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Good morning...happy September.

Really peeded off this morning, weighed and only .5 lbs down..I know I had a big blip on Tuesday but have stuck to it 100% since.

Going to have my first litre :tear_drop: now and go back to bed and sulk :cry::cry:.

Hope everyone has a good day, and good luck with any weigh in's...hope they will be better than mine :cry:

Catch you later
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Morning all, thank goodness for the weekend! After my bad couple of evenings I managed to stick to SS yesterday, very pleased to be back on track! Just having my first shake, bit early for me but I have a step class this morning and last week I only had half a shake and found the class much harder than normal. I hope you all have a lovely morning, I'll be back later as I have all the cleaning to do :( so will need a break to chat in-between rooms :)
Well done Maggie, 1/2 is better than nothing especially if you had a blip, imagine how you would have felt if the blip cause a gain, give it another day and I bet it drops again :) I'm not even going to step on the scales after my blip Thu evening! I'm going to wait until I see my CDC on Friday morning and I've got a week of SS under my belt.
Its September!!! yipee!!!! I go away on the 9th so 1 week left, can't wait!
Have a great morning all, good luck if your weighing today x
:wavey:Good mornig girls, Happy september!!

Maggie, half pound is still good you would have felt worse if you had put on!! so as sam says keep your chin babe xx

Nicky enjoy the gym and hope your ok babe

Maz enjoy your step class

Well today h2b is taking his girls back home to porsmouth as they go by coach he wont be home here till tomorrow if done in one day it means getting up at silly o clock and him getting home here at silly o clock.
Today i AM really gonna try my best and do 4ltrs :tear_drop::tear_drop:, finished aamw yesterday so back to just my 3 packs a day am gonna really make the most of this week as from next saturday i might have to start slowly working up the plans to a 1000 plan to loose the last bit of weight :(


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Morning All
All set for another day.....Another day closer to the end :)
Well it really looks like oct out-side .. oh well guys have another great day , hang in there !

Well I hope I can join in. After giving up smoking (after smoking for 18 years) and going back to Australia to visit family, I have put on weight :(. So now Im on day 6 of SS, drinking my 6 litres of water... Ive had my first glass of water so far and about to start glugging more.

Ive been lurking on here for a week now, and I love reading this thread.

Maggie, you still lost, you didnt put anything on, and thats a good thing, remember that.. the scales are going the right way, maybe not as fast as you want, but they are still going down.

Maz, great on the SS thing, how on earth do you do step class? I hate the damn thing, I have to get back into my Jazzercise and cross trainer machine.

Speaking of which ordered me a cross trainer for the house (so my lazy butt will get out of bed an hour earlier and work out on it) when I was assembling the thing yesterday, they have put in the wrong parts, so now I have to wait until Monday to contact the company and get it replaced, I am going to insist they they damn well come with it and assemble it themselves.

Well off to glug some more water and pee on a ketostix, I should be in ketosis by now, I have the lovely metallic keto mouth!

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Hi all

Maggie, chin up over the half pound. Some weeks when I was on LL I would only lose 0.6 or 0.8lbs and I'd been 100%. I just learned that your body does what the hell it wants and in the long run it will come off!

Maz, well done for shunning the biccies yesterday. I'm really proud of myself for actually not minding sticking to SS on a Friday evening! Mind you I could have done with a nice G&T when I got home! Enjoy your step class.

Leigh, welcome back! Well done on getting to day 6! I was looking at your piccies in the inspiration thread on Thursday, what a great job you've done. What a real pain about your cross trainer! If you're like me I would be so disappointed because if I want it, I want it now!
Hi everyone, crappy weigh in day here too, I've only lost a pound this week, which is disheartening. Especially as I had lost 3lbs by Tuesday and got up Thursday to find I had put 2lbs of those back on :cry:. Have been good and stuck to 790 too.

On the upside, had a good day out at Pleasure Island with the kids yesterday.

Just got housework to catch up on today. So need to get my bum of the computer and get on with it.
Good morning everyone!!

I'm feeling super positive today!! Ready to take on the tae bo and pilates I have planned for today haha Really need to get back into exercising...used to use my exercise bike every morning...now it's down to about twice a week... =o( Will get on track with working out!! After all...I don't have to worry about what to eat and counting calories....that's all done for me. The least I can do is get my lard a*se moving haha

Happy Saturday Everyone!! ♥

Congrats on the LOSS Maggie - doesn't matter what the amount is...all that really matter is the 'negative' symbol that comes before the amount =o) Keep up the great work and forget the blip!!

Have a blast at the gym Nicky - I should start following the 'exercising footsteps' hehe

Maz, hope you have a good one at step class. Very jealous of your upcoming vacation...I was supposed to be going away on the 7th...but had to cancel for new job. =o( Oh well...guess it means I can stick to ss'ing easier!!

Leigh - congrats on getting to day 6!! Hope your WI reflects your hard work!!

Right...I'm off to start downing the pints...of water... =o)
Niki...it's the right direction! =o)

I understand how you feel though...the week I lost 1lb really knocked my motivation, but then I told myself...every loss I have...no matter how much - it's still a loss and still heading in the direction of my target!!

You've done great!!
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hope everyone is having a good day.

Had a busy one so far today:
Cleaned the bathroom and kitchen
Changed the bedding
Hoovered all the flat
Been to Asdas to do the shopping

Had a bar on the way to Asda (cribbed a lift with my Mum and Dad so I wouldn't lose my parking space outside the house lol). It really helped because I managed to walk around the food aisles without drooling. I have bought myself a bit of chicken and some salad leaves to allow myself a 790 style meal this evening. Even managed to sit in Asda cafe with a black coffee and not be bothered by the sandwiches and cakes my Mum and Dad were eating.

Came home and went to my brother's flat to see my nephew (he was 6 weeks old yesterday). I love him to bits and he's changing so quickly now, he's so alert and starting to smile.

Back home for a nice afternoon watching the sports on TV. All set - I've just had a soup, got a cafetiere of coffee and a jug of water. My head is so in the right place today!

Sorry, what a ramble but I'm just a bit hyper today!
Just spoken to my cdc today and he has told me there is a new chocolate orange shake, has anyone heard when this is out or tried it.

Doing well today apart from totm.
Not good.....

Its nearly 7pm & I'm just signing in for the day. I feel rubbish! Like I've been beaten up or something. Every muscle in my whole body hurts. Either I'm coming down with something or I really was beaten up over night! So the most I've done today is walk up or downstairs & even that really aches. I've not cheated but feel like my body & head are telling me too. I have had 2 bars today though. So I now have to get though a boring saturday nights tv without stepping out of line. Rubbish!

Hope everyone else is on planet well & strong.
I can confirm the choc orange is lush, my cdc gave me the sample pack to give her feedback and its gorgeous hehe
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm sorry you feel so rubbish fingerscrossed, an early night might just be what the doctor ordered.

Hope you feel better soon.

I am just about finished for the day and must say that today has been about 90%. I have had 3 packs and my chicken with salad did have the added extras of 2 small new potatoes and a slice of garlic bread. But I can cope with that once a week. Must have drunk about 5 litres today and there is a worn trail in the carpet to the bathroom!

Sunday's are my biggest challenge though, I always fall off the wagon. Tomorrow will be different!

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