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Sarah's diary

Today is day 3 of the cambridge diet and I'm glad I started it on friday. Feeling a bit tired and achey today, though I know eventually I will feel better :)

I found day 1 quite difficult as I was at work and everyone around me was munching on yummy things at lunchtime. I had my tom soup and felt better for it! Though I found it difficult, it was nowhere near impossible and once I'd gotten past lunchtime I figured there was no point in cheating as I had come this far! Day 2 seemed easier, I think that was because I was at home. Hubby is being very nice and only eating things that I won't or cannot eat! Tomorrow is day 4 and I'm back in work. I know I can hold out now, and I'm determined not to undo the good that I have done so far :)
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Good luck - you are doing great
Thanks shrinkingannie :)

Well day 5 is here and I feel fine. I am in ketosis :party0011: and feeling excited about my weigh in tomorrow.

Had a couple of things happen to dampen my mood - one of my (pet) rats is really ill at the moment and none of the meds seem to be working for him. And my brother is on a 'temporary' split with his wife. Second one not so much an issue for me as I can't stand her, but I can't bear to see him so upset. He thinks the world of her (god knows why) and I hope for his sake that they can resolve it.

I'm not gonna cave in food wise though - I've come this far and I'm not going back to have to start it all again! I was really good this morning - one of my colleagues bought me a croissont from starbucks (he didn't realise I was on a strict diet). I passed this on to another colleague and made his day! I never realised I had such will power :bliss:
And this is what makes it all worthwhile...

Thanks georgiestar :)

Every craving I've had this week and managed to ignore has now been repaid. Weigh in tonight showed a loss of 7Ib. And it's TOTM so double Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay :party0011:
Grrr, why does it have to go wrong??

Not with food. Nope, I'm still sticking to SS and loving it! The knowledge that I have the will power to say no, and to see the results are amazing.

Nope, I'm talking about my holiday. I'm due to go on holiday 4 weeks on sunday. The company we're flying with announced this morning they had gone into administration. We didn't book as a package so it's not covered by ATOL. We paid by debit card so not covered by any credit agreements. £800 gone forever :cry: We could get another flight but I can't just magic up a grand! So looks like the holiday is cancelled. Nevermind, I guess we are more fortunate than the poor souls who actualy turned up at the airport this morning to be given the same news.

And tomorrow I have a wedding with a sit down meal to go to! Of course, I'll push the food round my plate so it looks like I'm eating but I have warned my parents that I won't be touching the food as I'm on SS. I don't mind everyone else eating around me, I'm used to it now, I just hope people don't start having a go at me for being ungrateful, though I'm sure between the hubby and my parents the food won't go to waste :)


Do a little dance!
Firstly, well done with the loss, and with TOTM as well. Good start, keep it up.

Bad news about the holiday - we had the same thing happen earlier this year, so I've just come back from my substitue in Norfolk. Not the same but I'm sure you can find something that will lift the holiday blues.

Good luck with the wedding also....you've seen you have willpower, and that is one of the most empowering gifts a "dieter" can have!!!

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