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**Sass's CD Diary**


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Hi all - Thought i would start a fresh diary as this is a fresh leg in my weight loss journey. I will try to write a little bit about me but i often get lost when posting so end up writing some random gibber jabber :D

Okay so here goes - I have always been on the big side but i would say that most of my weight was put on when having my 3 children and up until xmas this year had always been happy in my skin, well that was until it hit me that this year i was going to be 30 and i took a long look at myself and what i discovered was the real me. I was very unhappy but spent most my time hiding this from EVERYONE, when i say everyone i mean even myself. I would get upset and have very low moments but i always brushed them off.

Once i had taken the time to look within i decided that this year i was going to do something about my issues so i embarked on my weightloss mission.

I started with Slim Fast which i did very well with in the beginning, to date i lost almost 2 stone but the problem was it seemed to take to long and i become a little frustrated as i have so much weight to lose i just felt like i was getting no where fast so i took the descision after spending many months weighing up the pros and cons to start the cambridge diet.

I am now on day one and things are going well, i have just started to feel a little weak but i think this could be due to hayfever tablets making me tired.

I have had the butterscotch shake for breakfast, didnt really like that one much although thats a flavour i normally love. For lunch i had the strawberry shake which was yummy, nice releafe as i hated the slimfast strawberry flavour shake. For tea im going to try the oriental chilli soup, i'm a tad worried i might not like it so i bought some chilli flakes to add should i need to take away the taste.

I'm feeling very posative so far and cant wait to be able to say "first day complete". The evening is always a problem for me but i'm hoping to cope well, today i have managed to behave whilst my OH was drinking a strawberry frappuccino with fresh cream on top and a yummy smelling chicken and bacon pasta dish from M&S so i'm feeling very pleased i did okay with that.

Well i will end there hope i haven't managed to bore you to much but thankyou for reading xx
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well done for already losing two stone. I weighed 14st 8 wen i started the CD four weeks ago, and I weighed in at 13st 2 on monday. SO I lost 20 pounds in... 4weeks ish. IT look me a year and a half to lose that on weight watchers!! really happy, and my clothes are getting loose!!! cant wait to get into the 12st's!
Stick at it, the 1st week is by far the hardest, then it's easy. Almost too easy... I keep forgetting to drink the shakes as Im just not interested in eating! Good luck x


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well done for already losing two stone. I weighed 14st 8 wen i started the CD four weeks ago, and I weighed in at 13st 2 on monday. SO I lost 20 pounds in... 4weeks ish. IT look me a year and a half to lose that on weight watchers!! really happy, and my clothes are getting loose!!! cant wait to get into the 12st's!
Stick at it, the 1st week is by far the hardest, then it's easy. Almost too easy... I keep forgetting to drink the shakes as Im just not interested in eating! Good luck x
wow sounds like the diet is doing really well for you you, 20lbs in 4 weeks is great. One of the reasons i did this diet is for the great losses so its nice to hear your doing so well. well done you and i bet it feels great to have some room in your clothes.


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Saturday 13th June - Day 2

Good Morning - Today is day 2 for me on this very exciting mission :) I had a good day yesterday, just felt abit worn out and i didn't much like my evening pack of oriental chilli but hayho.

I woke earlie this morning feeling wide awake :eek: on a Saturday when really i can have a lay in as i don't need to rush around getting my 3 boys out to school. Well anyway i look at it like i get up early but i have all day and if i want to go back to bed then i can.

I'm off for now but will be back later to note down how my day is going/gone.


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Sunday 14th June - Day 3

Today has been a real mixed bag. This morning i woke up full of the joys and was on a high, i did some housework and i really felt on top of the world. I went for a nice bubble bath in the afternoon after doing my housework and then went for a small nap as i had a very minor headache. When i woke up i had a yummy cappuccino shake which was at around 4.30 so i'm now dragging out my last pack which i think will be chicken and mushroom soup. I found dishing dinner up very hard again today as i soo wanted to taste it, i mean even to dip my finger in something would have satisfied me, it was purely about the taste and smell rather than hunger. Had a little fall out with OH whilst dishing dinner up because he don't seem to understand why i would want to eat ( i was like well after almost 3 days without food i would be nice to just have a small taste. Anyway i survived and so did he lol so i am really proud of myself.


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Tuesday 16th June - Day 5

Had a great day been 100% all the way was pleased with myself for not getting moody at dinner time because i cant eat with the family and then

BANGGGGGGGGG !!! i got hit by a demon truck !! i'm fighting really hard right now with those demons in my head that are telling me to eat. I have even thought about coming off CD and doing atkins so i can eat.


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Thx jacci - well i'm still here and its day 11 :D I did eat however but i'm not going to let that blip stop me.

