Saying Goodbye...just for a while...


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hey everyone. I'm a saying goodbye for a little while because I've had a bit of a traumatic evening which has booted me off LT again when I was struggling to get running again as it was. Let's just say my face and my pressure cooker had a run in which saw me in A & E for a while and had me petrified I'd be scarred for life. I'm not but the fear of it has left me quite drained and - well -exhausted.

I'm actually finding it tougher to get going with success stories, with eveyone doing so well I am left feeling completely guilty and ashamed that I cant get into it again. I need to just be focussed on me and not compare myself to anyone else.

I hope this doesn't come across as my wishing ill luck to anyone's diets -MY WORD that couldn't be further from the truth. When my head is in the right place I have all the energy in the world to encourage and support but right now, hopefully for no more than a few days, I have to just curl up inside my head and sort myself out. Then I'll be back. When I have a few proper days behind me I should be fine.

Until then, I hope everyone stays strong and focussed. I hope no one pi55es anyone off lol and that I come back to find lots of great WI reports.

Na night everyone -off to cool my burny face down now.
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Thanks Irene, I'll be fine -the face could do with som improvements anyway lol

I'll be back here as soon as I can -love my minimins!!!


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Jesus...glad to hear you are ok. (Know we haven't spoken directly but I don't like hearing about people getting gratuitously hurt)

This may sound like it flies in the face of what this forum possibly stands for but considering your circumstances it would be best just to take time away from LT and just take it easy for as long as you need. This forum isn't going anywhere any time soon so we're still going to be here when you are ready to return. There is NOTHING to feel guilty about as you are making a tremendous effort to stick to LT where you can. So you have a blip or have to put LT on hold for a bit - bar the people on here or on similar diets away from this forum have you seen anyone else lose similar amounts of weight to you in such a space of time or would even contemplate sticking to such a program?

I'm starting to ramble but best bet is to just rest up for the next few days like you said and get back on the wagon when you're ready both physically and mentally.


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sorry to hear what happened, get better soon!! xxxxxxxx


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look after yourself have break we'll see you soon
all the best
xx Sharron


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awwww hun I hate to see people down I hope your feeling in a better place soon as you are a great support on here, I hope you feel you can use us to sound off to as much as we feel we can. If you feel that a break is what you need then go for it hun just remember we are still here for you xx I know I haven't been on here long but if you ever need to chat Im here xx


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Get well soon . Get back into it when your feeling strong and your heads back into it - I've had break and still trying to get back into swing of it but it's hard if you can't focus solely on the programme , so we'll here from u soon when you're feeling like yourself again, take care xx


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Bye BlackRose :wave_cry: will really miss your great posts, hope your feeling better soon, and well see you back on LT bandwagon soon x


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Sorry to hear you got hurt,hope your better soon...will look forward to your return just as soon as your back on track & ready....good luck!!! BIG HUGS....Caz xx


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You'll be missed by me on here as I'm sure many others chick. Hope your burn heals super quick and your back to conquer the world sharpish xxx


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So sorry you are leaving us for the time being.

Look after yourself and come back soon you will be missed. :wave_cry:

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
poor you, hope you are better soon, will miss ur fab posts x


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Aww bloody hell rose xxxxxx hope you get all sorted soon ya know I love reading your posts for their honesty and insight darlin xx


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So sorry to hear you got hurt, hope you're feeling better soon and come back to the fold, you've done so well, all us newbies look at your tracker with envy, so take heart!
Lol Janie xxxx


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omg chick so glad to hear ya are ok, come back when ya are ready babe and dont be worrying yourself into a frenzy, I will certainly be thinking of ya and I hope ya get better soon hun!! All the best hunny!!


always lurkin around!
hope your ok and get better soon ...xx