your menu sounds great, Sam.

You're not the only one who doesn't like the WW version of angel delight. It is truly vile. Supermarket own-brand versions are far nicer, but nothing will ever beat the real thing!
dont blame you on the ww angel delight.. its MINGING.. i found mine seperated as it set.. so i had a kinda powdery goo on top, and what looked like off milk underneath.. truly gross!

your food diary sounds lovely.. the broccoli and cheese pasta - did you make it yourself? if so, any chance of a post of the recipe? I love anything with broccoli in it, and for 7 points sounds really nice! :D
oh that w/w angel delight was soo rank!! yuck!! that is the only w/w thing i dont like lol
try the angel delight no added sugar version i liked that!

mmh i not had that in ages i could go one now lol :)
Glad you all agree on WW angel delight!!

The cheese and brocolli pasta was one of those batchelors pasta packets, 7 points for whole packet and is tasty!!

Suppose to weigh in Sat but at midnight whilst in tesco (hate shopping hence late night shops) I thought I would weigh in, technically it was Saturday lol....lst 12lb...on cloud 9!! Woowoo

My munchables today were...
B- crunchy nut cornflakes 2.5
1/4 pint skimmed milk 1

L- chicken and salad cream buttered roll 4
Cheese triangle 0.5
Coffee 1
Apple 0.5

snack go ahead bar 2

So 11.5 so far

D- home made curry selection with naan ???

Probably shouldnt of had that but was at parents for dinner so used rest of daily allowance on that!

Tomorrow is a new day so will carry on but am down to 34 points now, not complaining though means its working!!

I am picking up wedding invitations this weekend so think of me writing loads of envelopes :-( !! Have a good weekend all xx
sorry.. say again? did you say 12lb or 1st 12lb gone...?????? either way, WELL DONE!
p.s, make sure you WI at same time of day each week as your body fluctuates +/-2.2lbs during the day :)
12lb....1st12lb I wish lol!! x
even so.. 2lbs off a whole stone in ONE WEEK?! thats fantastic! :D and see, you CAN eat all your points and lose weight! :) you must be over the moon - soon you'll be off to the shops for smaller clothes! :D
Thanks guys.

Have had a good day, hope all of u have a had a good one!

Here's today-
B Yoghurt and snack a jacks 3.5

L Fish finger sarnie...YUM 6

D king prawns in thain sauce with noodles and jasmine rice ??? no idea but it was a massive family get together so will allow it this once lol.

Roast chicken tomorrow courtesy of Wayne and been promised breakkie in bed but he his under strict orders of what I can and cant have...wish him luck lol!

Happy Valentines all
PS Can any one tell me how I change the stats down the side to reflect my WI's?! x
OMG :O 12lbs in 1 week well done you!!!!
thats g8! go Sammy! :D
Thanks Tracz!

Here's my days eating so far
b- Poached egg on toast 7

Snack- go ahead summer berries and yoghurt bar thingys 3

Dinner - Roast chicken, mash, bnut squash, carrots, peas, aunt bessie stuffing (naughty!) and Yorkies (4 oops couldnt resist tho!) 18

Pud - WW frozen choccie brownie mousse thing..which was GORGEOUS!!! 3

Leaves me 3 so might have a glass of wine!

Hope you've all had a good weekend. Here's to another good loss this week, good luck with WI's this week! x
love your new avatar picture :D (whoever helped you put it up must be truly amazing :D ;) haha!)

your tea sounds lovely today! xxx
Lol thanks for the help....i got there in the end...hate that pic cos looks like my bingo wing is going to take over the world, just the inspiration i need to keep going!! x
Thanks Donna x

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