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SarahBee's Diary

S: 11st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st7lb(4.38%)
Thought I would be tidy and keep all my posts in one little diary thread so as not to bore anyone else! :)

From doing JUDDD before christmas, it works really well but with the weekends, and my other half eating like a horse all day sat and sun, there is no way i can have a DD on the weekend without some serious will power. Its also annoying to have to cook 2 meals etc but yeah I thought it would be easier to have UD's on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore my plan was and still is:

M - DD
T - DD
W - UD
T - DD
F - DD
Sa - UD *weigh in saturday mornings
Su - UD

Im not sure after how many days eating on the DD will start to affect the metabolism but am sure 2 days is ok? Thats 4 down and 3 up so think that works the balance even more in my favour which isnt a bad thing!

Anyway so far:

Monday - DD - Office was SO cold after the break, managed to keep around 650 cals. Was pretty hard though after christmas.

Tuesday - DD - Yep seems easier and made amazing veg chicken soup so had that for dinner and lunch. Stayed around 600 cals.

Wednesday - UD - Was craving granola and milk for some reason so had a big bowl for breakfast, lunch I had a thai chicken and rice thing from M&S (was a low cal one...damn) seemed to have lots of biscuits so totalled around 1700 cals.

Thursday - DD - Drank lots of tea today, splash of skimmed milk and sweetners so around 20 cals a cup i think. It seems to keep my blood sugar levels more stable. Black coffee and sweetners seem to make my blood sugar levels go low and i neeeeed something sweet. Had porridge for my lunch (120 cals) as it was too cold for the salad i made. I had the chicken salad for my dinner (200 cals). A maryland cookie fell in my mouth as well, not sure how but say 100 cals and thats me done at 420 cals today.

Friday - Will have a DD as and look forward to 2 UD weekend! :D Will also do my weekly weigh in on Sat morning.. will be hoping for a good total!! :innocent0001:

Also porridge at any time of day is so so good for keeping me full. The oatso simple original with a sachet of sugar is around 120cals and that keeps me full for like 5 hours or so! I was hardly even hungry today for my chicken salad!

My other half is keeping an eye on me so i cant get away with not eating anything as I could have just left dinner today really but nope, no way! He isnt having any of that. He seriously eats so much, i dont know where it all goes so if i eat nothing he cannot comprehend it. He also has been the same weight for like 5 years...75kg's but he does lots of cycling so it must come off there.

Anyway rambling now, hope everyone is ok with the snow, and the cold and stuff xx :)
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S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Well done Sarah. Yes you can do two dd's in a row, but no more than that. You could always put a md (about 1000 cals) in instead of one of the dd's if you are struggling with that plan.

But great going, keep up the good work and keep posting in your diary!!
S: 11st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st7lb(4.38%)
The second dd is much harder than the first! Diet coke is a lifesaver. Soup for lunch (200), couple of cups of tea and a Maryland cookie (100) and veg soup and a wheat free pitta (230) and another cookie (60) so 600.

Went to sainsbos on the way home - and got hot cross buns!! I can't wait till tommorrow! I love hot cross buns! 170 cals for the be good to yourself ones, which is loads I think. I wish they did mini ones for down days! I think that was my theory when buying mince pies, I still have like 10 left! Kinda bored of them!

I also got quorn sausages, I didn't realise quorn was so low in calories...are they any good? I have a feeling they won't be!

Am excited about my weigh in tommorrow, kinda weighed today and it looked good so cross fingers for tommorrow!!


aka Hope Over Experience!
S: 12st6lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st6lb(3.45%)
Wow fantastic start. Yes I find two DDs hard and it is important that we don't go too long on DDs regularly for the metabolism issues but also if we did then it begins to feel like every other 'diet' and we feel deprived and are more likely to blow it. Having been on JUDDD a while I find it's much easier to hang in there knowing I am never more than a day away from what I really want to eat. Tea and Diet Coke are saviours on DDs. You may also find after a while on the plan you can't physically eat so much on UDs which is a bonus. You eat the things you want but just smaller portions - by choice - wicked! Good luck for weigh in tomorrow.
S: 11st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st7lb(4.38%)
YAY!! I did my weigh in and am down 4 pounds! That is so amazing! I'm so excited! I actually have these fancy scales which tell you stones pounds and ounces so I went from 11.60 on Monday to 11.18 today so if I had regular scales it would say 5 pounds as i'd be 11st 1lb but anyway 4 is more than enough!

YAY!! Hope you all have good weekends, I am off to have a:D:D hot cross bun then head to costco! xx


aka Hope Over Experience!
S: 12st6lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st6lb(3.45%)
That is fantastic - well done! All the hard work of a DD seems worth it doesn't it? Now enjoy your UD and your hot cross bun! Really really great!
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Oh well done Sarah, great great loss, keep up the fab work hun xx
S: 11st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st7lb(4.38%)
Ah thanks guys..! So nice of you to say! Well I went to costco and bought 10kg of meat..and the biggest apple pie you have ever seen! Having a nice steak and wine for dinner, and pie to follow - yum! Definately need two up days to attack that pie!

