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OK so, day 1!!

start weight-13stone 4ibs so 186 pounds! cant actually believe it!!

im fed up of my arms, im fed up of never having anything to wear no matter what i put on...i feel like a big fat mess!!

i NEED to loose my chins!! and i HATE my arms!

this is the time for a new me...and so i will be posting my feelings everyday possible to keep track of how i felt! something to read back over and to keep me going when im down!!

which i assume will be tomorrow and day 3!! god im worried about it, i cant bare they way ive gone to look, and have to power through it!! just hope i can!!

any advice you may have would be very welcomed:gen126:! work collegeues are already trying to break me!:mad: which is soooo annoying! but i figure if i can make it ot the wknd then i can make it through most of this!:eek:

have had porridge this morning at around 11.15!! was truly disgusting, i think i over diluted it so will have to be more cautious tomorrow.!

I had the chocolate orange milkshake at 4ish which i really enjoyed! will have my soup around 7ish! going to watch school dance production as i am a teacher!

oriental chilli actually sounds quit nice!!

am looking for suport, new friends, advice and encouragement.., dont think il get through this on my own!

look forward to some replies!! x x :talk017:

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Hi, I can appreciate how you are feeling I felt exactly the same when I started. You will be suprised how quick you get used to the plan especially after your first weigh in, trust me!! I also had work colleagues telling me how ill I was going to be and I must be mad I have even had one of them more or less shove food in my mouth however I am now 6 weeks in and 2 stone lighter and they are now more positive in how I am managing to loose weight and stay so healthy. Hang in there, find the right consistency for shakes and porridge and you will be flying. If I can help in any way just ask
oh thanks a million, tahts really helpful, just had my soup and enjoyed it actually!! was sooo hungry till i had it but ok now!!

just have to get through tomorrow and thursday so will be relying on everyone to help me!!:p :thankyou:


cos i need this xxx
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good luck hun! keep up the good work and remember that the people tryin to sabotage you will be the people telling you how good you look when you get to your goal, so you'll get the last laugh :)

S: 15st0lb C: 13st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 1st8lb(10.48%)
Don't listen to all those people trying to sabotage you. You're doing it for yourself not for them and like other said; you'll have the last laugh when you've lost the weight and will feel happier.


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Hi hunni!! I have done 6 weeks 100% ss! And I am so much happier! Started at 12st 7lbs and a 16/18 and I think I now weigh about 10 st 10lbs (got wi in 2moro) and am a 12/14!! You'll love it, and love yourself so much more once you get into teh swing of things!! And I only told my mom and other half when I started, its only now that people are asking how I have lost so much weight so fast that I am opening up!! Good luck xx
S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)
you can do it! ignore those ignorant people. they either frightened or secretly admiring you!
Day 2!!


well so far I am pleased to say that i have survived day 2. this morning i had my porridge!! discovered i havent been reading the instructions and so over diluted it!! ooops!! no wonder its so awful!! have read on here though that there is apple and cinnamon? is that right? may ask cdc for that next time then!

had a good day in school(am a teacher) until lunchtime...felt quite hungry but made sure i had my water bottle with me! made worse by the fact that my collegue had indian with him!! aaarrrrggghhh! smelt amazing! surived though and had a banana shake at around 4.15 ish! really enojyed it, blended it up with a bit of ice, strangly like angel delight/icecream!

had my first visit to a supermarket...was tough smelling fresh bread made it passed that isle. treated myself to new bubble bath, a magazine and some cocoa butter. i also bought some peppermint tea and white tea. I loved the peppermint tea, havent tried the white tea yet, but am looking forward to it!

I was in tesco's and looking for boulion...that veetable type drink which is just like the one on cd just cheaper...didnt have any:cry:so will have to go looking around tomorrow!!

ive had a couple of dizzy spells, like getting out of bath etc but nothing serious.

if anything im feeling quite good! which is making me hopefull that when i get into ketosis it will become easy(fingers crossed!!) not looking forward to tomorrow though!!

Goal 2- survive friends birthday weekend...no blips!! at all

Goal 3- achieve 300 standing pressups by monday night!(bye bye bino wings)

Start weight 186ibs

Goal Weight 126ibs
thank you kyliet and great things!!really helps having support on here...so far everyone is mostly good appart form the food jesting!! you are doing amazingly well kylie t and your pic is fab!! you keep going 2!!! x x x x
hi and welcome , if you carry on it wont take you long at all to get to your goal weight .. after the first week or two .. which I found really dragged .. it flies by , it doesnt feel like 5 mins since I started and here I am nearly 5.5 stone down and only 2.5 to go :D ( I started on lipotrim , a similar although far less tasty , diet !! and recently swapped to CD)
This forum is a great place for advise and support .. when you are having a bad day , post on here and there are always people to pep you up and keep you going :)
If you can get through the first week .. you can do it :D
thank you katie!! more worried about tomorrow if im onest!! but i will defo be posting on here to keep myself saine and of course to seek guidance!!:p

your track record is amazing...really inspirinh, and thank you for taking the time to leave me a message x x x
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Hi H4yle.

The Apple & Cinnamon is great; add a little more cinnamon as well.

