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Sapphire's green food diary

Hi everyone, i'm back on the SW wagon so I thought i'd post my food diary to make myself accountable for my actions, hehe!

I like green days best so that's what I will mainly be following, as soon as I have some money i'm going to stock up on quorn and mullerlights!

Day 1 -

Breakfast - 1 asda low fat toffee yoghurt (2 syns) not a great brekkie I admit!
Lunch - 2 egg omelette with 1 slice ham (HEXB), reduced fat cheddar (HEXA) and some spaghetti hoops.
Snack after work - 2 slices wholemeal nimble (HEXB) with 28g extra light philly (1.5 syns) and marmite.
Planned dinner - asda smartprice fish in butter sauce (5 syns) with basmati rice, carrots, broccoli and peas.

Semi skimmed milk in tea - HEXA.

Syns - 8.5

Good first day considering my lack of SW food in the house!
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Day 2..

Breakfast - asda low fat toffee yoghurt (woke up late!) 2 syns
Lunch - couldn't pop home so bought a cheese sandwich on brown bread (HEXA for cheese, HEXB for bread and HEXB for the rest of the cheese!) 4 syns for the margarine.
After work snack - sweet and sour mugshot
Planned dinner - broccoli and mushroom noodles, made with broccoli, mushrooms, vegetable stock, dried noodles, garlic, soy sauce, and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper (free!)
Dessert - fresh blackberries with squirt of asda light aerosol cream. (2 syns?)
little bit of cherry dark green and black's chocolate - 2 syns

Total syns - 10 :)

AND I weighed myself this afternoon and i'm 10st 4.5lbs, the lowest weight this year!
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Day 3..

Breakfast - asda low fat toffee yoghurt (2 syns)
Lunch - 2 slices nimble (HEXB) with marmite and 28g extra light philadelphia (HEXB).
15g packet of space raiders (3.5 syns)
Snack - chocolate and orange mullerlight.
Dinner - 2 linda McCartney frozen sausages (4 syns), SW chips, baked beans, 1 'fried' egg.

milk in tea - HEXA.

Syns for today - 9.5 :D
Not good for fruit and veggies though!

EDIT: going to have fresh blackberries with squirty cream again, so total syns - 11.5.
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Day 4 - loving it, oh how i've missed you slimming world :)

Breakfast - orange mullerlight with choc sprinkles
Lunch:working near home so popped home and had 1 slice nimble (1/2 HEXB), baked beans, 2 poached eggs, and sliced mushrooms in 1 tsp flora (0.5). Yum!
Snack: 1 slice nimble (1/2 HEXB) with reduced fat cheddar cheese (HEXB) and marmite. Mullerlight yoghurt with cherry underlayer (2 syns).
Dinner: Jacket potato with a tin of heinz spaghetti bolognese (4 syns). Fab lolly (4).
2 malteasers (1?)

Total syns: 11.5 and I am sooo full after my dinner!

Wish i'd have been bothered to make a proper dinner and saved some syns but I was worn out from work!
Hi, thanks :) I can't eat really early in the morning, I leave for work at 7:30am and i'm a 'gas man' (well woman!) so i'm out and about driving in my van all day, so I have my yoghurt at about 10am when I get hungry! Then I usually get to pop home for an hour which is ideal for whipping up a quick filling lunch :)

My back is aching at the moment from servicing a boiler in a tiny kitchen cupboard :boohoo:
I seem to eat more as the day goes on, like a snowball effect! But as it's allowed on SW, i'm happy :D

I got a tip from a customer of 9 caramel rocky bars today :eek: so my boyfriend will be forced to eat them all!

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