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  1. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Hiya all I have a huge annoying yoyoing problem going on, I am half way through a paid up 6 week pass in slim world but bored silly with the plan and really don't think I can face going back even tho the consultant is a close friend and I have many friends there, I have been stagnant at 20st 11lb for weeks I have gone back onto WW plan for 2 days and scales are moving again obviously this is telling me my body reacts to this plan better, the easy way would be to rejoin WW which is a Thurs am and very local a 10 min walk away after I have dropped my son off in school, but the consultant there bores me to tears so a huge dilemma stay miserable in SW attempt group again at WW or weigh with my hubby once a week put the fiver in a savings pot instead ??

    Is anyone doing similar or are you all having success at group xx My goal is to lose 6stone7lb I have lost 7 stone between the 2 plans over the years..
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  3. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Hi Karen

    As you've seen from my diary, I've just started CCing and really like the freedom it offers. Others here have had amazing success with it, so maybe consider that? I've ummed and ahhed for the best part of four years - Atkins, Harcombe, SW, and so on - but always come back to CCing :eek:

    All the best whatever you decide hun, we're here to help x
  4. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Is there a particular calorie counting site you work out what cals to eat I tend to count cals automatically to be honest anyway, and thankyou , good luck to you too x
  5. Blue Butterfly

    Blue Butterfly Gold Member

    Well first of all well done on the 7 stone weight loss so far, that is amazing!!

    I am calorie counting using myfitnesspal (it's a website and you can get the app on your phone) and it's going great :D

    If you get your hubby to weigh you just think of all the money you'll have saved!
    No-one can make the decision for you of course but I know what I'd choose (weigh in at home)

    You can use mfp to track your calories and stick around here for support because we are all awesome :D
  6. Alex815

    Alex815 Member

    Just because you go to a particular meeting doesn't mean you have to follow their plan. I am a member of weight watchers and have lost weight using the points system. But recently I have been using my fitness pal and counting calories that way. Counting calories is so much easier than having to calculate the points value of everything.

    However I do find going and getting weighed helps, one because I feel their scales are more accurate than the ones I have at home, and I also think having someone else weighing me makes me that bit more determined to make sure ive lost weight that week.

    So maybe you could try using my fitness pal but still go to the meetings to keep track of your weight loss? Because I know for me personally if I dont have a formal weigh in each week then I will go off track.

    But congrats on the weight loss...and I hope you find something that suits you so you can enjoy your weight loss journey :)
  7. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Thanks everyone you all make total sense, I will def join mfp in work later lol, (boss is away haha), and probably mix WW and CC for a while to be honest I see them as identical really 40pp=1600 plus fruitn veg this is where I dont like SW fruit and veg still has cals no matter how they butter it up..

    I am going to be brave and weigh with hubby on a Sat am for the next few weeks he is as good as gold to be honest never a critic then will decide if I want to rejoin ww when kids go back to school.

    Alex your exact weight is what I have been chasing since last August I have probably wasted hundreds and hundreds all year the last time I was 19.13lb was last week of AUGUST LAST YEAR !!! so exactly what I have been doing isn't working is it Time for work.
  8. Alex815

    Alex815 Member

    I think you will find my fitness pal really helpful. I certainly did. I found that if I didn't know or couldn't work out the pro points for something then I would just have it anyway and not count it. Calorie counting gives you a lot more freedom and you really can fit a lot of food into one day if you plan and choose the right foods...but you'd be amazed how fast they can disappear after a few snacks!

    And with regards to my weight loss. I have been struggling for ages to get under the 20stone mark. But now I've done it...ive never been so motivated to carry on!
    Good luck!
  9. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Well done Alex, great losses!

    Karen - don't forget, you can do weigh ins here - plus we have threads going for an August challenge, and a Christmas challenge - join in! :)
  10. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    hi karen and alex welcome you will love it on here great support x x x
  11. 366to266

    366to266 Wanna lose 100lb

    Can't you attend one group but secretly follow the diet of the other?

    Alex mentioned calorie counting which is what I am doing.