What I do is mix it with a little boiling water to get out all the lumps and then add a little more till it’s quite sloppy.
Put it in the microwave for 1 min (watch it because it can boil over) stir it and add a little more boiling water, let it stand for at least 5 mins it will thicken quite a lot. Plus it will cool to a consumerable temperature.
If it thickens too much, add a little more boiling water. Enjoy.

I like my shakes made with about 1/2 pint water but my husband like his with a pint water and lots of ice.

I put extra coffee in the cappuccino.

If you want a coffee and want it to taste like it has milk in it instead of black, mix up a tea spoon of vanilla shake with a little water and add that, it sweetens it too a little.

You can get MIX A MOOSE with will turn any shake into a moose, chocolate mint is great, make sure you use very cold water, add ice so its extra cold then it sets much quicker.

Soon you will be able to have water flavor, it make drinking water so much easier.

You can start having bars on week 3, they are great, I have mine at about 9pm, the time I would usually start feeling like snacking, I can make a bar last 30 mins of nibbling.

Anyway, this is a fab diet, once you get passed the first few days and get into ketosis you won't have any dizzy spells the headaches go away, no hunger pangs, you will feel great. Make sure you keep up with the water, it makes the difference of about a 1lb a week. Plus you will go to the toilet a lot easier, if it get hard to poo, go to Holland and Barrett and get some phylius husks and add them to your porridge. Easy!!!!!!
Keep up the good work, ignore the people at work, they will eat their own words when you reach goal.
PS, don't cheat, it will make thing so much worse, you will start to feel hungry and the headaches and craving will come back, you might enjoy what you are eating for 5 mins but you will suffer for 2 day, take it from me, i know. x
day 3

wow, thats brilliant advice thank you so much for taking the time to reply!!

I will defo take the time to try the mouse etc, but im not too fussed about the water flavour...i like water and im doing ok at the mo drinking plenty!! have discovered bouilon...wow its a warm drink and its like a soup!! loved it, havent had my third pack yet on day three!! must be good news!

as for day three's progress...well had a couple of dizzy spells, getting up too quickly from helping kids and had a headache at lunchtime. I have felt tired too, but am so pleased ive nearly made it to the ned of day three wahooo the hardest day i was worrynig about. I am absolutely going to try my best to NEVER cheat! i am determined! i want to look good!!( note to me - hayley you hate the way you looke, you hate your fat arms, chub rub and flabby belly, you hate your chins and you want to look good when you try on wedding dresses...not try one on..it not fit and order a smaller size to slim into!!)

am going to watch the soaps now and then have a bath! have started a little beauty regime! mum is on lighter life so she is very supportive and is a great comfort, looking forward to weigh in monday as i wont have been on the scales!! am aiming for 6 pounds...that way I feel i wont be setting myself up for failure!! fingers crossed!

and thank you all for your support over the first few days...youve kept me going and i feel like im part of a really positive and successful community!!

keep going girls!! we can do this!! x x x x

Goal 1-get through day 3:talk017:
goal 2-get through week 1
goal 3-300 standing pressups by monday

x x x x x x x
S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)
you are doing fantastically. i'm a serial scale's hopper though. need to go on morning and night. must stop this, i really must.
yeah you should...u will notice the difference so much more!!great things....how long ahve you been going for now?? x x
S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)
i started monday last week. so this monday i will have completed 2 weeks. today is day 11 inc monday as my start day.
days 4/5/6

friday was ok, was very late having each of my meals....and i was feeling hungry during friday night!

sat again was feeling hungry and today have been felling hungry!!

ketosis clearly isnt kicking in!! i have not cheated once!! not once!! ive been really good!! all i can think about is all the different types of food i want to eat, how they would taste and how i could make myself full!!

its mad but its taking over!! i have had to comlete two 4 hour journeys and so i had my and my belly for company, clearly that hasnt helped but i feel disheartened!! i was doing so well days 1,2 and 3!! please tell me someone have you felt like this!!

i know its working cuz i can feel ive lost weight!!

ive also treated myself by buying lots of lovely exfoliating creams and bio oil which is nice! but im worried im not going to be able to keep this up!!

please hlp!!:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
S: 16st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st6lb Loss: 1st0lb(6.25%)
Hang in there hun.. you,ll be fine.. take loads of water xx
weigh in!!!

well i had my way in!!

i havent cheated ive stuck to CD religiously and im so very pleased to say that iv lost 9ibs!!:talk017: cannot actually believe it!! have had the best day ever!!

iv had a rebate on my pay aswell which means that i am able to book a 32 day trip to america!!! ahahahahahaha!!

so by then i will be on step 4!! its made me even more motivated!! for 2 reasons!! 1 im saving money on this diet!! used ot spen more than £40 a wk on food/alcohol!!

and also i am spending about 16 days in california where all the thin beautiful people live!! i am adamant that i will fit in there!! hahahah!!

im excited too because my sister is coming with me and she is starting CD in about 3 weeks tme so we will be able to support and motivate each other through it...so i dont run the risk of gaining 4 stone which could be so easily done!

ladies keep going!:D:gen126:! i found yesterday so hard but i stuck too it and now i feel like it paid off!! there is no way i am going to murder my will power by having to force myself back into ketosis!! so no cheating for me!! bye bye bingo wings!!

must get doing more press ups!!

am soooooo pleased:D:D:D

start weight 186ibs

current weight 177ibs

inch loss around waist

1 inch!!:p:angeldevil:

x x x x

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