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Saturday weigh in

I'm a Saturday girl... nothing to be proud of this week though... put on one pound... oops!
Well I started this thread then been forced to jump ship slightly by Boots and their unreliable blinkin scales. Out of order this sat, same as last, although working in between. So am weighing in tomorrow (mon) now this week,if it's fixed that is, but hopefully back to saturday next week.
Gonna make it 16 dys since my last weigh in so hopefully worth the wait.

Congrats on the loss lucy. And lindsey, 1lb aint bad, looks like you've been doing really well. Is that all since May?

Anyway, will let you know how I get on Monday and hopefully see you back here next sat (If Boots pull their finger out).
Yup, it's my first gain since I started in May. I completely lived it up bank holiday weekend, alco-pops, wine, chips, burger and a whole pizza to myself three days in a row... I'm bloody lucky I worked my arse off the rest of the week or it would have been sooooooo much worse!!!

Dextermummy you need to put your weigh in on here, I know you didn't do it on a Saturday but I just love reading about your 13lbs loss in 16 days!!!! Puts me and my pound gain to shame!!!!!

Whoop Whoop, thank you dextermummy!!! You're kicking my ass into trying for losing my naughty pound gain and maybe a bit more! xxx
Wahoo, I lost my naughty pound... but that's it, boo!!!
Congrats Lindseydodd! 1lb too. I'm pleased to have lost something, but I do think I need to be careful not to go off track. Am away this week but going to make sure that I behave and will report back next week.
Hey guys, sorry to be such a late reporter, been without comp for a couple of days. Big congrats lindsey and lucy on the 1lb losses, afraid to say I was an sts this week, but I'm okay with that coz I know I wasn't really good. but hoping to take a couple off this week coz got my sister in laws wedding next week. Not helped by the fact my mum came over earlier with 5 PIZZAS. She get's them cheap from work, and coz I can only fit three of them in my freezer that means we have to eat two in the next two days. Aaaargh!!
I lost a pound this week, work has been hectic and I've not been able to get to any of my exercise classes, I've also been eating crap at the wrong times. I can't wait to go on holiday, there will be more temptation but at least I'll have time to focus on what goes in my mouth and time to use the energy I consume... I will not lie on my sunbed solidly for two weeks... I will do something everyday to burn a few calories... I WILL NOT RUIN ALL MY HARD WORK BY STUFFING MY FACE AND SITTING ON MY FAT ARSE!!!
Well done on the 2lbs Dextermummy, that's an excellent loss, don't put yourself down!

I'm off to the dominican republic... I can't wait!!!
I would like to join you girls as well. My weigh-ins are on Saturdays as well... Last week (my first week dieting again) I lost 7lb. :)
But this week doesn't seem all that good... well, I'll see on Saturday!
mmh...looks like I am on my own here...

Anyway...week three and nothing lost... NOTHING!!! But wasn't in the Gym this week, as we had visitors. Will go back to the Gym this week hoping that will make the difference!
'Til next week then!
I'm back!!!

I had a cheeky look on the scales when I got home and looks like I gained 2lbs on holiday... I can't believe it, thought it would be much worse... hopefully I will have lost that by weigh in... see you on Saturday!!!

I lost my two pound holiday gain plus two extra pounds... yay me!!!

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