savoury drinks...???


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I'm considering getting a pack - some of my group use them to bulk out soup & make it more flavoursome!!!!
Any one here use them?
Also wondered what the hot 'forest of fruits' was like????
I've heard that Marigold Boullion is ok and its a lot cheaper than the savoury drinks - I'm going to buy some later from ASDA so will keep you posted.
I like the savoury drinks but if you don't like celery you won't like them as thats the predominate flavour. I have never heard of them for bulking out soup - interesting ! I drink them if I am cold or want a snacky thing or I always have one with a nut crunch bar as they can be a little dry. I also use them to have 2 courses if eating with other people so I can have it as a starter and then another thing as a main course !
I'm on CD but the principle is the same ... I bulk out my soups with Marigold bouillon or CD savoury powder (if using Marigold then go for the low-salt option) which means I can use more water. I also add a couple of dessertspoons of psyllium husks before blending ... not only turns the soup into a thick broth that you eat with a spoon but helps in the 'No.2s' dept too!
Can we have psyllium husks on LIghter life ?- and what are they? DO they taste of anything? I know, 100 questions but they sound like Star trek food!
Yep - you can have PH on any VLCD because they are purely what they say on the tub ... husks. The outer shell of the psyllium plant. They have zero carbs and calories: they can't be digested by the body but absorb water and so bulk out your digestive system making it easier to 'go to the loo'. Constipation is one of the big drawbacks of a VLCD because of the lack of undigested waste from such little food. It can sit in there for days getting harder and harder before there's enough to pass. Cue constipation!

Since discovering psyllium husks, I never have that problem anymore (god I sound like a cheesy American ad!!). Seriously, if you want any more info or a link on where to get them then let me know :)
They don't taste very nice on their own ... they're better mixed in with food packs to make a brothy soup or a porrige .. or you can buy them in capsule form.
Well that all sounds lovely - I really enjoy the soups but sometimes feel there's just not enough in the bowl!
I think I need to get some of the husks, currently I'm bound up like goodness know what then take a laxative to assist & end up with cramps & nasty tummy xxx
Here's a link to where you can get PH

and if you prefer the idea of capsules, Holland & Barrett sell them -here's the link &CID=15&Page=4

To make my thick soup, I use 400ml of hot water, a teaspoon of Marigold low-salt vegetable bouillon or CD savory powder and also throw in some chilli powder or black pepper.
Then I add 2 dessertspoons of PH and give it a good zizz with my stick blender until it's a consistancy I like. (Note: Don't use boiling water or blend for too long or the soup will turn out 'gloopy'). Pour into a bowl and eat with a spoon - yum!

For porrige, I use 400ml of hot water, a chocolate, vanilla or toffee & walnut shake and again, a couple of dessertspoons of PH. Same routine but I let it sit in the bowl for a minute or so to absorb a bit more of the liquid. I usually add a little sprinkle of cinnamon powder too - a lovely brekkie on a cold morning!

Hope this helps!
Is it true that I can use Marigold instead of the LL branded savoury drinks?

I have loads of Marigold Low Salt anyway as that's what I've always used.. but I don't want to knock myself out of ketosis - on the other hand, it would be a lot cheaper than the £6 a go that I'm currently spending on the boxes!
I wouldn't advise anyone else to do anything other than the official line .....

but for ME - low-salt Marigold hasn't ever knocked me out of ketosis (I only have one level teaspoon a day in my soup) and the carb content is sufficiently low for me to use it confidently.

I reiterate though - I'm not advising anyone else to break with the official line: I just can't justify the extra expense as a hard-up student when the nutritional info seems pretty similar.
Oh I love the idea of the porridge I think I will try that now as I am hungry and due a pack.

I have the savory drinks and they have been my diet saver, they are something extra when hungry and I thoroughly enjoy them.

I also drink all my water hot with flavourings, it is nice and quite sweet (you only need the tip of a teaspoon) and really makes the water go down easier for me!
What id this Marigold Boullion?? What aisle in the supermarket would I find it?!?!?
I bought the savoury packs tonight and really liked them with the soup bt it is quite expensive. I'd be glad of an alternative.
Its with the gravy powder, stock cubes etc. Its in a tub a bit like a half size tub of bisto granules. I use it instead of the savoury drinks. Much cheaper and just as good!!
:p Hi Flojam, LL don't actually recommend the marigold but I've bought a tub too, the ingredients are almost identical, I've not used it yet will wait till my savoury drinks run out!

you said you drink all your water with flavourings, we were told to have as much flavoured water as we like, but still drink at least 2 litres unflavoured water as well.

Not that sticking to the rules is helping me at the moment, I weighed myself this morning and have only lost a pound, I was always 3lbs a week until last week. Damn this cold I hope thats all it is!

I can't wait to try th porridge and thicken the soup - I haven't had any trouble going to the loo but it has taken a bit of effort! Glorious details! Can't wait to have a bit of bulk. You guys are great.
If you ask for the lighter life official line, it will always be a 'no' cos they want you to buy their products! I have a friend who's lost about 5 stone and she's always used the marigold stuff, so I totally believe it's fine. There was a thread a while ago about coke zero also. I asked my counsellor about this and again she said the official line is no, (surprise, surprise!) however, it has no citric acid which is the problem substance so she couldn't really see a problem with it. I have a bottle a day and look forward to it.
My cousellor says it's fine to drink all of your 4 litres with flavour - she even reckons the savoury soup can count towards your water. I drink all of mine with half hot and half cold water in a pint glass and either st. Clements or fruits of the forest and it's soooo much easier to drink! (reminds me of hot ribena we used to drink when I was a kid!)
it is definately easier to drink with the flavourings, if it makes no difference I may do it all the time too, but I'll wait as I'm not sure I have lost much this week and I don't want to have to admit I haven't taken her advice if/when we try to work out why. Although its probs just my snotty nose and yucky cold playing me up!

zero coke....hmmm may have to try some!

I was fine drinking lots of cold water when I started LL in Aug but now I'm keeping warm drinking FoForest with hot water - it's yummy!! :)

S x