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Sassia's Green Days

Ok, so part of keeping myself on track is keeping a food diary. Starting today....

Fresh Coffee with Skimmed Milk (HEA)
FF Yogurt

5 Scan Bran (HEB)
5 Laughing Cow Light (HEA)
3 Tomatoes sliced on top

Huge Baked Potato
Baked Beans
Last 4 free Quorn Sausages out of the freezer
Fruit Pastilolly (think 2.5 syns)

Going to have toast and marmite for supper as last HEB and some real butter as I have loads of syns left.
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Oh look,

you have got a diary :)
Yes, only just started it though!

Nope, think that's it for sausages, I was planning on finding some others so its not all bad!

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Oh and slight addition to yesterday's diary, no toast before bed but a few vodkas instead. Bah!

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It appears that a few vodkas can have an outrageous effect.... 1lb gain..... Can't believe it, but at least my annoyance at it has fired me up!

5 scan bran
5 lcl
2 new quorn sausages - 2 syns

2 ff yogurts

Baked potatoes
Baked beans
Cottage cheese

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a few vodkas and only 1lb, lucky you :) Well done though for getting back on track and not letting it drive you to over eating.
Yesterday was sort of good and sort of bad....

Brekkie and lunch at work were fine as I had syn free meals using HEs and free food, then we went for a few drinks after work. I had 2 glasses of wine and 4 G&Ts.....Then we went for a curry. I had plain rice and vegetable dopiaza. Not really bad but the alcohol was probably the worst.

Today I have had quorn sausages and home made hash browns (4 syns in total) and syn free pizza.

Dinner tonight will be veg curry (2 syns) and I have a spicy red lentil and butternut squash soup in the slow cooker for tomorrow, but may have some later if I get hungry.
Change of plan. Had sw pizza and then bns soup with wholemeal roll. 2 glasses of wine.

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soup and pizza sounds nice. Hoooooow many syns for the wine :) ?
9..... Bah!

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Yesterday went really well. Was so busy at work I don't have any time to think about food!

Breakfast was bran flakes and Kara coconut milk. Heb and hea

Lunch - jacket with beans and cheese. Hea

Dinner - left over almost syn free bns and red lentil curry.

Was too full up for other heb.....

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Today I have cheese and tomato sandwiches for breakfast/lunch and more leftover curry for dinner.....when will the curry end?!

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Curry gets nicer as it 'matures'. I've tried that Kara milk as its great, the amount you can have but I didn't really like it. What do you reckon?
I really liked it on branflakes. I doubt a coffee would be enhanced by the coconut flavour though!

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how are you doing?

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