    Please look at this it's what I ate today. It is my diary from MFP I have a 1700 allowance but have only used up 1200 and am not hungry so am going to bed now, leaving it at 1200. And that included a chocolate bar! So take a look at the attached. 14aug.jpg
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  12. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Hiyas to be honest I have been following cals last few days anyway im allowed 1450 or similar which I thought was a little low but I am short and weigh less than last time, I could go to group and follow other plan but I would rather not to be honest My hubby will weigh me and our scales are smack on same as s/w sooo going to do the MFP way for at least 3 weeks and go from there thanks for your post xxxxxxxx
  13. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    366 lovely,you REALLY need to eat more. It's not a lot to sustain your weight loss - you might find it tailing off and probably stopping all together at that level. I know you were worrying that you were overeating before at 1700 when it wasn't really enough for you when you were hungry even though MFP set it - they're always on the little low side.

    Karen, your BMR is approx 2070 (i estimated your age at 30, hope that's ok - you'll need to tweak it if i'm over/under)
    With excercise (again, I estimated you at little exercise just as it's the one I usually use for people so again you may need to tweak it) it's 2847

    Even eating at 2000 would give you a 850ish deficit so you can eat a lot more :)
  14. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    O 30 yes please but alas no im 43 lol could you possibly work it out again for me im 20st 11lb well was last Saturday 43, 5ft 2 and office worker but do tend to walk at least 45 mins a day but intend building it to an hour when school runs back on.. MFP is working mine out as 1410kcals set as sedentary I thought it was relatively low too for someone nearly 21stone .Many cheeky thanks in advance x
  15. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Not a problem, you don't look it at all lovely :)

    Your BMR is 2010 and with exercise (Still keeping you at little exercise as you do do the walking and try and keep mobile) so 2010 x 1.375 is 2763 so IMO you can still head for a good 2000 and still have an almost 750 calorie deficit every day. We don't want it to slow to a stop - we're here for you hun :)
  16. Karens100dayys

    Karens100dayys Full Member

    Wow thankyou thats a huge huge difference with MFP but quite close if I add light exercise as they give me 1690 then I think il aim for 1750 for a month and go from there, thanks millions I am half way through your diary at the moment AMAZING !!!
  17. 366to266

    366to266 Wanna lose 100lb

    Hello Princess!

    As a chronic overeater, of course I want to jump at the chance to eat more. The thought of it has me salivating. On 2000+ I could even fit fish n chips or a family sized Galaxy into my diet. But that worries me. It's having to keep under 1700 that has stopped me so far from going crazy and having a blow out on junk food. You see, the way I see it, I have a budget of only 1700 in which to get as much nutrition as possible, and that means restricting junk to about 100 calories a day, something like a finger of Fudge. It keeps a rein on it.

    So it's not that I don't WANT to eat 2,000, it's that I am scared I will use these extra calories on unhealthy junk.

    Also, I have a question: if people can't lose on 1700 or 1600 then where does that leave the VLCD people on this forum? Followers of the Cambridge Diet have lost hundreds of stones on something like 600 calories I believe. Years ago, when I did it, it was only 330 calories a day and hundreds of people lost weight on it. Also, I have met on various forums dozens of women who lost ten stone or more keeping to 1500 or even 1200.

  18. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    The point is that the minimum you should eat as a woman is 1,200 a day, so if you start out eating too little when you have a lot to lose it's unsustainable, because your losses will inevitably slow, then stop and you've got nothing to reduce down to. You should certainly aim to not eat below your BMR. I started out on around 1,800-2,000 and gradually reduced it to my current level of 1,400 now that I've halved my starting weight. VLCDs are a totally different matter because they're nutritionally balanced to give the nutrients you need on far fewer calories, which you simply can't do on a diet where you eat normally. :) xx
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  19. 366to266

    366to266 Wanna lose 100lb

    It sounds like maybe if one has one of those slimming shakes a day, and strives to ensure that all ones food contains all the nutrients, and takes supplements (i.e. vitamin and other pills) it would be fine to be on 1600. Congrats on your amazing weight loss! I wanna be like you!
  20. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Aww, thanks very much! Seriously, if I can do it, you can too - we're a similar age, I believe. :)

    I've never used the diet shakes myself, I just love my grub too much, lol. The important thing is not to mess your metabolism up to the extent that you have to eat ridiculously low cal for the rest if your life, because no-one wants that! It was when I saw you'd eaten just under 1,200 on that day you posted that it rang a warning bell, but something like 1,600 would be much better. :) xx
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  21. 366to266

    366to266 Wanna lose 100lb

    I'm 56 dear. Lucky to be alive. The 1200 you saw was only one day, and the ONLY day in 7 days since I started that I went under. I've been 1850 and 2200 on other days, otherwise hovering between 1600 and 1700. Thanks for caring, my dear. I hope we can be good buddies ... I NEED you! :)

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