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Sarah's Diary

Yipppeee it's day 1 and I'm feeeeeeeling gooooood :D For once I have NOT stuffed my face and I feel so much better for it.

I have found it easy to stick to my points and have found myself automatically reaching for low point foods when I have been hungry. Here is what I have eaten today:

CD pack (I have some to finish! :eek: ) - 2 pts

Homemade veg soup with 2 slices bread - 3 pts
Chopped apple and banana with Mullerlight yoghurt and seeds - 4 pts

Mid Afternoon:
Skinny Starbucks cappuccino - 2 pts

Jacket potato with beans and small amount cheese - 8 pts
Salad with balsamic vinegar dressing (0 pts)

TOTAL 20 pts
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Ah, I'm glad you're feeling good today hun! Just imagine how good you'll feel when you step on the scales and see the lbs are melting away! Yey!
HI Sarah

Glad you are feeling good and wait while you see your weightloss for your first week it will be nice for you if you have a good loss
Good Luck
How did you find walking in to your ww meeting for the first night thats what will bother me till I have been and got it over with
hehe thanks for your reply Starlight.. to be honest I'm not that annoyed with myself, I really wanted to start last week and do not regret doing so.. the worst that could happen is that my weight has remained static (I haven't gone crazy so shouldn't have put on!) so not really a problem. Easter will soon be over! :D
OMG I had a terrible first week, I can't believe how much rubbish I stuffed in yuk it actually makes me feel quite ill! Anyway I went to my first weigh in and have (amazingly) lost 2lbs HURRAH!! Feeling really great now and completely on track, definitely going to follow the points properly this week :D

Well done you!!! A good loss is always the best thing to keep that motivation going!

Fancy losing 2lb over easter week, that is just brilliant. Seriously well done!

Not been on much as I went down to visit my family for a few days this week. I wasn't too bad, eating wise, although did have a blip when I found Mum's secret stash of Mini Eggs :eek:. Moving along.. apart from that I've been fine although feeling very sad and miserable for some reason. I suppose that could be anything and actually shouldn't be the diet (which is full of fresh veg and fruit), perhaps it's totm or something (sorry tmi!).

Anyway just thought I would check in. Hope everyone else is doing well :D xxxx
Not feeling very happy

Well I am feeling a bit low tonight, just had my weigh in (the second) and have stayed the same weight. I have eaten SO healthily, done more exercise and counted my points.. until the evenings when I just seem to become a PIG and could eat a house.. the sweet cravings I have are unbelievable :mad: . What is wrong with me - why is it that I lapse terribly after about 7pm? Grrr not feeling happy tonight.
Hi Sarah
Sorry to hear you are not feeling too good tonight its a bit of a devil when you have done everything right and stayed the same. I also have sweet cravings Are you due for t o t mbecause you get sugar cravings then.
Please cheer up soon sarah
Sending you H U G S xxx
So sorry to hear that you're feeling down and struggling with cravings. I would like to second Bethanys question, is your time of the month soon? I know I crave sugary foods then as well.

I also crave them when I'm bored - well actually I crave all food then, just mainly food that I've considered 'naughty' food which is a mindset I need to get out off.

Also if you're feeling a bit low sometimes sugary food can temporarily make you feel better, the main thing to remember is that it makes you feel worse after.

I think the main thing you need to do is work out why you crave the food, and then you can find away to fix it. For example if it's bordom of habit, you just need to find something else to do that will either take your mind off food (a nice hot bath) or prevent you from eating anything (painting your nails?).
Aww thanks both for your kind words and support. As a matter of fact it IS totm so perhaps that is part of the problem. Other than the fact that I am, of course, a pig :(. Joking aside, I must try to curb these cravings and the evening bingeing. I think if I could just get past the cravings somehow then I would be ok.. will try the bath/painting nails thing thanks xx
Sounds like totm is probably the biggest factor, hopefully youll be pleasantly surprised next week.

If you really cant resist something sweet, try and make sure you have a supply of low point goodies to hand.

If youre going to classes have you tried the WW choc bars? I have a stash of Curly Wurlys in my fridge - only 2.5 points each if I have a chocolate craving. My fave sweet treat is a meringue nest with a spoonful of low fat creme fraische and some fruit - total of 2 points :)

Hang in there this week, Im sure next week will be LOADS better

Thanks Starlight hun. My HUGE problem is that if I had a stash I would quite simply eat the entire lot. I know, I'm disgusting :rolleyes: so I really have to just get through the pain barrier of these cravings.. I know that if I can get through a few days without sugar I will then not crave it any longer. Today is day 1 and so far so good.. tonight may be another matter but I'm going to keep busy and try and restrain myself!
My food diary for today:

Breakfast: CD shake 2 pts

Lunch: CD shake 2pts


Snack: Nescafe cappuccino 1.5 pts
Banana 1.5 pts

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