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Sausages and other important things


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Hi all :wave_cry:

Nearing the end of week one and feeling very good - but as usual for a newbie, I have a few questions I'm hoping you can help with :)

1. Sausages - I've been trying to get the Debbie and Andrew garden herb ones but no one locally stocks them :(. I know low carb sausages are mentioned on a thread somewhere but I can't find it. Can anyone tell me the names of their favourite low carb brands? I'm thinking that 0.2/0.3 carbs per sausage is OK for induction?

2. Caffeine - I have given up my diet coke and replaced my daily latte with a decaff coffee with soya milk, and that's going fine.

I've also tried replacing my morning cup of builder's tea with decaff tea and soya milk - but oh dear, it's horrible.

Do you think I could get away with one cup in the morning, as my only caffeine for the day?

3. Carb counting - I notice some newbies, including me, are following Jim's thread on what and how to much to eat, and others are counting every carb.

I really like being able to just grab a handful of salad, for example, rather than calculating the carbs - but should I be doing it the other way, giving myself 20g carbs a day and working out exactly what I can have?

What has everyone's experience been?

4. Shirtaki noodles
I ordered some noodles from the Low Carb Shop because they advertised them as ) net carbs - but the packet says 4g carbs (made up of soluble fibre) - does that mean they're a no-no?

Susie x
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I'm a big bratty fan too! :D
Susie, regarding sausages...

Asda do some lovely ones. They're in the black plastic trays with cellophane covers. I've found the vintage cheese with onion chutney, pork and chorizo, and beef with pepper and coriander to be the most satisfying at around 0.5g/0.6g nc.

Other favourites include Lidl's belly pork pieces at 2 packs for £4, fried or roasted to a slight crisp. Wonderful! :D


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Jimmy's organic sausages are lovely & 0.3g each. The Black Farmer one's are low too, but I can't remember how much :)
Where do you get the Jimmy's ones from, Cinta?


Clean green leafy machine
Thanks for all the suggestions folks. As a major sausage fan, I will try them all :)


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I like the black farmer sausages they are 1c per 100grms so that is 2c for 3 sausages.I get mine in tescos,also the milton gate ones in lidl are very good especially the plain pork ones.
lorna x
Susie, the Shiritaki noodles are fine all the carbs are in the form of fibre love


Clean green leafy machine
Yaye, thanks Jim - will try them out this week and report back :)

BTW you were SO right about sucralose - oh boy, who needs psyllium husks! And rather fast acting....


Clean green leafy machine
And now I can see the before and after pics, you have done amazingly well Jim - and a real help to someone like me who has a lot to lose.

Susie x


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Oooooh tried the Debbie & Andrew chipolatas today. Lush!!! :D

Good to hear about the noodles Jim. I got mine online & they said they had 4g per pack. Still low though, we share them. So do I not need to count the carbs in those?
I didn't Sharon. I see you have a little Rat as an avatar? ;)


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Cheeky b*gger! That's my Smudgie Bear, a beaten up rescue. He does attack like a rat though if you spook him, lol.
I've just ordered some more noodles :D
Was he beaten Sharon, I hate people who do stuff like that, whipping is too little a punishment for that in my book.
I'd like 10 minutes alone with someone who is cruel to animals, especially dogs. The daft b*ggers are so loyal, they often come back for more even though they're terrified. :mad:

Too much loyalty, not enough of the teeth, already!

Just 10 minutes... Someone would have to come round with a mop and bucket afterwards, though! :D

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