savoury drinks...???

I've just tried using the P'Husk stuff.... I must have done something wrong :( It was gross... reminded me of slug!! Or wallpaper paste. I tried it twice with two packs of my soup - I had to throw them both away so now I'm down by 2 meals!!:eek: Can I buy a couple more packs?
You should have no problem buying extras from your CDC. SOrry to hear your PH experiment was a disaster ... check out Coley's thread: she had the same problem and I've replied as to what might have gone wrong.

At the end of the day, PH is never going to create 'real' lentil soup or 'real' Scotts porrige but just a facsimile of ...

Some people hate the texture of thickened packs, other (like me :) ) love it.

If you really can't stand it (after perhaps trying once more following my advice on coley's thread) then I'd try the capsules. The benefits of taking PH is so great it's worth taking it in one form or another.
The hot summer berry is definitely a nice alternative to black tea. I find the flavourings are very very sweet though and you most definitely only need a small amount. I did discover that a bit of berry with the Raspberry mix ( with some mix-a-mousse) makes up a lovely filling pudding that smelt and tasted quite like strawberry Angel Delight - I was most chuffed.