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Loving losing
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Morning everyone out there!;)

A most unsociable time on a Saturday morning to be starting the thread, but woke up with a mega hot flush and just had to get water!! Didn't drink enough last evening when our water was cut off for 5 hours!

Anyway, have downed a fair bit already and feel much better now.

Today is a new day,my son eventually rolled in at 1030pm, having obviously had a few. Tried to have a 'you really should sort yourself out' type of chat with him but sure it fell on deaf ears!!! They don't tell you about the teenage years when you are handed the cute little bundle at birth!! Bless...

Today is a food shopping and housework day(Yawn) with my FIL coming for lunch tomorrow so will keep busy to stave off the cravings.

Have a great day everyone...it's the weekend!!:D

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Morning Sarah! Hope you have a good day.

Well I've been up super early this morning. Had to catch a bus at 4.30am :eek: to get to Hyde Park for the Anzac Day Dawn Service. Lovely service, and both the kiwi and aussie war memorials are really cool.

I'm having my apple & cinnamon porridge now, and think that I might snuggle back into bed for a few hours.

Is anyone going to check out the london marathon tomorrow - think it will be really motivational to watch - one day maybe even next year I could run it - wow what a thought.

Have a great day everyone :p
Good Morning Hannah and Sarah, I am an early bird as well today, just read your post Hannah about the marathon.. I did the playtex moonwalk power walk marathon in 2004.. I never thought I would complete the 26 miles but as people say its all in the preperation.. it took a year to prepare.. it was an amazing experience walking through London with 15,000 other women all raising money for breast cancer.. we walked through the night and when dawn broke over the Thames I knew the end was in sight.. I remember walking (staggering by this time) down the mall in beautiful sunshine thinking nearly back to hyde park.. until a steward shouted four more miles ladies.. that was like hitting a wall.. but my walking partner kept me going and we went over the finish line at 8.08am and promptly collapsed in my tin foil on the grass.. thanks for reminding me of it as some of you know i was diagnosed with M.E. this week, so if i can do that I can beat this illness.. Lets all be inspired today ladies and to each and everyone one of you have a great day and be grateful we all get to watch the marathon on the tv.. ha ha
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Morning ladies, gosh all up early and put me to shame doing something really worthwhile - memorial services and marathon talk!

I have been 100% and am a bit peed off this morning and in a bit of a dilemma cos I started the pill on Wednesday so I could control when I came on cos otherwise I would be due on when Im on my hols in June and I DONT want that, but I havent lost any weight at all since starting it and I know Ive started my period, but when I was on last time it made no difference to my weight loss and I lost 2lbs in the same space of days.

So I dont know what to do now. Ive got 3 options

1) If Im on the pill I have a 28 day cycle and come on the week before the hols and risk reduced weight loss which will REALLY pee me off as Ive worked so hard! and I wont be where I want to be for the hols and there will then be a BIG risk of falling off the 100% wagon

2) stop taking it now and pray to god my cycle stays at 35 days due to ss and I come on the week after we go away - but there is potential of me coming on on hols

3) stop taking it now get another stone off and start it next cycle and then if Im due on on hols or just before take the 2 packs together - but I dont know then how bad PMT will be and I dont want to ruin the holiday -


Sorry to rant but I cant believe the effect it has had on my weightloss and Im 11 weeks into it now my head has been in the right place and Ive been looking forward to this holiday for 12 months and I dont want my stupid TOTM to ruin it all!

Any suggestions gladly welcomed! I know Abz metioned a bit ago that her implant affected her weightloss last time.

I just cant stand the thought of cutting food out being 100% and only losing 1-2lb a week because of the pill - its just not worth it and I will be a stone heavier than where I would be for my hols if SS was working properly.

Hope you all have a good day and i will keep checking in. Its a really gloomy day today here and bloody cold aswell. Lets hope it cheers up a bit it may cheer up my downer mood! Im such an upbeat person normally and I hate feeling down!

S: 15st0lb C: 14st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st6lb(2.86%)
I'm so sorry to hear of your illness Sarah, yes I believe that if you were able to complete the marathon then you can turn your mind to anything. I wish you all the best.

