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~Sass's Food Diary~


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Seems as im a total atkins :newbie: I thought it would be best if i log down my daily intake which i'm hoping will enable me to get to grips with the diet and the foods faster. I would be very greatful if anyone see's any problems with my diet that they let me know where i'm going wrong.

8th July - Day one in the big brother house :D

B - 2 eggs scrambled, no cream or butter as i didn't have any.

L - 2 egg omelet with a dash of cream, knob of butter and 1 mushroom and a sprinkle of cheese.

D - 1 cup of summer lettuce, 1 cup of spinach leaves. 280g chicken breast seasoned with salt n pepper, 2 tbsp of caesar dressing and some fresh grated parmesan cheese no more than 1 tbsp of the cheese.

I have also had 3lts of water and no other fluid intake.

I'm not sure of the net carbs for that lot yet but i think its within the 20g, does anyone have a more clearer idea as to weather this is within the 20g aloud ?

Also for snacks am i okay to have fruit but also add in the carbs to my daily allowance ? Is Dijon mustard and canned crab meat okay to have in phase 1 ? Sorry for asking so many questions here peepz, i'm kinda flying a little blind right now till my lovely books come through the post.
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All looks ok to me Sass :) What i do is figure out the carb count n type that in next to each meal too so's i can keep tabs on what i've had or am having.. i use the carb counter on the atkins site as well as going by packet labels etc.. i know others use different websites too. At least then you're sure of what you're doing and i also find that by typing it out it helps me start to remember the carb count of things i have each day..

Fruit is not allowed on the induction phase. It starts to get introduced in the OWL (ongoing weight loss) phase when the carb level is raised and berries are the first things to be included. I would play it by the book for your first week or two to make sure you get firmly into ketosis and into the habit of it all. It took me a while to get my head round it as it's a completely different way of eating.

I would say the canned crab meat would be ok though make sure you check the label for any added sugars etc and to be sure of the carbs. It suprised me what some things contained. As for the dijon mustard i'm not sure if i'm honest, sorry.

Well done on your first day, you seem very upbeat and positive about your new diet! Good luck! Hope your book soon arrives, i was just like you so eager to start i couldn't wait for it!


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Claire - Love the idea to put carb counter next to what i'm eating, makes alot of sense. I will give fruit a miss then, i'm more of a savoury muncher anyway although i do like my fruit but it wont cause me much a problem to miss it out of my diet.

I'v got a busy day today, at the docs this morning and then i'm going shopping with my mum. what sort of foods do you all eat when your out and about ?
Morning Hayley, You are short 1 mug of greens there, it's 3 mugs a day not 2

In the beginning it is either 3 mugs of salad vegetables *OR* 2 mugs of salad vegetables plus 1 mug of "Vegetables In Addition To Salad Vegetables" which are referred to as 10% Carbohydrate of less.
and that's a lot of eggs, they can be very binding. ;) are you adding fibre at all, like physillium husks or something.

I snacked on pepperamis or pork scratchings.
Yeah like Jim says, make sure you're getting your full quota of vegs in, especially with quite a few eggs! I took benefibre powder (you mix it into water and it's tasteless) at the start as it took a while for my body to become adjusted to the new diet (i shall say no more). When i first switched from CD i struggled to eat a whole omlette! Now i'm much better and my body is coping fine now. Snack wise, like jim said really, pork scratchings, mini pepparamis, boiled eggs if you have time to prepare them beforehand n keep a couple in the fridge. To be honest though, after a few days once you're in ketosis you probably won't feel the need for snacking anymore :) Just keep up with the water which you're doing and you should be fine.. x
boiled eggs if you have time to prepare them beforehand n keep a couple in the fridge
What more eggs. :eek: ;)


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Afternoon all :D

Okay so lay off the eggs a little lol

Today so far i have had

B - Kippers on a bed of Baby leaf spinach (1/2 a cup = carbs - 1 ) I thought a whole cup of this would be 5g of carbs which is why i only had 1/2 for breakfast but on the carb counter on the atkins site it makes it just 1 for a 1/2 a cup :confused:

Snacking on Mattersons Smoked pork sausage at the moment -0 carbs

L - 2 x Portobello Mushrooms (about 4g carbs ?? ) with 3oz cheese (3g carbs) & 1 cup of baby leaf spinach - ( 5g carbs )

D - Cod with lettuce and cucumber

My book came today so i have started reading that but will do alot more reading later on this evening.

Thanks for the advice on the needing more veg in there. I think its going to take me a little while to get used to the amounts that i can have but i'm sure once i have the hang of it i will be okay ( i hope lol )
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Thanks Laura, i better get off to have my late lunch now or else i wont be able to eat anything come dinner time, after doing CD its kinda hard to fit it all in right now but i'm sure that wont last long at all.


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Think i will have some broccoli with some cod for tea, hope i haven't over done the carbs for today, I'm kinda feeling like i should have had just the one portobello mushroom for lunch. But hay no eggs today woohoo.

I'm feeling abit headachie at the moment though its not to bad, i must admit i have also been really cold all day, kinda tired too. Look forward to my bed tonight with my bible ( my Atkins book :D )


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Day 3 and i'm in ketosis, just wanted to say a big thankyou to all the advice and useful info i got from the sticky's to get me to this point without having read the book i was flying blind and only had the help from you guys and we did it . I really feel like getting into ketosis on this diet means so much more than it did to me on CD, i think its because there is food involved and i still have managed to get it right and enjoy the pleasure of eating all the foods i so love and enjoy. I'm very much a rich food type of person and this diet seems to fit my needs.

Thankyou to everyone who has helped me so far, its very much appreciated xx


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did you test with ketostix? or have you noticed some other signs?

Well done :)
Back when I was on induction mushrooms were classed as a "FREE" food, I never had a problem with them. Ummm.... I've got the munchies for


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Viks - yea i used the ketostix, i got them from my cdc when i started the cambridge diet. Yesterday i did have symptoms of ketosis so thought by today i would be, i had a slight headache, coldness ( think that's a symptom ) and was generally tired.

Jim - I had some of that mattessons sausage yesterday to snack on and it was yummy. I need something carb-less to snack on today, might get some pork scratching's and some peperami from me local shop. In the atkins book i have ( orange one with blue and white writing on the front ) it counts mushrooms as (10 small or 4 large) as 4g carbs, not sure if portobello would count as large though, more like xxl lol

I also read in claire's diary that she has been having the sandwich fillers with her salads which sounds yummy so was wondering if anyone knows if its okay to have on induction.


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Day 3

B - 2 poached eggs - 0
2 bacon rashers - 0
4 small mushrooms - 2
S - Hot peperami - 0.6
Pork Scratchings x 2 - 0.6
Fridge Raiders - 2.3
L - Baby leaf spinach 1 cup - 5
2 bits of mackerel - 0
1oz of soft cheese - 0.5
D - 1 cup of broccoli - 5
Half a pot of cream cheese and salmon sandwich filler - 1.6
Knob of butter - 0
Total carbs - 17.6g

I feel like i have been a real pig today so i was shocked to see i'm still within my carb allowance for the day. I've had a huge snack fest so i dread to think of how many calories i have consumed.

I still have room though for a nice coffee this evening with cream in ( oh heaven !!!)
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I'm with you on that Hayley, I love that sausage. Yummy :eat: :p


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According to my atkins ebook

a portobello mushroom is 1.4 carbs and
1/2 cup of mushrooms is also 1.4 carbs

is that correct?


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I'm still not to sure on mushrooms myself. Think i will stick with what my book says but i must say i like jims take on it as he said they were free foods for him on induction, and im a mushroom lover.

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