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ProPoints sarahs weight loss

Hi all,

have been on here a while now so thought I'd start a diary, started weight watchers 9/1/13 and have lost 10lb so far, slowly but surely, need 1.5lb to get my 5%, hoping to do it on Wednesday which is my weigh In day, always keep my weeklies for my weakness which is vodka, plus I'm out tonight with my girls so it may be a little messy!!!
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S: 10st10.5lb C: 9st2.5lb G: 9st3.5lb BMI: 20.7 Loss: 1st8lb(14.62%)
Hi Sarah,

Well done, that's a great start. Enjoy your night out tonight with the girls. You can still have some fun and lose weight. If you lose control, then it's straight back on track the very next day. No looking back. Live your life.:D
hi, it's the first night out since starting it this time, just going to stick to singles and pace myself, and no greasy food at the end if the night, lol x
So my first night out was great, stuck to vodka but did have a tikka kebab at the end, no chips though, I am very happy with myself this morning, done all the ironing as never have a hangover with vodka, going to have an omelette now and then a Sunday lunch cooked by lovely mother later on, going to start some sort of exercise from tomorrow, once kids are all back to school, have to be careful as I have a dodgy ankle, may go swimming.
morning all, if anyone is reading this, all back to school here so have had a hectic morning, but feel like I've gone deaf now, I love the holidays but with 3 kids it always gets a bit too much, anyway I've just sat down and had scrambled egg on 1 ww bread, now to start the big tidy up before I head to work, happy Monday everyone x
Just got back from work, not that hungry so having my soup with a bit of pasta in then having an early night, will have to lose my points I have left over :(
Had a fab day yesterday, didn't have all my points but didn't need them, I have changed my hours at work recently so now do more evenings than days which is better for my diet but not my family, didn't have a choice though so had to change, I've been dieting on and off for most of my adult life, tried Cambridge and did lose but it's not a diet u can do forever, and was so grumpy when I was on it, also did slimming world but ww is deffo the diet for me, I am losing slowly which is sometimes a bit disheartening but would rather do it this way as it is more realistic! I go away end of June so really want to lose a bit, not going to give myself a big goal this time, just taking 1 day at a time, weigh in tomorrow, hope I lose 1.5 as that will be my 5%
finally say down and ate my tea, feel like I haven't stopped today, I've just had chicken and chorizo stirfry, it was very tasty, going to put my littlest to bed now have a bath and get ready to watch light fields,
Morning, just getting ready to go work, still doing ok, have started doing a bit of areobics in the morning, I have to watch cause of my ankle but did 10 min yesterday and 15 today, hope to do the full 20 min tomorrow, do feel ok though, I work 12 - 9pm today and have 1 hour lunch, which will be my tea but not sure what to have I don't like sandwiches so tend to do a bit of pasta and salad but its getting a bit boring now, any ideas??
ok, so think this is my 8th week and I really feel good, I'm sitting upstairs at the moment cause the kids are eating McDonald's downstairs and the smell is lush,
this has to be the longest I've dieted for and not fell off the wagon ever!!!
Well what a day! It's days like this where I need to have most will power, normally would be munching on something before a bit fat curry,
hi all, hope you have all had a good weekend, I am still on track, have 4 point left and 16 weeklies, after my Sunday lunch I don't think I can eat anything else,
Morning, had a fab weekend and not too much alcohol so not used all my weeklies, I'm off swimming in a bit then work til 7 so should have a good day diet wise
love it when I come home and everything is calm and relaxed, did 40 min swimming this morning, starting to ache now though, gonna have an early night
Weigh in day tomorrow, hoping to lose 1/2 to get my 5%, I've done a bit of exercise and been swimming so I better lose it x

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