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Sarah's new food diary - determined to keep it!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by slrayner, 26 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. slrayner

    slrayner Full Member

    Did a diary before but lost track and stopped filling it in. I have not been following the plan the last couple of weeks and I am scared that I will put back on what i have lost!

    I need to try and have more HE EX A and B's! Also any advice to boost weight loss would be much appreciated!

    I do Green days as they are easier for me

    Friday 26th June

    Brekkie: Alpen light bar (1/2 HE EX B)

    Snack: Muller light

    Lunch: Roast chicken mugshot
    Handful of cherries

    Dinner: 2 Jacket potatoes with tin of beans and plain side salad. Topping of cheese (HE EX A)

    Syns: Going to cinemas so I know I will spend all my syns on Pick n Mix!
    Last edited: 26 June 2009
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  3. slrayner

    slrayner Full Member

    Saturday 27th

    Weetabix minis (HE EX b) and milk (HE EX a)

    Lunch: 2 slices bread (HE EX B) 2 slices Ham - syns

    Dinner 2 baked potatoes with beans, cheese (HE EX a) and salad

    Slimming world chips for supper
  4. slrayner

    slrayner Full Member

    Sunday 28th

    Brekkie: 2 slices nimble (HE EX b) cheese (He ex a)

    Lunch: Nothing as out all day eek!

    Dinner: 2 jacket potatoes, beans, salad, cheese (he ex a)

    snack: pitta bread, 1 slice turkey, salsa (syns) and salad
  5. slrayner

    slrayner Full Member

    Monday 29th

    Brekkie: special K (he ex b), milk (he ex a)
    Snack: muller
    Lunch:tin of soup (he ex b), satsuma, muller

    Dinner: jacket pot, beans, salad, cheese (he ex a)

    Snack: had a curly wurly AND another bowl of cereal so went over he ex and had to be synned :(
    Last edited: 30 June 2009
  6. slrayner

    slrayner Full Member

    Monday 30th June

    Brekkie: Special K (he ex b) and milk (he ex a)
    Also had a 1 finger Twix my colleague gave me the other day - syns

    Snack: Muller

    Lunch: Soup (he ex b) muller, satsuma

    Dinner: Slimming world chips, egg, beans, salad

    Snack: ?

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