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Hi guys :)

I am starting propoints within the next week or so and was just wondering what's the best bread to use for sandwiches.
Both myself and hubby are doing this and he loves his sandwiches so any help would be great. Really looking for bread that is tasty wont fall apart and relatively low in pp.
Thanks in advance :D
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I really like the Warbuton's Wholemeal loaf, the small 400g one. It is 3pp for 2 slices. It is smaller but tasty!

1 slice warburtons toastie 3pp
2 slices warburtons toastie 6pp

1 slice warbutons toastie (small loaf) 2pp
2 slices warburtons toastie (small loaf) 4pp

1 slice warburtons medium sliced (small loaf) 2pp
2 slices warburtons medium sliced (small loaf) 3pp

1 slice warburtons medium sliced 3pp
2 slices warburtons medium sliced 5pp

1 slice warburtons wholemeal 2pp
2 slices warbutons wholemeal 5pp

1 slice warbutons wholemeal (small loaf) 1pp
2 slices warburtons wholemeal (small loaf) 3pp

1 slice warburtons seeded batch (small loaf) 2pp
2 slices warburtons seeded batch (small loaf) 5pp

1 slice milk roll 1pp
2 slices milk roll 2pp

Here are a few other choices that I put together. I also find wraps, pittas and bagels are a good substitute!

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Thanks so much for taking the time to reply and post the information... lots of ideas there to go on, I was thinking of wraps too. Whats the best ones?
Warburtons Square ones :D

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
4pp each, I think everyone on here would recommend them as they're so versatile and thicker than a normal wrap.
you can get Nimble, or the Warbuton small loaf as another poster said. The WW malted bread is also good, but a bit more expensive than Nimble in most cases (my Sainsbury's is doing lately a 2 for 1.10GBP). All of them are 3pp for 2 and 5pp for 4 :)

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Thanks for that :) Will definately be trying them. I don't want to be a pain but any ideas on low fillings ideal for work?
WW Tomato Tuna by John West - think these are 2pp?
Lemon and black pepper tuna - enough for 2 wraps - 1 tin tuna (3pp), 15g Heinz lemon and black pepper salad cream (2pp), 1 tbsp sweetcorn (1pp).
Pizza - 2 dairylea triangles (1 or 2pp, can't quite remember), 10g tomato puree (0 as under 1 tbsp), wafer thin ham or chicken (as much as you like)
Fake fajita - roasted peppers (0pp), quorn pieces (2pp) or chicken breast (3/4pp worth) cooked beforehand in paprika and 5ml olive oil (1pp)

50g of cooked ham is only 1pp, and up to 30g of philadelphia extra light or the "BGTY" soft cheese spread from Sainsbury's or similar types at Tesco's or Asda are only 1pp. I normally make 2 sandwiches to my DH using 4 slices of nimble bread, dividing 30g of spread between them and 25g of ham each... and I count that as 7pp in total :). For myself I have only 1 sandwich, 2 slices of nimble bread, 50g of ham, 20g of spread, half a slice of leerdammer lightlife... 6pp!
Wow :D Thanks so much guys... Can't wait to start but as always payday has to roll around first then I can sign up online. Sounds much more flexible than what I was doing before just hope I can get my head around points lol. Once again thanks, you never fail to help :)

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