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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by -Kez-, 9 June 2009.

  1. -Kez-

    -Kez- Member

    Hi Everyone.

    I cant remember if I have introduced myself before as I registered a while ago, but hadnt got round to using the site. I am doing a slim fast type diet and cant wait to get helpful tips along the way.

    Hope everyone is well
  2. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Hi Kez,
    Hope your diet is going well. Remember and keep us posted!

  3. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hello Kez and welcome to minis, good luck on SL.
  4. IreneH

    IreneH Well-Known Member

    Good luck with slimfast

    Irene xx

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