On abit of a high today for some reason, I have been looking through all the lovely clothes that i can see on the net. i see this lovely dress in Jane Norman only through the window though as i dare not go in at this size, but i loved it the first time i laid eyes on it. So anyway i really want to buy it as my xmas dress but i'm not sure what size to go for ? 12 or a 14 ?? I'm currently 17.7 well that was last Thursday wi result so i have 6 months till xmas so in theory i could lose 6 stone which would make me 11.7 by my calculations. I have never been that weight (well once upon a time but maybe when i was a teen anyway i'm stumped as to what size to get, my sis says buy both the 14 and the 12 ? hmm what to do, what to do ?


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tuesday 23rd June - Day 12

DAY 12 !!! wow just saying that makes me feel good, i am so proud of myself for doing this and sticking to it so far. I have had one blip so far but that's in the past. I'm feeling on top of the world right now and can really see me getting this damn weight off with this diet.

I'm so close to getting into the 16 stone bracket and if i'm officially in the 16's on cdc scales on Thursday i will be sooo happy i wont be able to contain it :innocent0001::fingerscrossed::cross:

Anyway i better be off to have my first shake though i'm not even hungry at all, oh i love this diet its AMAZING !!!
Well done Sas, bet your pleased. stick to it. I bet you will reach your goal before then! I know a boy who started this diet July 2008, weighing 23 st 8lbs... He finished in Feb 2009 weighing 12 st 9lbs!!! Thats 11stone in 7 months!!!! Boys do lose weight faster, but I am sure this is also feasible to a degree for women!!!!
Lost just over 29lbs now!! 12st 7lbs, 2 more weeks and should be in the 11 bracket!!! Don't think I have been there since I was about 15!


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Friday 3rd July - Day 22

I have now been 100% for a whole week woohoo. Sounds bad seems as i'm now on my 4th week but i had one day out of each of my past 3 weeks where i blipped so i'm hoping that this week i can be strong and prove that i can control my demons and say NO !!!! i don't need to eat.

Last Friday i had a huge carb binge and omg did i feel ill after, i had a bowl of pasta with cheese and a chilli and bacon sauce, then i ended up down A&E with my number 2 son and then when i got home i had some rolls OMG !!! total write off.

After my binge it took me till Wednesday to get back into ketosis and i had such a rough day on Tuesday with headaches and what not that i really did give myself such a talking to, this diet is very expensive and i cant just decided to eat and waste money because that's what i'm doing the moment i give in.

Anyway enough of that because i'm feeling strong now, and more motivated than ever. I'm now in the 16 stone range and that has made me feel so good. I have also lost a total of 3 stone, all but 1lb since January and i'm feeling great about that too. So over all i really feel like i'm getting somewhere with this mission of mine and i cant wait to race through the 16's and get into the 15's.


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I haven't been to good at keeping my diary upto date but i thought maybe i should start it again in the hope that it will help me on the 100% track.

So what's been going on............ ?

Well I have been doing okay except when i'm due totm. I really cant control the urge to eat food and good food is never quite what i want. So i have been going through a very up and down ride where i can be on top of the world one day and then the very next day my cravings take me crashing into a 6ft brick wall and i fall face first into some carbs. I'm not fussy how i get these carbs all i know is i have to be bad and bad is what i do with no real remorse at the time. Its not till i'm laying in my bed trying to sleep but my tum hurts so bad that i cant, that's when i think OH S**T WHAT HAVE YOU DONE !!!

But the problem is I'm fed up of this cycle and its nothing to do with CD because i would fall off no matter what diet i do so there is no answer in changing diets.

Oh i wish i knew how to deal with this, i despise food right now, i hate that for the kids i have the bad foods in the house, i hate the fact that i'm fat and have a food addiction and that i have to go through the hell of trying to get my body at a healthy state. Why cant i be like my OH and only eat what i need to eat and not everything in sight.

___________________________________________Line under badness

Here is the new freshness of the 100% me :D

I now plan to go back to SS and be 100% but i'm going to take it day by day and take it very slowly. If i need food i will come here and post so beware the spamming starts here.


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So its the 13th of January and today is day 1 of my new CD plan.

I tried to do SS from the 5th of jan and i managed 5 days but i just cant do it long term, i want to diet and i want to do Cambridge so me and my cdc came up with a plan that i can stick to......well that's the idea anyway. My new plan is to have 3 CD meals plus a small evening meal of allowed foods ( i have decided however to add in things like fresh tomatoes and salmon as long as i have in moderation) as i believe that this will also help me to have a better relationship with food and then give me skills to maintain.

I thought i would come back and use this diary to input what i have had each day so i can see in black and white what i'm eating and how it effects my weekly wi results.

Today (day 1) Wednesday 13th Jan - wi yesterday 17.3

B - chocolate tetra
L - Cambridge bar
D - chocolate tetra
Meal 2 x lettuce leaf
1 x tomato
1 tbs Philadelphia
Meal =152 calories, 5 carbs

Just to add that i'm not looking to go into ketosis with my new plan, if i do of course its a bonus but for now i just want to maintain a way in which i can stick to a healthy diet and put a stop to the damaging cycle that i have been running for the past few months.
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