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scale issues


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i had my first meeting the the cd lady on thursday and she weighed me, so i assumed that was my weight but looked on my scales friday and it said i was half a stone lighter than what she recorded and then today im half a stone lighter than what my scales said yesterday. :S

i checked my scales, they definately havent shifted, started perfectly on 0 so im not sure whats happened lol

i have noticed my tummy is flatter and i dont look as bloated :S

edit- the weight loss is same morning and night, im now a stone lighter than what she recorded thursday according to my scales
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yeh can happen, i weigh more in the evening at weigh-ins compared to my own scales in morning, morning and evening can make a difference of 5 lbs for me lol so ive decided to switch to morning weigh-ins as this is when i weigh at home so i can keep track easier, also u could have lost quite a bit in 2 days, i lost 9.5lbs in my first week which was only 6 days so it could be possible xx


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yeah its just its the same morning and night though. i'm going to trust my counsellors scales as they seem like expensive ones and she will want to have more accurate readings as it is her duty.

next thursday should be interesting incase this is actual random weightloss lol

thanks for replying =]


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I find mine jump around all the time so I just don't use them and only use hers. I quite like only being weighed once a week anyway. My first week I lost 11lbs in 5 days. Seeing that as 11lbs and not say 2lbs every day was so much better for me I think!

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