What time did your moonwalk marathon start? Was it spooky walking through London at nighttime?
Sorry to hear your down today Jess.. there is always something that us ladies have to think about and plan... I took two pill packs one after the other for my hols ( option 3) did not notice an increase in pmt.. I wish you well xx

Hannah.. we started at midnight, for the first two hours it was really busy, we had lots of people hooting their car horns and waving at us.. around 3.00am it went very quite and we just had to dig in.. it wasn't spooky as their were so meny of us, lots of stewards and water stops on the way.. people came out of their houses with sw**ties (purely for energy you understand) he he xx


Stubborn tortoise
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Hi all... had a sleep in this morning, so not long up... not power walks, marathon plans or memorial services for me... just a big bowl of porridge & OMG FRUIT as I am now on 1000 plan... it feels such a treat!

Sarah, great to see you in fighting-talk mode, I think attitude can REALLY help the way you handle a serious illness and your attitude is can-do all the way. Hugs, honey. Jessica, not sure what to advise... I could do without a totm in the three weeks when I will be working abroad, as mine can be a/ unpredictable (thanks, Cambridge) b/ heavy (apparently part of the delights post-40). Grrr. But didn't think to ask for pill, last time I asked for a holiday they made a fuss because I was overweight & vowed not to ask again. I hope it settles and you decide what to do.

Ibiza, glad son came home... must have been a worry. Try to take it in your stride today... always baffles them!!! My two teens are still in their pits (plus an extra teen sleeping over...) best to make an early escape & take my elderly mum on her weekly trip to town. And if you think teens are trouble, don't get me started on stroppy elderly MUMS... !!!

Hanna, thanks for the suggestion, think watching the marathon will be a real motivator. Yay!!!

Have a good one everybody... sun is shining here in bonnie Scotland!



loving minimins!
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Hey everyone

I need to try and stick 100% ss today. I have a challenge from my cdc to stick to ss for two weeks before going on maintenance, and I am having soo much trouble sticking 100% and find myself picking by about 7pm.....so trying to stay 100% on track today.

Moving house today so will be plenty busy, need to finish packing this morning and get myself organised.

Good luck everyone, weekends can always be hard!
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thanks Katy and Sarah will probably do option 3 because option 1 at this present moment in time is unbearable and my boobs have started to hurt when they didnt before!

Aussieraquel - good luck with the house move and sticking to SS for 2 weeks. I think its better to have short term goals and taking a weeks at a time - well done for getting that close to maintenance - cant wait till Im there xxx


Silver Member
Morning all, sun's just breaking through here.

Off to Tesco's today, really just for baby stuff then mums for tea- taking my peanut crunch bar, yum!

Better go, baby not happy! :cry:
S: 16st8.0lb C: 16st8.0lb G: 11st6.0lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
all is well with the world again! Tamgredan has come to my rescue and told me there is a pill you can take to delay your period so no more pill for me roll on the weight dropping off and just using it to delay it for my hols - she is a STAR!!!

we are off to tescos too for party presents for tomorrow and pick up my sons glasses and brownie uniform! god they are growing up fast.
Ibiza - hope today is a better day for you today xxx


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Off for official weigh in today! Dead excited,

Jess - I found the pill made me really hungry on SS but didn't affect my weight loss. However everyone works differently, so good luck finding out about the delay pill.

Sarah - Hats off to you! A huge well done from me.

Tried to have a lie in this morning, but struggled to sleep past 7:30, so used to getting up at 5:30 for placement. So got up, prepared hubs dinner (marinating) walked dog, emptied all bins, took all recycling out, steam cleaned bathroom and done 2 loads of washing. Hubs woke up and thought he was in the twilight zone!
S: 16st8.0lb C: 16st8.0lb G: 11st6.0lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
good god lexie you have been busy!!! Im like that on ss I dont sleep at all! I get a really sleepy time between 3 and 5 in the afternoon where I cant stop yawning but then have a second wind and could easily be up till midnight no probs but then I toss and turn from about 4 a.m. but have been up at 6 every morning this week doing jobs when i didnt really need to get up till 8 but hey ho.

