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saying goodbye for now :(

i have just had a chat with my CDC and decided that i'm going to give cambridge a miss for the moment, i thought i was doing ok but after a really bad week things have gone from bad to worse.

both financially and mentally this isnt the right time for me to be doing this, i've been so tired and down this last week looking really pale and have no energy, i need energy with 3 kids! i've been getting pain around my kindney area and also where my gallbladder 'used' to be too, not sure why but i'm guessing its down to the lack of water intake, the water is what i struggle with the most and only just manage to get down me the 2.25L that we are supposed to have

Just wanted to say a big thankyou to all of you for answering any questions i've had and been so positive... its the motivation from here thats kept me going as long as i have i think.

I will be sticking to a low calorie, healthy diet from now on and try to continue to loose some of my weight, and will look at re-joining CD again around May time.

Good luck to everyone and i hope you all succeed and reach your goals :)

Chell x
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Aw honey that's a shame but if you aren't in the right headspace right now because of all the other stuff that's going on then that's the right decision for you.

Maybe we'll see you back here in a couple of months raring to go; in the meantime good luck
Your CDC might buy them back from you?
If your heads not in the right place then its the best choice. Good luck with your healthy eating! See you when you re start x
your cdc can and should buy them back. if she won't contact cambridge direct.
i've emailed her but she will only take back the ones that are out of date before April, but having looked through at the dates something i never even thought to do before i had 7 porridges from her and the original flavour porridge which i got from her on 21st Jan was out of date on the 11th Jan, i've eaten one of them too!
Their not dangerous to eat but she certainly has some old stock! Mine all have at least 6 months on them.
I agree, If your head isn`t "in the zone", It is better to wait until you`re ready.

Good luck x
are we allowed to 'sell' them on ourselves? like ebay e.t.c

Absolutely not... completely against the rules and ebay inform CD head office of anyone trying to do it.
When did you buy them? I`m sure I remember someone saying on the order form there is a bit about returning products within a certain time?


Girl on a mission
They were all purchased last Friday 21st I have 23 left over too so over a weeks worth if doing ss

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You have 14 days to return anything from your last order, it's stated on the receipt :) call cambridge diet HQ up if you're cdc is refusing, they will help you out :)
Aw Hun, pop in and keep us updated on how you're doing and will hopefully see you back again later on in the year xxx

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