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Sarah's Weight Loss Diary

Hi Everyone

Well it's my first day on the SF diet and to be honest, it's not as bad as I thought. I thought it would be hunger pangs all day but I'm not feeling anything! Considering what my usual day consisted of which was; full fat coffee from Cafe Nero usually with some toast or biscuits, lunch was usually either a pub meal or sandwich, crisps and a bottle of pop. Then would get home and usually eat about 8 or 9 before snacking on crisps!!!

So you can imagine, I need my lifestyle to change radically!

So today my food has consisted of:

B - Strawberry Powder Shake
S - Handful of Grapes
L - Cafe Latte ready made Shake
S - Banana

5 Glasses of water so far.

For my main meal tonight it will either be pasta with chicken in a tomato and basil sauce or pasta tuna sweetcorn salad. Can't decide at the moment.
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Well my main meal consisted of pasta with chicken and one of the small jars of tomato and garlic pasta sauce. It was well gorgeous. Considering it was the first meal I had eaten all day, I was surprisingly stuffed and didn't do as much pasta as I usually do but I cleared off the lot.

I'm off to bed now and looking forward to getting up and having my cafe latte shake with crushed ice in the morning, thing is I'm always up at 5am every Wednesday, as I'm a huge LOST fan and I download the new episode and watch it before work. I'm usually there with my cup of tea and toast but will be just sticking with the tea tomorrow because I think if I have the shake too early, it's going to be a very longgggg morning! lol.

Night peeps, Day 2 tomorrow :)


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Good luck for the long day 2moro let us know how you cope
Well here I am Day 2, been up since 5am downloading LOST which took ages this morning so managed to go back to bed for an hour, awoke up at 6 and it still wasn't done! Arghhh. Thought I would be starving but I surprisingly wasn't! I love this diet so far:D

Anyhoo, I finally sat down at 6.45 to watch LOST and had my Cafe Latte shake with crushed ice at 7.15, yum yum.

Had a bottle of water whilst waiting for the bus and now I'm at work and still not hungry!! Yay.

Got another bottle of water on the go now and will have my banana at 10.30, which should keep me going until lunchtime. Strawberry shake for lunch today:D
Well had my strawberry shake, on the lemon and lime water for a change this afternoon. Even joined the gym at lunchtime, well signed up for it anyway, induction and programme on Monday.

Been having a few headaches this morning and now another one, off and on, anyone else experienced this? It's probably my body getting used to not having any form of solid food I would imagine.


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make sure your drinking enough as lack of fluid can cause headaches
hi I started yesturday as well, I had strawberry milkshake for breakfast, banana milkshake for lunch and prawn salad for tea, oh and an orange,tonight i have done tandooria chicken for tonight mmm looking forward to that. oh and 30 exercise on wii fit, nice to know other people are doing it as well x
It's going good so far, been a great week, although wasn't feeling too good yesterday with the headaches and felt so tired, but that was done to my early start. I had cottage pie with carrots and garden peas last night and had an early night as I was totally worn out after it.

Anyway, Day 3.

Just about to start my breakfast shake and have already had 2 bottles of 250ml water this morning!! I have never been to the toilet so much!
Couldn't finish another meal last night, cooked a small pizza and prepared a bowl of salad, had one slice of pizza but couldn't eat the rest but cleaned off the salad!!
Sorry haven't done any entries last few days, life catching up with me and all!

I've had a great start to the week, joined a gym yesterday and had my 1st weigh today and have lost half a stone! So pleased with myself and I'm feeling I got all this energy, can't say I have felt like this before.

Bought the sports active for the wii today and just can't wait to go home and start exercising!
Legs are absolutely killing me this morning after doing the sports active workout on the wii last night! Phew. I think I used muscles I never knew I had!!

Got the gym this afternoon as well, but like they say no pain no gain I suppose! lol
I hate Sports Active! I bought it ages ago, used it once and I twisted a muscle in my stomach! So it's stayed in the box ever since, haha.

Well done on your weight loss, you're doing great :D

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