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend!


aka Hope Over Experience!
S: 12st6lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st6lb(3.45%)
Enjoy the pie! I am having a DD and have worked my rear end off (if only) in shovelling snow!
S: 11st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st7lb(4.38%)
Oh my god I just spent the last hour writing a reply and it went..man. I'm peeved now.

In summary - I gained a pound this week, not surprising as I went out for dinner twice and bought a foot wide pie from costco last weekend.

I also said I think the 2 dd in a row is a but much and the subsequent ud my body makes me eat everything in sight. Not so good.

Sat - ud - 2000
Sun - ud - 2000
Mon - dd - 800
Tue - dd - 1150 (work lunch)
Wed - ud - 2500
Thu - dd - 650
Fri - dd- 650

Anyway think I am going to try the traditional 1up and 1down cycle but just trying to stay within 1500 cal limit as I think my current ud's are too high.

Still 4 pounds last week was amazing and am still on my 1lb a week target so that's good.

Have good weekends everyone!! xx
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
That's a great week sarah, well done you x
S: 11st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st7lb(4.38%)
Argh! Going ok so far, had a good dd on mon, at 650 cals but walked home from work so burned around 200, gave me more energy for my eve as well which was good. Ud on tue was restrained! Only 1200 cals but didn't feel all that hungry so that was good. Today have had 300 cals and walked home from work...oh my god it's so cold! Had to have some quavers when I came in as I was a bit shakey but burned 200 cals so that's good. Need a bigger meal this eve as I have an interview tommorrow mornin so need to do some cramming! Hope to keep to under 600 but not too worried, my brain needs the energy.

Hope everyone us good and staying to their targets xx
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Wow you're doing well Sarah, great going hun. Good luck for your interview x


aka Hope Over Experience!
S: 12st6lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st6lb(3.45%)
Well done! Yes I agree two DDs are hard to do. I can do them veyr occasionally without going OTT next day. Good luck with interview. Keep us posted.
S: 11st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st7lb(4.38%)
Ahhh thanks guys! I think I am getting the hang of it now, and yep 2 down days is really hard. Have planned my week well with lunch and dinner etc as still need enough energy to concentrate and focus all day at work...thus I drink a lot of herbal tea and black coffee (although the caffiene goes straight ro
my head, think there is nothing to soak it all up!).

M&S red lentil and pepper soup is amazing though, really thick and really filling, for 150 cals or so for half a pot. Definately kept me full today.

Cheers better go back to the books! Stand the tiniest chance in hell of getting it but we shall see!
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Hope your interview went well x
S: 11st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st7lb(4.38%)
I did my official weigh in this morning and lost one pound! Didn't get to walk home on Friday as it was all wet and horrible. So as I put on one pound last week that's still 4 overall. Am definately getting the hang of it. Just need to keep my weekends in check and do some walking. Have had toothache today so not eaten all that much :(

Had my interview on thu, wasn't all that bad, more of a chat really, but yeah fingers crossed! Will keep you posted!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend xx
S: 11st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 0st7lb(4.38%)
Yay weigh in day and have lost 2 pounds this week! That takes me to 10st13lb...! I love going down to another number..hehe!

I almost assume I will put back on a pound at some point but as long as I keep to my 1lb a week goal I will be down to 10st for my birthday and my other half will buy me something pretty and dress related for my birthday. It's going well and he supports me in not pushing me to eat lots on my down days, we just wait till the following day. He has a mean appetite so it would be torture to try and do weight watchers or something low cal with him around! It's for his benefit too and now he sees it working he is all the more supportive!

Yay so this week I did:
m-dd-780 cals
t-ud-1950 cals
w-dd-650 cals
t-ud-1800 cals (walk -250 cals)
f-dd-500 cals (walk -250 cals)

Up day today so have celebrated with some American pancakes and maple syrup! Yum! :)

Was thinking I might try and eat a bit more atkinsy on my up days, cut out some of the carbs, has anyone tried that whilst on juddd?

Hope you are all doing well and have fun weekends! xx
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Wow big well done getting into the 10 stone something mark!!! That's great! x


aka Hope Over Experience!
S: 12st6lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st6lb(3.45%)
You have done so well and to get into the tens is great... I am trying desperately to get there again. I was briefly there before I started messing about over Xmas and most of January! I agree weekends can be hard. I am experimenting this week by having very strict and low DDs M,W,F (400 cals) MD Tues & Sat, UD Thurs & Sun. I find Sundays the worst :(

Like you I seem to enjoy and need protein and use it on the DD to fill me up. Try jumbo prawns with a squidge of cocktail sauce - they are so yummy and chewy and fill you right up! On the UDs I really do eat whatever I fancy and I don't eat something to make do - I think it's important we take time to think what we really really want!

Well done on the weight loss you will be fab by your birthday.

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