My internet is playing up AGAIN been on to post office to complain so lets hope connection stays today and tomorrow so I can keep checking in!


Carbs are Evil
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Hi everyone hope everyone is well, I'm on day 4 of 810 and still struggling a bit, need to stay motivated! Going out to a show today and I know what usually follows is a kfc so preparing a chicken salad to take with me instead. If I can get through it will be very chuffed with myself, wish me luck x


Skinny girl in a fat body
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Hi, well the hardest two days of the week are here again. Once they are over and done with its an easy ride to the Wednesday (weight in day) again. I never ever thought I'd dread weekends lol.

Just got up (shame on me), and it seems a nice enough day. I think I'll jump in the shower and go to my mams today. On a nice day though my sister often suggests fish and chips at the beach. Fish and chips are my favourite and my craving when I'm on a diet so I'll have to say no to that outing - again!!! I wouldn't really mind if the weight was shifting, but to put a half a pound ON - yes, ON is really putting me off this diet. Hope you all have a good day.
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Well i was feeling awful yesturday (day 4 ss) but ive woke up today and felt like i had loads of energy so did a small work out, think i may have got my ketosis kick hopefully feel better from here lol


loving minimins!
S: 12st5lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st1lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 1st9lb(13.29%)
So far so good today....how is everyone else going?

Had coffee, water and bout to have 1/2 my first shake.....need to get in ketosis!


Absolutely Determined!
Morning people. Well, busy day for me. I was supposed to be going to see a friend but my daughter isn't well so she won't be going swimming with the ex and the other kids. So, instead I have to do the housework as no excuse now :( in between administering calpol, throat sweets and general TLC. (Not to mention ice-cream...)
I had a bit of a stressful night last night.. I went to the fridge and cut a small piece of cheese and put it in my mouth, chewed it...and promptly spat it out. I get so mad at myself sometimes honestly. I also had a bit of a cathartic chat with a very lovely friend last night, and voiced where my binge eating behaviour comes from. So, after a good cry, I think I'm on the road to recovery. I know the problem...and I know that food represents love to me, so I have to try and break that cycle. Wow, im rambling now. Anyway, I'm armed and ready to fight gremlins today...and very thankful that I spat the cheese out.
I hope you all have a lovely day xxx


Loving losing
S: 18st4lb C: 18st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 0st2lb(0.78%)
Oh Paula i am so glad you spat it out!!!! :D

I have done that too - and with cheese as well. Cheese and crisps are my horror foods, oh along with many other things but that is my fave trick just to have a little bit off the corner and before you know it you are half way through the slab. Keep cutting more and more just to even it out and make it look rectangular again!
Having a good day so far - wayward son was cleaning out the garage when I got back from Tesco this morning - guilt ???!! Anyway, I joined him and started to get stuff ready for a car boot sale. Very therapeutic and stopped me thinking about eating!
Sarah Lou - would love to do the moonwalk - good on you for doing that. Hope you are feeling OK today.
And as for the marathon, would love to do that too as my husband did it 18 yrs ago and would like to get a matching medal! In my dreams though. Do love watching it on TV though. Maybe we should get a CD team together when we are all fit n healthy...or maybe not!!

Hope everyone continues with a 100% day...:):)

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oh dear i think that the garage clearing was a bit of a guilty conscience on your son's part! :D Iused to do that sort of thing with my mum when I was younger... I get in at silly o clock, she gets woken up and gets up early, huffes and tuts around the house whilst i'm still in my room, she goes out and then when she returns she finds my washing cars, mnowing the lawn etc - mainly so she wouldn't shout at me for being home so late lol! :D we are cheeky lil ******* us kids you know :p

I'm on day 3 of SS today and supposed to be going to the beach for a BBQ - i don't have any bars or anything - still a shakes and soups girl (i know if i feel solids i'll go a bit crazy and start ransacking the fridge!)....what shall I do??

Felt really poo this morning (late night prob didn't help to be honest) but had lots of water and my packet so hopefully i'll pick up soon :)

jacqui xx

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